What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

Pigs are common passive mobs in Minecraft. They are friendly, thus making a wonderful pet. Along with being a good-natured mob, pigs are useful for providing food, or means of transport for a player. But as with every other animal in Minecraft, Pigs need to be fed to domesticate them. So, you may question what do pigs eat in Minecraft?

Pigs eat carrots, potatoes, and beetroots in Minecraft. Pigs are fond of these three food items. These food items are used to domesticate and breed them as well. Food items can also be used to heal and speed up the growth process for baby pigs.

You might not know this, but pigs are the oldest passive mobs in the game. Apart from their longevity in the game, they are useful animals that can help a player make their Minecraft adventure easy. Let us learn in more detail about their meals and can you feed them yourself.

Can You Feed Pigs In Minecraft?

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

You can feed pigs in Minecraft. In fact, players can easily feed pigs. Being a passive mob, they’re easily convinced with food to become your companion.

A player can feed three food items Carrot, potatoes, and beetroot to pigs. All these three food items are the favorite meals of pigs.

Animals in Minecraft are fed for mostly three purposes – taming, breeding, and healing.

Pigs provide many advantages in Minecraft. They can carry items, can be used for farming, and become a ride for players. They are like horses, but with lower capacity and lower maintenance.

Pigs are naturally found all over the Minecraft overworld except the biomes like snowy tundra and wooded Badlands plateaus. They mostly spawn in groups of 4 or more and 95% of the spawned pigs are adults. Only 5% are baby pigling.


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In Java Edition– Pig spawn in places where the light level is 9 or more. They live in grassy biomes and are approachable due to their passive nature.

Bedrock Edition– in the Bedrock edition, pigs can be seen in groups of 1-3. They are found above the grass blocks at a light level of 7 or more.

Except for the snowy tundras and wooded plateaus, pigs are found grazing and roaming in all the grassy overworld.

If a player wants to tame them, he should try searching for them in the grassy places in Minecraft. Pigs can be fed with any food item they enjoy eating to tame them. If a player shows them a carrot, potatoes, or beetroot within 6 blocks of distance, they follow the player.

Once you’ve tamed a pig, you can breed them to create an entire farm. Pigs take care of your food supply by providing meat for the meal.

Now let’s look at the main reasons you should feed these humble creatures.

  1. For taming them– Once the pig is fed, they trust the player and follow him around. If you’re within a distance of 6 blocks, the pig will follow you around. Just feed it once and let him come to you.
  2. For breeding– To breed pigs you need two of them. Pigs are easily bred just like they’re easily tamed. Feed them a carrot and that’ll send them into love mode. Pigs take 5 minutes to be borne a baby pigling.
  3. For gaining experience points– After you slaughter a pig, he will drop experience points. An adult pig will drop around 1-3 experience orbs. They also drop raw porkchop when killed. A player can cook it for a delicious meal. Also, adding looting enchantment to your weapon will increase the number of dropped raw Pork Chops to 6. Additionally, killing an adult pig with fire will drop cooked porkchop.
  4. To Ride them– Pigs except for horses, are the only animal in Minecraft that can be equipped with a saddle. But to control their movement, show them a carrot in front of them with a stick. It also makes the pigs run faster. It can achieve its full speed of 5.2 blocks per second by following a carrot. However, there is a loss in durability that can be supplemented by feeding the carrot. Then the player can use another carrot on a stick and continue doing it until you are at your destination.
  5. For faster growth– The normal growth time for a baby pig is 20 minutes. It can be reduced by feeding it with carrot, potato, or beetroot. Feeding baby pigs can increase growth by 10%.

The above-mentioned points are the main reasons why you should feed a pig in Minecraft. These points apply to all the animals in Minecraft. Almost every animal is fed to tame, breed, and for healing. The dropped item may depend on the player to player.

Feeding a food item to players builds trust between them. It keeps the bond between the player and the animal stronger.

The pigs in Minecraft are one of the most lovable animals. With their pink color and likable nature, they’re easy to get along with and help the player in various ways throughout the game. if used properly they are one of the most utility mobs in the game.

Players can use them for carrying items. Pigs can carry items on them just like horses do. They can carry the things too long distances, helping the player to bring more items back to the house.

Also, if tired, a player can use them as a ride on a long journey. This will help a player protect his energy and move fast. Pigs can move up to the speed of 5.2 blocks/sec. This speed is higher than the speed of the player which is only 4 blocks/sec.

Another useful benefit of feeding a pig is that it can be used as a food item later in the game. When pigs are slaughtered, they drop items. If an adult pig is slaughtered it will drop 1-3 experience points. And if the pig has been bred, then the dropped item counts increase.

So, you saw there are many valuable benefits of taming a pig.

But what about all the food items pigs eat in Minecraft? 

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

As we discussed in the above section, pigs eat carrots, potatoes, and beetroots in Minecraft.

The food item for pigs is easy to obtain and can be found easily in the game.

Food items help animals in many ways in Minecraft. They eat for healing, growing, and increasing health points and durability. Being soft-nature animals, they eat items that are easily available and are found commonly in their spawned place.

Pigs are commonly found in villages, or in the grassy overworld in Minecraft.

Their food item is also available in these places easily. In fact,

What Food Item Do Pigs Eat For Taming?

For taming a pig, players can feed them with carrots.

To tame a pig, feed it with a carrot or two to win its trust.

In Minecraft to tame any animal, winning their confidence is necessary. Every animal has different ways to get tamed and players need to approach them in slightly different ways. Some animals like polar bears, foxes don’t accept domestication easily.

They are passive-aggressive, thus defending until the very end against taming. But pigs are one of the best companions and great friends for any player within the Minecraft world.

The pigs are passive in nature, so they are easily tamed. Pigs are swayed easily by showing them their favorite food item- carrot.


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Follow these steps to tame pigs by feeding them with carrots.

  1. A player needs to equip himself with the carrot and go near a pig. Once the pig sees the carrot in the player’s hand, it starts to follow him around.
  2. After you’ve persuaded him to follow you, guide him into an enclosed space within a fence or a gate. (You can build a fence with a wooden gate for this purpose. Also, there are different structures for keeping the animals inside. Build any one of them to keep the pigs from straying away.)
  3.  Once the pig is inside the fence or barn, shut the gate and it will become your pet. To keep the pigs happy, feed them carrot or beetroot or potatoes frequently.

What Food Item Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft For Breeding?

Similar to taming, pigs eat carrots for breeding also.

Here you need to find two pigs for breeding and can feed both of them carrots until a red heart appears above them.

Once the red heart appears, it will spawn a baby pigling in 5 minutes.

Baby piglings will have quite a similar physical attribute to parents.

This was all about what pigs eat in Minecraft. Now, let us see quickly where to get the pig’s food in Minecraft.

Where To Get Pig’s Food?

The food items – “carrots and potatoes” are dropped in many places in Minecraft. The most common way to find these food items will be to search in the villages or in the overworld where the pigs are already found roaming.

They can also be farmed but if the requirement is small, then it is preferable to find them in places around you. So, it’s better to look for them in villages and other places.

Whereas Beetroot is available by farming. Beetroot can be grown on farms. Growing beetroot can take some time and effort. As growing a crop requires dedication from players, it is slightly arduous.

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