‘Invincible’: Here’s Why Omni-Man Killed the Guardians of the Globe?

omni man killing guardians of the globe

Amazon’s ‘Invincible‘ has gripped audiences with its thrilling twists, echoing the vibes of another Amazon favorite, The Boys. The scene that left everyone buzzing was when Omni-Man took down the Guardians of the Globe. If you’ve been scratching your head thinking about here’s why Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe, you’re not alone. We’re here to lay it out, plain and simple. Join us as we unravel this shocking moment.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Guardians of the Globe posed a significant obstacle to Omni-Man’s invasion plans, leading him to strategically eliminate them to pave the way for the Viltrumite conquest.
  • Omni-Man’s delay in executing his plan was influenced by various factors, including assessing Earth’s defenses, the inherent sadistic pleasure of Viltrumites, and the growth and potential alliance with his son, Mark.
  • Mark’s deep connection to Earth and its inhabitants became Omni-Man’s unexpected challenge, causing him to rethink his priorities and betray his Viltrumite mission.

Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians?

In the intricate tapestry of Amazon’s Invincible‘, the sudden and brutal act of Omni-Man taking down the Guardians of the Globe left fans in disbelief. Behind the benevolent facade of the hero Nolan, Omni-Man had motives deeply rooted in his origins and the destiny of his race.

Omni-Man hailed from the Viltrumite lineage, a race that prided itself on a seemingly flawless society. This societal perfection, however, had a gruesome foundation: they maintained it by ruthlessly weeding out the weak. Nolan wasn’t on Earth merely for its protection. His true mission was darker — preparing Earth for a Viltrumite takeover. The Guardians of the Globe, given their strength and influence, were a significant obstacle to this impending invasion. They had the potential to thwart Nolan’s plans and defend Earth against the Viltrumites.


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Recognizing this threat, Omni-Man made the chilling decision to eliminate the Guardians. The act wasn’t driven by personal vendetta but by cold strategy. They were the chess pieces he needed to remove for a clear path to conquest. The massacre was meticulously executed, showcasing Omni-Man’s sheer power and determination.

However, this act of aggression didn’t go unnoticed. The Immortal, one of the slain Guardians, was later resurrected and sought answers from Omni-Man, leading to a fierce battle. The power dynamics shifted dramatically during their clash, further highlighting Omni-Man’s immense strength and his commitment to the Viltrumite cause.

Why did Omni-Man wait so long to kill the Guardians?

Omni-Man’s delay in taking down the Guardians of the Globe wasn’t an arbitrary decision, but a meticulously calculated move driven by multiple factors deeply rooted in his Viltrumite background and personal life on Earth.

Understanding Human Lifespan: The Viltrumites have significantly longer lifespans compared to humans. From Omni-Man’s perspective, a human lifetime is but a brief moment. His patience in waiting stems from this stark difference in perception of time. To him, waiting a few decades was barely a blip.

Sadistic Pleasure: Viltrumites weren’t just conquerors; they reveled in the domination of other races. Their superiority complex often made them take over worlds, sometimes just for the sheer thrill of it. For Omni-Man, observing, planning, and then striking after a prolonged period could have offered a unique satisfaction, heightening the thrill of conquest.

Assessing Earth’s Defenses: Omni-Man was well-aware that Earth wasn’t a pushover. Cecil and his kaiju posed a formidable challenge. The presence of the Guardians and other potential threats meant that Earth had layers of defense in place. By waiting, Omni-Man had the opportunity to thoroughly understand these defenses and, more importantly, discover the best ways to weaken them.

Mark’s Significance: Omni-Man’s son, Mark, played a central role in his delay. Mark’s birth presented Omni-Man with the hope of having an ally by his side, another Viltrumite with the same set of powers. He waited for Mark to mature and for his powers to manifest. With Mark on his side, Omni-Man believed that their combined might would be unstoppable, making the conquest of Earth a guaranteed success. The timing of his assault on the Guardians was also calculated around Mark’s emergence as a superhero, hoping to sway him to the Viltrumite cause.


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In essence, Omni-Man’s decision to wait was not about mere procrastination. It was a strategic play, a game of chess where he took his time to position the pieces to his advantage. However, in this intricate game, he miscalculated Mark’s deep-rooted connection to Earth and its people, which ultimately swayed the course of events.

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