Balerion Vs. Caraxes: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

Caraxes vs. Balerion who i stronger and who is bigger

If Game of Thrones taught us anything it’s that dragons can make or break a kingdom. House Targaryen is famous (or rather infamous) because of their dragons. We followed Daenerys Taragaryen and her three dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, and that only barely scratched the surface. Targaryens have a long history with dragons and with House of the Dragon now airing, we get to see some of the dragons that were so far only mentioned in the original books and the show. One such famous dragon is Balerion. Balerion was known as the Black Dread and was famous for being the largest and strongest dragon that Targaryen ever bred. But was he really? In today’s article, we’re going to compare Balerion and Caraxes, one other famous dragon. So, Balerion vs. Caraxes, who is bigger and stronger between the two of them?

Balerion was bigger and stronger than Caraxes. Even though Caraxes was known as the fiercest young dragon, bloodthirsty and vicious, his size and strength cannot even compare to that of Balerion, the largest dragon Targaryens ever bred. 

You’ve probably guessed the answer to our question even before you have seen it, but there’s more to the story. Not a lot of people are familiar with Caraxes, so if you want to use this opportunity to learn a bit more about the dragon that was known as Blood Wyrm, keep reading!

Balerion Vs. Caraxes: Size Comparison

This is going to be a rather short size comparison since if you’re familiar with Balerion, you know that he was the largest dragon in Valyria, the largest dragon that Targaryens ever had. His first rider was Aegon I Targaryen, during the Conquest. Balerion’s size was so legendary, it was said that his wingspan covered whole towns as he was flying over them and he was able to fit a whole hairy mammoth into his jaw. Balerion stopped growing near the end of his life, at that point, he wasn’t strong enough to “carry” his size. He died of old age. Balerion’s last rider was Viserys I Targaryen. 

When it comes to size, Caraxes cannot even come close. He was nowhere near the biggest dragon. It was said that Vhagar, the second largest dragon after Balerion, was three times his size and Vhagar was smaller than Balerion


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Clearly, when it comes to a size comparison, Balerion was much larger than Caraxes. 

Balerion Vs. Caraxes: Strenght Comparison

Once again we’re going to start with Balerion. Not only was he the biggest dragon that Targaryens had, but he was also one of the strongest. It was said that his Dragonfire could melt stone and steel and had the ability to melt sand into glass. If it seems like Balerion was packing some serious heat, it’s because it’s true. While conquering Westeros Aegon I. Targaryen went after Harren Hoare at Harrenhal, and Balerion managed to literally melt the new castle. Balerion along with Vhagar and Meraxes managed to burn down 4 thousand men. I would say those feats speak for themselves and it’s obvious why Balerion was called the Black Dread.

Caraxes, wasn’t the largest dragon and he wasn’t the strongest dragon. Caraxes was described as “fierce in battle” which earned him the title of Blood Wyrm. Caraxes’ first rider was Aemon Targaryen, Aemon Targaryen was brutally assassinated with a crossbow bolt to the throat while Caraxes was feeding on a goat nearby. Caraxes’ last rider was Daemon Targaryen.

We don’t know exactly how hot his Dragonfire burned, but we do know he was powerful enough to kill the second strongest dragon out there, Vhagar. During the Battle Above the Gods Eye between Daemon and Aemond Targaryen, Caraxas and Vhagar faced off. Vhagar was a formidable opponent and managed to rip Caraxes’ belly completely open with her powerful claws, but Caraxes wouldn’t go down quietly.


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At the last moment, Caraxes closed his jaws around Vhagar’s throat and managed to rip it out. He lost one of his wings to Vhagar and ultimately his life, but he managed to defeat her. Both the rider and the dragons died. Caraxes managed to crawl in front of the gates of Harrenhal, Vhagars body was recovered a couple of years after her death. 

All things considered, both Balerion and Caraxes are powerful dragons, but Balerion is in a tier above Caraxes. His size and raw power clearly outclassed Caraxes, who was a fast dragon but nothing special in terms of strength and size. 

It’s obvious who wins when strength is compared. Balerion was stronger than Caraxes and if Balerion ever had gotten the chance, I think the fight would be a short one and would cost Caraxes his life. After all, he was killed by Vhagar, and Vhagar was even slightly weaker than Balerion. 

All in all, Balerions reputation as the mightiest dragon that Targaryens ever had, remains untouched. 

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