All 15 Viltrumites Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

All 14 Viltrumites Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

Invincible was a major hit for Amazon Prime and has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences, with praise for its animation, action sequences, storyline, writing, performances, and faithfulness to the source material. This is why it did not come as a surprise that Amazon renewed the show for a second and third season. But, we’re not going to talk about the production of the series in this article, but rather about a specific group of characters that had a major impact on the series – the Viltrumites.

The Viltrumites are an alien race from the planet Viltrum that rule over the Viltrum Empire and intend on conquering other planets. Much like the Saiyans from Dragon Ball, the Viltrumites are warriors and were sent to Earth to conquer it, but things did not play out as planned. In this article, we are going to talk about the Viltrumites, as we plan on composing a list of all the strongest Viltrumites, wh are going to be ranked from weakest to strongest. A total of 15 Viltrumites have been identified so far, so our list is going to include that many names. Each name will be accompanied by a brief description of each character and their powers and abilities.

15. Molly Murphy


Molly Murphy is a character that appears much later in the story. She is a half-Viltrumite and half-human, as she is the daughter of the powerful Viltrumite Anissa and the human Scott Murphy. She obviously has some abilities that other Viltruvians also possess, but they have not been revealed, and it is now known just how powerful she actually is. It is known that she has the potential to be a powerful character and someone with exciting superhuman abilities, which is why it would be interesting to see these powers at some point.

14. Terra Grayson

Invincible Vol 1 141 edited

Terra Grayson is the daughter of Atom Eve and Mark, who will become the third Invincible. She is still young, so her powers haven’t really manifested in full, but it is known that she is on a 100+ power level, which means that she has enormous potential. She has already manifested some powers and abilities, but it will take a lot of training for Terra to reach her full potential. Observing the unique combination of her heritage, Terra Grayson, indeed, has the potential to become one of the series’ strongest characters. It will just take some time before she actually manifests her powers properly and shows her full potential.

13. Markus Murphy / (Kid) Invincible

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Also known as Marky, Markus Murphy is the son of Mark and Anissa, born after the latter raped the former. He will become Kid Invincible at a later point in his career. Unlike his mother, Marky is not a villain, but since he is still just a child, he is not as strong as he could be. Similarly to Terra Grayson, Marky has enormous potential and is considered to be a 100+ level character. Depending on how much he pushes himself and how much effort he puts into his training, Marky could become one of the strongest characters in the whole series, but this will happen in the future, so we cannot predict how strong he is going to get ultimately.


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12. Lucan

Lucan 29 002

Lucan is a male member of the Viltrumites. He was one of the Viltrumites who attacked the planet Thraxa. Eventually, he and the other Viltrumites designate Nolan as their ruler. He also becomes the father of two Viltrumite mestizos. While he was on Earth, he would disguise himself as a businessman, which wasn’t all that persuasive since he looked like a gorilla. Still, Lucan was a fairly powerful Viltrumite, and his physical powers were on a truly high level, but he was definitely not among the strongest of the lot, which is why we couldn’t really give him a higher place on our list, despite all of his truly amazing achievements and abilities.

11. (Great) Thaedus

Thaedus Invincible 002

Thaedus was the founder of the Coalition of Planets. Unknowingly to most, he is also a Viltrumite in secret, working to defend other planets from the tyrannical domination of the Viltrumites. He is killed by Thragg, who decapitates him in a fit of rage. Thaedus was an old man and unique Conquest (see below). He wasn’t all that powerful physically. Still, he was a formidable and wise character who could definitely, due to his Viltrumite heritage, pose a problem for any fighter in the series. Still, his intelligence is a crucial factor here as it would allow him to approach the fight in a better way and develop a tactical approach that could enable him to surpass his opponents. Okay, sure, he wasn’t able to defeat Thragg, he simply wasn’t that strong anymore, but he was still a foe to be reckoned with and one of the more intriguing characters on this list.

10. Onnan

Onaan edited

Onnan is one of Thragg’s Viltrumite-Thraxan sons and the twin brother of Ursaal, slain by Invincible. Onnan is, along Ursaal, Thragg’s most famous child. Like his sister (although only initially), he was fiercely loyal to Thragg, which is why he ultimately ended up dying at the hands of Invincible. Not many of Onnan’s powers have been revealed in the story, and from this perspective, we cannot really evaluate him properly, but he was probably somewhere around his sister’s level of power, which is why we ultimately decided to give him this spot on our list.

9. Ursaal

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Ursaal is one of the Viltrumite-Thraxan daughters of Thragg and the twin sister of Onnan. Initially loyal to her father, she begins to have doubts about him after realizing her lack of interest in her siblings. Following Thragg’s defeat, she and her brothers submit to the new Viltrumite Empire of Invincible. She definitely wasn’t one of the most powerful characters in the whole series, but as Thragg’s daughter, she had to have been an enormously powerful Viltrumite, and that is why she landed a spot on this list and a relatively high one based on her age.


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8. Oliver Grayson / Kid Omni-Man

Oliver Grayson 29 004

The alien half-brother of Mark is Oliver Grayson. The offspring of Nolan and a member of an alien race that has a shorter life span and grows more quickly than humans, yet his father’s DNA gradually delays his aging. Oliver looks like a Viltrumite and a human but has purple-colored skin, despite the fact that his mother was actually a humanoid resembling an insect. His skin later turns pink. He makes an effort to restore the public perception of Omni-Man by adopting the monikers Kid Omni-Man and Young Omni-Man. He loses his life defending Terra from Thragg.

Oliver Grayson, sadly, never got the chance to reach his full potential. Unlike Invincible, who had the opportunity to become the hero of the series, Oliver Grayson was unable to achieve such a level due to his heroic sacrifice. That is why we couldn’t actually give him a better spot on this list. He would certainly have deserved it had he been given enough time, but we have to consider all of the facts here. He surpassed most other characters, but he never really reached the level he would have reached otherwise. Still, this is a very fair evaluation of his persona based on what we’ve seen.

7. Thula

Thula edited

Thula is a female member of the Viltrumites, known for her trademark weapon – her long hair. She is one of the Viltrumites who saw Thragg become regent thousands of years ago. She also fought in the war against the Coalition of Planets and was able to fight Battle Beast. Eventually, she and the other Viltrumites overthrow Thragg and make Nolan their new ruler. She was one of the more specific Viltruvian warriors, both because of her personality but also because of her unique fighting style.

6. General Kregg

Kregg 29 003

Kregg is one of the many members of the Viltrumite race and the Viltrumite Empire. He is the one who gives Invincible the task of conquering the Earth. He would later side with Nolan after his rise to power. He appears to be second in command in the empire, directly behind Regent Thragg. Kregg had a distinctive cybernetic eye that made him quite a specific fighter because it had additional skills to his already powerful persona. In that aspect, it is understandable that he was so high up in the hierarchy of the Viltrumite Empire.

5. Anissa

Invincible Vol 1 74 001 edited

A female Viltrumite who was sent to Earth in an attempt to get Mark to help the Viltrumite empire take over the planet. After her rejection, she became an enemy of Invincible, and later she sexually assaulted him to have a child. Five years later, Anissa marries a human, with whom she has a daughter, and goes on to raise her son Marky, and later defends Earth, sacrificing herself to save Mark and Eve. She was a very powerful Viltrumite warrior and the most powerful female Viltrumite introduced in the series.


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4. Nolan Grayson / Omni-Man

Invincible Vol 1 12 002 edited

Mark and Oliver’s father, formerly Earth’s greatest superhero. Born on the planet Viltrum and belonging to a race of super-powered aliens, Nolan arrived on Earth over 20 years earlier to become its protector. In his civilian identity, he is a well-known writer. He has deceived all humanity about his true identity and intentions. In fact, he was sent to Earth to conquer it on behalf of the Viltrumite empire. Despite this, he is ultimately unable to complete his mission and leaves Earth.

On a new planet, he joins forces with Andressa, who belongs to a species that only lives for nine months. With her, he reigns over the planet and has a son. After spending time in Talescria, the center of the Coalition of Planets, he returns to Earth, but not before participating in the Viltrumite War. However, he is not allowed to live there, so he has to make do with the Moon, where he moves along with his wife Debbie. He subsequently becomes the leader of the Viltrumites, taking Thragg’s place.

The Viltrumites are brought to Earth by Nolan, who then observes how they have improved and adopted Earth as their new home. Nolan is killed by Thragg during the final battle between the Viltrumites and Thragg’s army. Nolan appoints Mark as his successor in his final words to him. In the future, Nolan’s nephew (Marky) pays a visit to the cemetery and makes a commitment to uphold his father’s legacy. He was somewhat influenced by Superman.

3. Conquest

Conquest big edited

A battle-scarred elder member of the Viltrumite Empire and one of Invincible’s most powerful foes, he is a psychopath who loves to fight and kill the enemies of the empire. He goes to Earth in search of Mark, with the aim of eliminating him, and the two engage in a bloody fight in which Atom Eve is almost killed and Invincible is injured. Later, in the Viltrumite War, he has a second fight with Invincible, who ends up badly wounded but manages to kill him. Although he looks old, Conquest is actually very powerful and is physically one of the strongest Viltrumites in the series. If Invincible had not prolonged the fight and drained Conquest’s stamina, this old geezer would have won that fight.

2. Mark Grayson / Invincible

Invincible Returns Vol 1 1 001

Mark is the series’s protagonist and gives its name to it. After much thought, he settles on the name Invincible when his high school principal mentions the word. He is deceived by his father, who tells him that he is the guardian of the earth and that he came from the parliamentary planet viltrum which turned out to be a place of ruthlessness in order to dominate the galaxy. He was sent to earth to prepare it for his later conquest.

By telling his son to help him win her over and that he doesn’t care about his mother, Mark gets very angry and has a big fight with him in which his father leaves him almost dead and leaves the planet out of mercy for killing his son. , after which Cecil Stedman proposes to him to be a substitute for his father.

He has had several missions away from Earth: watching astronauts on Mars, helping his father on his new planet, where he discovers that he has a brother, and in the Viltrumite War, during which he is seriously injured by Conquest and spends months unconscious and healing under the care of his father and his brother. He has to face alternative versions of himself, but evil, from other parallel realities. Another of his most remembered fights is against Conquest on Earth before the Viltrumite War. For a time, he sided with the villainous Dinosaurus, as he agreed with his ideals but not with his ways. In the end, he realizes it was a mistake and has to kill him. He and Eve have had a daughter.

1. Thragg

Thragg standing on the stairs in Invincible comics

The leader of the Viltrumite Empire, the archenemy of Invincible and one of the series’ main antagonists, he was raised and trained from birth to be the strongest and most skilled Viltrumite ever alive and ruled his empire with a fist of iron. After the destruction of Viltrum, he leads his people to settle on Earth.


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After learning that Nolan and Mark are descended from Lord Argail, he decides to kill them, not wanting to hand over the command of the empire to traitors, but is eventually replaced by Nolan and condemned to wander the universe; he thus settles on the same planet where Nolan met Andressa, Oliver’s mother. He is pursued by Battle Beast, who is ordered to eliminate him; after killing him, Thragg seeks to restart his empire by raising an army of his sons to fight in his name. He will be killed by Invincible after a battle to death on the surface of the Sun.

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