What Color Is Princess Leia’s Lightsaber? Explained

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Leia Organa is one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever because she was the fearless Rebel that fought Darth Vader and the Empire from start to finish during the events of the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, we also learned that Leia was Vader’s daughter and that her gifts in the Force were innately on par with Luke’s powers. She also ended up training with Luke in the ways of the Force and in lightsaber combat for a while after the fall of the Empire. So, what was the color of Leia’s lightsaber?

The color of Leia’s lightsaber was blue, which was the very same color as the lightsaber that her father, Anakin Skywalker, used. Luke Skywalker kept Leia’s lightsaber on Ahch-To but was subsequently given to Rey because Luke thought that Leia would have wanted her to have it.

People often forget that Leia’s innate talents in the Force were supposedly on par with Luke’s own potential because of the fact that she was born her twin brother. In that regard, Leia also had her own lightsaber that she constructed as part of her Jedi training when she was her brother’s first Padawan. So, with that said, let’s try to learn more about Leia’s lightsaber.

Did Leia Have a Lightsaber?

When we met Leia Organa back in the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, she initially seemed like a damsel in distress. However, she eventually proved to be more than that because she was a true Rebel leader, inspiring her people to fight harder. Of course, we also learned that Leia had the gift of Force because she was Luke Skywalker’s twin sister. That means she also had the same innate talent in the Force as Luke because they were both Anakin’s children.

The fact that Leia was strong in the Force wasn’t explored a lot during the events of the original trilogy. But we did find out during the events of the sequel trilogy that Leia trained with Luke in the ways of the Force as she was her twin brother’s first Padawan. That means that, while Leia may have been more of a leader and a politician than a Jedi, she tried her hand at learning the ways of the Force at one point in time. This also means that she trained in lightsaber combat, as it was made clear that Leia was naturally gifted as a lightsaber duelist.

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Leia’s lightsaber was color blue, as we saw her sparring with Luke in basic lightsaber training during a flashback scene shown in one of the sequel movies. However, at one point in time during her training, Leia decided to leave the ways of the Jedi due to the vision that he had about her son dying at the end of her Jedi journey. Leia also feared the possibility of encountering the same temptation to go to the dark side that her father, Anakin Skywalker, had previously encountered. And her fears of her son dying would have been the gateway to her fall to the dark side.


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In that regard, Leia abandoned her training a year after she became Luke’s first Padawan. She resumed her duties as the leader of the New Republic. Eventually, she abandoned her political life, especially after the secrets of the past destroyed her family. Leia became a leader of the Resistance, all while her lightsaber was with Luke.

Leia’s lightsaber was with Luke while hiding in Ahch-To, as Rey saw this in one of the huts on that planet. That was when Luke told her how Leia once trained with him in the ways of the Force before she left. After Luke’s death, his Force Ghost gave Rey the lightsaber because he understood Leia would have wanted Rey to have it.

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Rey used Leia’s lightsaber in conjunction with Anakin’s blue lightsaber during the events of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. When Rey gave the Skywalker lightsaber to a redeemed Ben Solo, she started using Leia’s own saber as her main weapon. She used both the Skywalker saber and Leia’s lightsaber during the final confrontation with Palpatine while deflecting his Force lightning with the power of all of the Jedi.

After that, Leia buried Leia’s lightsaber with the Skywalker lightsaber in the sands of Tatooine before revealing that she had constructed her own yellow lightsaber and had taken on the Skywalker name.

What Did Leia’s Lightsaber Color Mean?

As mentioned, Leia Organa’s lightsaber was blue, the same color that her father, Anakin Skywalker, used during the Clone Wars. We also know that Obi-Wan Kenobi, who served as a father figure to Leia, also used a blue lightsaber. But what does Leia’s lightsaber color mean?


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In the real world, the blue color represents serenity, wisdom, inspiration, and stability. All of these represent the Jedi and the values that they hold dear. Of course, Leia also fits the description quite perfectly.

Even though Luke was the hero of the original Star Wars trilogy, Leia was one of the constant figures that provided inspiration and wisdom to the Rebels. There was hardly a point where she lost hope, as she was the stabilizing force that kept the Rebels together in their battles with the Empire. So, while other characters like Luke and Han lost hope against the Empire, Leia’s wisdom inspired everyone around her.

As such, the color blue was perfect for Leia’s lightsaber because she was always the one who held the Rebellion together. While she never became a true Jedi, Leia still served as a calming and wise presence for Rey, who completed her Jedi training under Leia’s mentorship.

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