Vermithor vs. Caraxes: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

Vermithor vs

We’ve seen Caraxes in action in the House of the Dragon, We are aware that the Blood Wyrm is not one to be trifled with. Still, there were many ferocious dragons roaming the skies during the Dance of the Dragons. One such dragon was Vermithor. Vermithor was known as a beastly large dragon and naturally many fans are interested in which dragon would prevail if it ever came to a fight between them. In today’s post, we’ve decided to pit Vermithor and Caraxes against each other and compare them in both size and strength. So let’s see, Vermithor vs Caraxes, who is bigger and stronger? 

Vermithor was a bigger dragon than Caraxes. After Vhagar died, Vermithor was known as the largest tamed dragon alive. When it comes to strength, Caraxes was the smaller of the two and hence weaker. But what he lacked in size he would manage to substitute with his ferociousness. Caraxes was also ridden by Daemon Targaryen, and his experience in dragon battles was by far superior to that of Hugh Hammer, Vermithor’s rider. 

As you can see, when it comes to this dragon fight, things aren’t as clear-cut. Vermithor had an advantage in size, but Caraxes had a bloody reputation behind him as well. If you’re interested in how the two dragons would fare against each other, stay with us and keep reading!

Vermithor vs. Caraxes: Size comparison

After Vhagar perished during the Battle Above the Gods Eye Vermithor took on the mantle of the largest living tamed dragon. His advanced age allowed him to grow to an incredible size. He was around a hundred years old and had plenty of time to grow in size. Vermithor was called the Bronze Fury, due to his bronze coloration and giant tan wings.

Vermithor 1

Caraxes on the other hand wasn’t as large. He was half the size Vhagar was, and by default smaller than Vermithor. That does not mean that Caraxes was a small dragon, he was the largest dragon in his brood and leaner than most. Caraxes earned his name “the Blood Wyrm” due to his coloration, cruelty, and unusually long neck. He had a long neck resembling a wyrm or a snake. 

Vermithor vs. Caraxes: strength comparison

While we have the exact data when it comes to dragon’s sizes, their strength is a bit more difficult to establish. 

Both Vermithor and Caraxes sadly met their end during the Dance of the Dragons

Vermithor’s exact strength was never commented on. He was simply known as a fearsome dragon but due to his giant size and age, we’re going to have to assume that he was quite the strong and formidable dragon as well. Vermithor was previously ridden by Jaehaerys I Targaryen. After Jaehaerys’ death, no one managed to claim him, that is until he “bent his neck” to dragonseed, a blacksmith’s bastard called Hugh Hammer. 

Hugh Hammer first joined the war on the side of Rhaenyra Targaryen only to later change sides and join the Greens. Hugh Hammer was killed at Tumbleton, in an ambush and never even got the chance to mount Vermithor for the last time. Vermithor furious by the loss of his rider burned numerous men to cinders until Seasmoke crashed into him.


Balerion Vs. Caraxes: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

The fight was taken to the ground as two dragons engaged. Seasmoke was nowhere near as strong or as large as Vermithor. Vermithor would have prevailed then and there only if Tessarion didn’t join the fight.

Still, Vermithor managed to rip Seasmoke’s head off. And while no dragons survived this fight (Tessarion was later mercy-killed because of the sustained injuries) it’s still impressive that Vermithor managed to hold his ground against two dragons. 


When it comes to Caraxes, his proves and abilities were legendary. Caraxes was ridden by Daemon Targaryen, a rider that matched him in his bloodthirst and cruelty. Daemon and Caraxes were an unstoppable duo, but both sadly met their ends during the Battle Above the Gods Eye.

Daemon and Aemond Targaryen clashed riding their respective dragons Caraxes and Vhagar. And while Vhagar was a much larger dragon and by that logic, a much more powerful dragon. Caraxes, ridden by Daemon Targaryen still managed to tear out Vhagar’s throat. Vhagar died instantly as she crashed into the waters below. Caraxes lived just long enough to crawl out of the water, dying in front of Harrenhal. 

Even though he was a ferocious dragon, Caraxes probably wouldn’t be able to take down Vhagar if he was not ridden by Daemon Targaryen an experience dragon rider. 

Now, the winner of the size comparison is clearly Vermithor. He is larger than Caraxes, but when it comes to the fight it’s questionable which dragon would win. Even though Vermithor was probably stronger when it comes to pure strength, Caraxes had more experience and was more bloodthirsty than Vermithor. Caraxes was also ridden by a more experienced rider, Daemon Targaryen. In that case, I’m sure that with Daemon’s navigation and his own ferociousness he would manage to take down Vermithor. 

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