Was Amber Heard in the Pirates of the Caribbean? (& Will She Be in the New One)

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One of the personalities that have been making the news in waves today is Amber Heard because of her case with her ex-husband and Hollywood megastar Johnny Depp. Heard alleged that Depp assaulted her during their marriage, and that was what led him to lose a lot of his roles, particularly his leading role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But was Amber Heard also in the Pirates in the Caribbean, and will she be in the new installment of the franchise?

Amber Heard was never in the Pirates of the Caribbean, but she and Johnny Depp did meet in the 2011 movie The Rum Diary, where she played Depp’s love interest. As to the future of Pirates of the Caribbean, there is no certainty about Amber Heard appearing in it because there haven’t been any updates about the movie.

Even though Amber Heard was never in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, she was still able to affect Johnny Depp’s future in the film series that he basically put on the map. That said, let’s look at what we know about Amber Heard’s acting career and the possibility of her appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean in the future.

Was Amber Heard In The Pirates Of The Caribbean?

Not a lot of people are unfamiliar with Amber Heard today because she is an actress that has been making rounds throughout the news and social media in recent weeks. And the sad part about it is that her recent fame isn’t even because of positive reasons.

Amber Heard used to be married to Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, who you may be familiar with for his many different movies. But his most lucrative role is Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which has garnered billions at the box office. And this is a role that he has recently lost because of the ongoing issues he has with ex-wife Amber Heard.


Several years ago, Heard penned a piece on a well-known news website as she told a story of how she was abused in a relationship. In the past, she also made allegations of abuse towards Depp during the subsistence of their marriage. And the allegations were what caused a firestorm online and led to Johnny Depp losing a lot of his roles.

People have come to believe that Johnny Depp lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean due to Amber Heard’s allegation, although Disney has since denied it. Whatever the case may be, we do know that Depp has lost his roles and now has a defamation suit against Heard because of the negative publicity that she has caused after the dissolution of their marriage. But was Amber Heard also in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and that is why Disney removed Depp from the project?

No, Amber Heard has never been in any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. In fact, she and Johnny Depp met in a different movie as they both appeared in The Rum Diary in 2011, wherein Heard played the role of Depp’s love interest. Shortly after that movie, they dated and got married. Heard even told a story about how they were able to connect back when she was just starting out as an actress.


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“We talked about books and music, poetry, we like a lot of the same, we liked a lot of the same stuff, you know obscure writers and interesting books and pieces of poetry that I hadn’t heard anyone else reference or know or like and he was very well-read and charismatic, and I think I left the office with a few books he gave me, and we spent the whole time just talking about things that we care about, and I was so surprised that somebody, you know I knew who he was, I wasn’t familiar, you know, wasn’t a fan of his work,” Heard said. “I wasn’t familiar with him, but I knew who he was, he was one of the most famous people in the world, so it was already a weird thing to get called into his office, and you know, I’m a no-name actor, I was 22 I think, and I thought it was unusual.”

Nevertheless, as good as their start was, it eventually turned rough during the subsistence of their marriage as they have both accused one another of different types of abuse. The fact that it was Heard who first brought up the allegations is what led to Depp getting a bad reputation that a lot of different producers and distribution companies didn’t want to be associated with. And that led to him losing his roles, especially in Pirates of the Caribbean, which he anchored as the leading star for five movies.

Will Amber Heard Be In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie?


While Amber Heard may not have been in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, what does that mean about the possibility of her appearing in the upcoming movie of the franchise? Will she be in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Aside from the rumors that Margot Robbie could be the one who will serve as the anchor of the future Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there is nothing set in stone regarding the next installment of the franchise. That means that there is nothing known about whether or not Amber Heard will be in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


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Still, we do believe that it would be a bad move on the part of Disney to include Amber Heard in the newest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And that is due to the fact that the general public is seemingly siding with Johnny Depp in their ongoing feud.

If it is indeed possible that Disney cut ties with Depp due to the bad rep he was getting after Heard’s allegations of abuse, then it wouldn’t be a good idea to include her in the movie because of the fact that she isn’t exactly seen by the general public in a positive light. Including her in the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie would be a marketing disaster on the part of the movie, especially considering that there are plenty of Jack Sparrow fans that want to see Johnny Depp back in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and want Amber Heard on the losing end of their ongoing battle.

In fact, it has been reported that Amber Heard’s role in the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie was reduced due to the fact that fans wanted her to be removed from the project. You could just imagine how negatively fans would react if Disney were to include Heard in a movie franchise that Johnny Depp basically put on the map.

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