Warner Bros. Halted Snyder’s Ambitious Romantic Subplot in DCEU – The Fans Would Absolutely Hate it

Warner Bros. Halted Snyders Ambitious Romantic Subplot in DCEU The Fans Would Absolutely Hate it

Zack Snyder’s Batman in the DCEU got mixed reviews. Critics said he was too dark, had no clear rules, the story was messy, and he was too violent. But here’s something wild: Snyder almost made it even weirder by adding a love story between Batman and Lois Lane, Superman’s girl.

In Snyder’s original plan for ‘Justice League,’ there was a love story between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. After Superman died in ‘Batman v Superman,’ Snyder wanted to show Bruce and Lois falling for each other, getting together, and having a son.

In later movies, Snyder wanted Superman to come back to life, but Batman would die, so Lois would raise their son with Superman. But the studio didn’t like Snyder’s idea of Superman, Batman, and Lois Lane being in a love triangle, so they said no. That’s why there’s no hint of Batman and Lois having a romance in Snyder’s version of ‘Justice League.’ Snyder talked about his plans on the Pizza Film School Podcast.

I think in the original script, Lois and Batman got together briefly. And there was this whole other thing that everyone was like, Oh my God, you can’t do that. And… then I loved the idea of like setting up this sort of concept… it’s sort of like in a movie like where the husband goes off to war, and he’s dead, and the wife moves on, and then the husband appears, like, I’m not dead. I’m fine.

This would definitely cause more mixed reviews and probably more angry reactions from fans who already didn’t like Snyder’s style. What’s your take on it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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