What Did Black Noir Write To Homelander In The Boys Presents: Diabolical?

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an entertaining anthology series that’s based on the universe of The Boys. While a good part of Diabolical is non-canon, there is actually one episode that was meant to be canon because of how it tells the story of Homelander’s beginnings when he just started out with The Seven. He ended up feuding with longtime supe Black Noir, who was able to calm him down with a few words on a paper. But what did Black Noir write to Homelander in The Boys Presents: Diabolical?

It was never shown what exactly Black Noir wrote to Homelander in The Boys Presents: Diabolical. However, what was clear was that Homelander was clearly happier after reading what Black Noir wrote. And it probably allowed him to learn more about how supes control bad situations.

Not allowing us to see what Noir wrote on that paper was a smart move on the part of The Boys, especially because the episode was released before season 3 began. As such, people didn’t know who the live-action version of Black Noir was, as it allowed fans to speculate that he might have said something about his identity. Nevertheless, let’s look at what we know about what Black Noir wrote to Homelander.

What Did Black Noir Write To Homelander In The Boys Presents: Diabolical?

Before season 3 of The Boys was released, we were given a treat in the form of The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which is actually an animated anthology series that’s based on the universe of The Boys. Each episode has its own unique story, as almost every episode in that series was never part of the canon story of The Boys.

However, the final episode, which detailed the early beginnings of Homelander with The Seven, was actually canon. In that episode, he was first publicly introduced to the world as Madelyn Stillwell was there to help him out. However, his introduction was mysteriously interrupted by Black Noir, who was already a veteran supe at that time. In that regard, Stillwell told Homelander to never allow Black Noir to steal the spotlight away from him.

This forced Homelander to jump on his first mission even though he wasn’t ready yet. He went to a chemical plant instead of waiting for Black Noir to help him out. As such, he ended up slaughtering all of the people he was supposed to save due to his volatile nature. This was Homelander’s first-ever mistake as a supe as he was visibly flustered and worried about how he could fix that mess.

There was, however, one survivor that was able to make it out of there alive. Despite the fact that Homelander was initially remorseful, he decided to cover up his mistake by killing the last survivor using his heat vision. Then again, Black Noir appeared and was seemingly about to stop Homelander from killing the survivor.

Homelander panicked because he thought that he had been caught red-handed by Black Noir, who he thought was going to spill the beans. But instead of saving the survivor, Black Noir snapped his neck instead. And this led to a surprised look on Homelander, who was probably wondering why Black Noir did what he just did (of course, the supes of The Boys aren’t really the most heroic people).

With a relaxed body language, Black Noir took out a notepad and wrote something quickly to show it to Homelander. Of course, we do know that he can’t speak, and that’s why he had to resort to writing so that he could communicate what he wanted to say. But what exactly did Black Noir write to Homelander in The Boys Presents: Diabolical?

We couldn’t really see what Black Noir wrote on that piece of paper because it wasn’t clear. On top of that, his handwriting was also bad. And the only thing we could make out was the word “I’m,” but there was nothing else that we could clearly read.

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In that regard, we didn’t really know what Black Noir wrote to Homelander, except for the fact that we saw how Homelander was visibly happy after reading it. But that didn’t stop fans from speculating what he wrote.

There were those who thought that Black Noir said something that would prove that he was indeed the clone of Homelander because nothing had been revealed about Black Noir’s origins and identity at that point in the series. And Diabolical was released before season 3 of The Boys, which was able to shed some light on Black Noir’s history.

But we really believe that whatever Black Noir wrote on that piece of paper was something that allowed Homelander to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he wasn’t in any sort of trouble. And it was probably something related to “I’m your ally” or “I’m on your side,” whichever of the two may apply.

Did Black Noir Teach Homelander About Damage Control?

After that incident with Black Noir, the next time we saw Homelander was when he was talking to the media and was putting a spin on what really happened in that chemical plant. He was able to create a story about a fake bomb that exploded and killed all of those people there. And this was the very first time we saw Homelander fabricating a story for the purpose of improving his public image.

Of course, we do know that supes in the world of The Boys are experts at PR stunts that they use to cover up their mistakes. We have seen that time and time again as all that the regular people could do was to accept that they could end up as collateral damage to whatever the supes are doing.

So, with that said, that was Homelander’s first time spinning a story to cover up his mistake in the chemical plant. And it was possible that it was Black Noir who helped him cover up that mistake by mentoring him.

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Throughout the entire series of The Boys, Homelander’s relationship with Black Noir has always been better than his relationship with the other supes. He seems to really treat Black Noir as a friend because he never had to threaten him to do his bidding. And it was possible that this action by Black Noir in Diabolical was what allowed him to instantly gain Homelander’s trust.

As to Black Noir mentoring the younger Homelander, he probably already knows about the fact that this supe was Soldier Boy’s son because he was already a member of Payback when Vought used Soldier Boy’s semen to produce a stronger supe, which turned out to be Homelander. Despite the fact that Black Noir hated Soldier Boy, he probably wanted to be a good uncle to his former ally’s son, and that was why he helped Homelander spin that PR story in The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

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