Why Did Omni-Man Kill the Guardians? [Invincible Ending Explained]

Why Did Omni-Man Kill the Guardians? [Invincible Ending Explained]

Amazon’s Invincible became a hit show when it aired, which isn’t actually strange since it was based on a similar concept as Amazon’s other hit series, The Boys. Of course, Invincible was an animated series and was thus able to show much more graphical content than The Boys, but both shows had the same basis and ideas in their cores.

In this article, we are going to explain the shocking moment that we saw in episode 1, but which wasn’t explained until episode 8: “Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians?”

Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe because they were a hindrance to his plan to conquer the Earth for his race. He killed them when he thought the moment was right and he wanted to execute his plan, but his son, Mark, stopped him.

We are going to tell you everything about the shocking murder of the Guardians of the Globe, as perpetrated by Omni-Man. You are going to find out why he killed them and why he waited for so long to kill them.

Did Omni-Man kill the Guardians?

The first episode of Invincible begins with two security guards outside the White House in Washington, D.C. One of the guards, Steve, tells his stepson Matt about an upcoming trip to London. There is a sudden earthquake and two identical blue giants with huge lasers emerge from the ground and start shooting at the White House.

They’re the supervillains known as the Mauler Twins, but they’re not identical twins. One of them is a clone of the other, but they can never agree on which of them it is. Soon the best superhero team in the world, the Guardians of the Globe, arrives in Washington to save the day.


We are introduced to Darkwing, a brooding vigilante in a dark suit and fancy gear (a parody of Batman), then War Woman, a super strong and skilled fighter with a heart of gold (a parody of Wonder Woman), Aquarius, the king of Atlantis (a parody of Aquaman), Red Rush, a scarlet speedster (a parody of the Flash), Green Ghost, a green and flying savior (a parody of Green Lantern), and Martian Man, a shapeshifter (a parody of the Martian Manhunter).

They are led by the invulnerable superhero Immortal, a parody of Superman.

Although they win, the Guardians were in a pretty tight spot until they received help from Omni-Man, the greatest superhero on the planet. Faster than a racing bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap large buildings in one leap, Omni-Man once again saves the day. But as it turns out, things were far more complex.

The episode continued normally until the shocking end. What happened? As we can see, the Guardians of the Globe are all getting a priority warning. As they gather at their headquarters, they wonder which one of them named called them there. Suddenly, though, Omni-Man arrives and quickly murders them one by one.

Then he collapses on the ground. So, yes, Omni-Man did kill the Guardians of the Globe, as was shown. But, we had to wait until the end of the season to find out why.

Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians?

Now, Omni-Man killing the Guardians of the Globe was a complete shock, seeing how the Viltrumite was perceived as a hero, not a villain. So, why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians? The show itself revealed the truth in episode 8 of the first season, but those of you who know about the comics know that the reason for this was already known at the time. This is why it all happened.

Some time later, Nolan saved a carnival from a monster until he was interrupted by the Immortal, whom he had previously killed. The Immortal was revived by the Mauler twins, who wanted to enslave him but failed in doing so.

The Immortal was revived and he attacked Omni-Man, demanding to know why he had killed the Guardians. The initial inquiry into the murders never found the guilty party, although Omni-Man was suspected at one point.

Mark, Omni-Man’s son, the superhero Invincible, came to Omni-Man and fought the Immortal; the fight ended with Nolan impaling the Immortal and cutting him in half. Mark was a witness and Nolan revealed to Mark his true Viltrumite origins. Nolan stated that the Viltrumite breed had perfect a perfect society before killing the weak.


Nolan said anyone who resisted the takeover would be killed and would be rewarded for his accolades. Nolan then asked Mark to join him in conquering the planet. Nolan also revealed that Mark will live for thousands of years and that everyone Mark loved would die. Mark refused to let him take over the Earth.

Mark started arguing with Nolan and the duo got into a fight. Nolan hit Mark through a building and killed thousands of people. As he continued to argue, Nolan claimed that Debbie meant nothing to him. Mark called him a liar and said he loved his mother, but Nolan rejected him, saying it was the first time he was telling her the truth.

Nolan hit Mark in various places around the world. Nolan laughed at Mark and asked him what Mark would have after living long enough. Mark has revealed that he will always have his father. Nolan prepared to kill Mark, but decided to spare him. He flew into space and cried at what Mark revealed to him.

After realizing he loved Mark too much to kill him, Nolan decides to take over another planet, hoping to lessen his sentence for deserting the Viltrum Empire.

Why did Omni-Man wait so long to kill the Guardians?

Now, for those of you who’ve not read the comic book, this might be a relevant question because the TV show still hasn’t come to that part, but the comics have given us more than enough information on Omni-Man’s motives and his plans. There are some things one needs to consider.

First of all, Viltrumites live a lot longer than regular humans, meaning that a human lifespan meant absolutely nothing to Omni-Man.

Secondly, the Viltrumites are a superior race who conquered worlds out of fun, so you have to consider the fact that there is, absolutely, some sadistic pleasure that could be drawn from all the waiting.

Thirdly, Omni-Man was aware that the Earth wasn’t as defenseless as it seemed and Cecil with his kaiju was a reasonable threat to him. Finally, you have to consider Mark’s birth as a relevant factor, both in terms of Omni-Man wanting his son to develop powers and join him and in terms of Omni-Man having an ally to conquer the planet.


Now, once you consider all of these facts, the reasons behind Omni-Man’s delay seem clearer. First of all, he wanted to get to know Earth and weaken its defenses, which is why he ultimately had to rid the planet of the Guardians but he couldn’t do it immediately, as he was aware that his plan might not succeed in that case. So he waited.

Of course, the birth of his son was a very important moment, both personally and in terms of the plan. He finally had a potential ally and with two of them, even Cecil and the Guardians could do nothing against them. He waited for Mark to grow and develop his powers, which is when he decided to kill the Guardians and ultimately lure Mark to his cause.

What he underestimated was Mark’s humanity, i.e., his connection to Earth, and that is what ultimately led him to betray his own race. He loved Mark and Omni-Man actually decided that his son was more important to him than his race’s interplanetary war games. And the rest is history.

The story of Omni-Man will be continued in the second season of Invincible, but if you don’t want to wait, you can read the comic and see what happened afterward.