‘The Mandalorian’: What Are the Alamites?


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If there’s one thing that we know about Star Wars, it’s that there are a lot of different creatures that can be seen in this vast galaxy. Of course, we’ve seen quite a lot of them in the storyline of The Mandalorian, and season 3 has shown us plenty of creatures and races that serve to expand the Star Wars lore. In episode 2 of season 3, we saw the Alamites, which attacked both Din Djarin and Bo-Katan. So, what are the Alamites in The Mandalorian?

Alamites are savage and semi-sentient creatures native to the planet of Mandalore and were found on the outskirts of the planet during the time that the Mandalorians still lived on it. They are humanoid creatures with tusks and four eyes but are quite savage and not intelligent as humans.

The Alamites aren’t necessarily important creatures that will play a huge role in the storyline of The Mandalorian. But the fact that they appeared in Mandalore and could still thrive and survive despite the planet’s condition was a precursor to something more important related to the Mandalorians. Now, let’s learn more about the Alamites and what they are.

What Are The Alamites in The Mandalorian?

Back in the events of The Book of Boba Fett, we saw that Din Djarin was expelled from the Children of the Watch because the Armorer learned that he had removed his helmet in front of living people. Because this was a violation of the Mandalorian creed, he was no longer a Mandalorian as far as the tribe was concerned. That was why season 3 allowed us to see what he would do to become a Mandalorian again.

Because Din Djarin didn’t know any other way of life, his goal was to find a way to redeem himself by bathing in the Living Waters found in the mines of Mandalore. However, Mandalore was already destroyed by the Empire during the Rebellion. And because of what the Empire did to the planet, Mandalore was no longer inhabitable.


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Nevertheless, Din sought to find a way to get deep into Mandalore to redeem himself from being a Mandalorian apostate. That was why he ventured into Mandalore, which he found was not as empty as it was supposed to be. He encountered creatures that were hostile and savage toward him. And when he found himself getting captured by a mechanical creature, he told Grogu to call Bo-Katan Kryze for help because her planet was just in the Mandalorian star system.

Bo-Katan and Grogu returned to Mandalore to rescue Din, when they both encountered the same creatures that Djarin faced and defeated before he got captured. It was clear that Bo-Katan was familiar with these creatures as she attacked them before they could even ambush her, just like they did to Din. Unlike Din, who was clueless about what they could do, she also defeated them quite easily. So, what were these creatures in Mandalore?

bo katan alamite

The creatures that attacked Din and Bo-Katan are called Alamites. As Bo-Katan said, the Alamites are natives of the planet of Mandalore but ended up living on the outskirts of the planet because the Mandalorians dominated much of Mandalore. The fact that Bo-Katan knew about the Alamites could be attributed to her time in Mandalore when she was still younger, as she might have faced a few of them in the past.

As seen from the episode, the Alamites are creatures with four eyes and tusks on their face. They are much more primitive than the Mandalorians, meaning they are savage creatures that may be sentient but aren’t quite intelligent. That is why they didn’t have the same weapons as the Mandalorians, as they only used clubs. Still, it was clear that the Alamites were physically stronger than the Mandalorians, as they could match Din Djarin and hurt him with their clubs even though he was wearing Beskar Steel armor.

Why Were There Alamites in Mandalore?

The most obvious reason the Alamites were in Mandalore is that they have always been natives of this planet. Of course, considering they are not too intelligent and quite primitive, they had no means of escaping Mandalore during the Purge of Mandalore.


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Then again, the fact that there were Alamites in Mandalore despite the planet’s condition was proof that Mandalore was neither cursed nor poisoned. It wasn’t a planet that was uninhabitable despite what the Empire did to it and what the Armorer had been saying about the condition of the surface of the planet. As Bo-Katan said, if the Alamites were able to survive on the planet, that means that other creatures were able to survive in Mandalore despite how ruined it was.

alamites 2

The fact that the Mandalorians no longer lived on the planet allowed the Alamites to thrive again. Of course, it is also important to note that the fact that they were alive was a precursor to a more important creature that was also confirmed to be alive. We are talking about the Mythosaur, which appeared right when the episode was about to end.

The fact that the Alamites were still alive and the Mythosaur returned after thousands of years of being “extinct” proves that Mandalore was still a thriving planet. It might be true that the Mandalorian civilization had been destroyed and that the planet’s surface was mostly glass. But there were still other creatures that survived the planet’s living conditions and were able to thrive right after the Mandalorians were forced to evacuate Mandalore. 

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