What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?

The sheep in Minecraft are extremely helpful. Wool and mutton are both produced by sheep, which are common passive mobs in grassy terrain. Their products (mutton and wool) have some important benefits. It is very important for players to know what do sheep eat in Minecraft.

In Minecraft sheep eats grass and wheat. Sheep prefers to eat grass that has a small height. When breeding they will eat wheat. Wheat is also helpful in taming them. Eating grass and wheat helps a sheep to grow healthier and fatter, resulting in more wool and mutton.

Sheep can be used in a variety of ways, allowing players to earn some profits. Sheep can be used to sell wool, earn money by selling skins, and aid players to complete their quests. When players become familiar with all the aspects of Sheep, they can easily profit from it. However, to do so, one must know how to feed sheep. 

Can You Feed Sheep In Minecraft?

What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?

Minecraft only allows players to feed wheat to the sheep. Sheep are drawn to the player holding wheat in his hand. You can lead a sheep if you hold wheat in your hand when you are within six blocks.

Sheep are easily tamed. They are passive by nature, and if you feed them wheat they will follow you around.

There are many uses for sheep. Wool, meat, and experience points may be dropped when they are killed. It is often necessary to have them at the very beginning of any survival world since wool can be used to make a bed.

Minecraft sheep eat nothing other than grass that falls to the ground. Players, however, cannot feed sheep grass. Alternatively, they can feed them wheat, which initiates the breeding process.


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If the player has sheep fenced in their corrals, they may notice dirt patches forming on the grass. In Minecraft, sheep occasionally consume grass, but they won’t die or despawn without it.

In order to grow their wool again, sheared sheep must eat grass.

The same is true for baby sheep. Without grass, they will not grow into adults. Fortunately, grass will grow quite quickly on dirt patches when the sun is out. 

How To Feed Wheat To A Sheep In Minecraft?

Wheat seems to be a much more enjoyable food for Minecraft sheep than grass. A player who holds wheat will see sheep walking towards him or her. Players can use this method of leading sheep into their farms and fencing them in.

The sheep will eat it if you right-click on it with its hand in it. As soon as the sheep are fed wheat, a heart will appear around them. This indicates that the sheep are ready for mating.

The two sheep will mate if you feed them wheat. If players always have at least two adult sheep and some wheat, this is a great way to farm sheep for food, wool, and more

It is very useful to have sheep around. If they die, they may drop wool, meat, or experience points. It is often necessary to have them at the very beginning of any survival world since wool can be used to make a bed.

You need to feed them what they like in order to reap the benefits of taming them.

Grass and wheat are both eaten by sheep. Grass must be available to them for them to grow wool on their bodies. Unless you do so, this beautiful Minecraft creature will not regain its wool.

What To Feed Sheep for Taming and Breeding?

Minecraft’s main goal is survival. Initially, you will travel, collect resources, make weapons and tools, and travel again. 

However, because everyone needs a home, building your own house will be the best method for finding the most convenient location. 


As you progress through the game, you need food and other resources, and to obtain them, you may have to go to distant lands every time. 

But you can also grow wheat fields, build pens, grow a variety of edible plants, and raise animals that give you meat, among other things. 


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Among the most useful pets is a sheep – it has a number of benefits. As a result, every gamer should know how to tame a sheep in Minecraft.

A sheep can be tamed with wheat. If you find the sheep and hold the wheat in your hand, the sheep will follow you. Take the wheat to the sheep, leave the pen, and close the animal inside after giving it the wheat. 

The first animal you have on your farm is now available for you to use. You can bring more sheep to obtain more resources and take advantage of another useful feature.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tame a Sheep

What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?
  • In order to grow wheat, you need seeds that you can plant in the ground. 
  • You can cultivate and prepare some empty ground by using a hoe (right-click) on some vacant ground next to water. 
  • Plant your seeds by right-clicking on the ground. 
  • When the wheat is fully grown, wait a day or two (Minecraft time) and then harvest it with your equipped hoe. 
  • Approach a sheep with your wheat. As long as you have wheat, it will start following you.
  • Put the sheep in an enclosed area. You can do this in a building or in a pen you construct with a wooden fence and gate.
  • Close the door or gate once you’ve contained the sheep in its enclosure, and you now have a pet sheep.

If you have more than one sheep, you can breed them, creating offspring. You can accomplish this by feeding the nearby animals with wheat – once hearts appear above their heads, a lamb will appear shortly after. The lamb will also need to be fed, and you will be able to see how he grows. 

A very important thing to know about sheep and their breeding is another thing you need to know. How to breed sheep in Minecraft?

Breeding Sheep in Minecraft

You can breed and shear sheep in Minecraft by capturing and taming two or more sheep. You don’t need too many sheep to produce a lot of wool, because sheep regrow wool very quickly.

  • Using the steps given in (How To Tame Sheep In Minecraft section), tame and enclose at least two sheep.
  • Standing in front of each sheep, right-click on the wheat in your hotbar to feed wheat to the sheep.
  • The sheep will have hearts above them.
  • A baby sheep is about to be born. What a cute little thing!
  • Breed a few more sheep by repeating this process.

Each sheep should be harvested using shears. The wool will be ready in a very short period of time if you have a small flock of sheep (3-5).

What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, sheep graze without player input:

All Minecraft versions – Sheep eat grass from dirt blocks, transforming them into regular dirt blocks.

Additionally, it consumes wheat in all versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition –  Additionally, by eating grass from dirt blocks, sheep can also consume grass and fern from dirt blocks, transforming them into regular dirt blocks. Bedrock’s version of Sheep also enjoys wheat as a meal.


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The eating of grass is an important game mechanic because it allows sheep to regrow their wool after shearing.

A sheep’s growth is also accelerated by eating grass. In addition, since sheep may consume food through objects smaller than a full block, you can observe sheep eating grass through a Minecart or a honey block.

How to Get Wheat To Feed Sheep in Minecraft?

What Do Sheep Eat In Minecraft?

The wheat that is grown on farms can be found there. There are two types of farms: one that can be constructed by the player and one that is found in a village.

The player can also build their own farm with a hoe, some water, and some seeds if they cannot find a village. Add seeds to the plowed dirt near a water source after it turns dark. When tall grass is broken, wheat seeds can be discovered.

In Minecraft, you can find fully grown wheat in farms within villages.

By farming. 

Breaking tall grass will allow you to obtain Wheat Seed. Afterward, use a Hoe to break up any dirt or grass blocks, provide water, and plant the Wheat Seed. The wheat will appear after the dirk block has turned to its darkest shade of brown.

Finding and growing wheat isn’t too difficult. 

Here is the exact process of growing wheat in Minecraft.

  • Grass must first be found & broken. The grass grows on top of the grass blocks.
  • Grass pieces that break drop seeds when they are broken. Make sure you break enough grass to have enough seeds.
  • Make a watering hole on your own land or find some land near a body of water.
  • You can then till some dirt blocks near the water & make them fertile with a hoe. This will cause the grass to disappear and the dirt to become darker.
  • Prepare the soil for planting wheat seeds & wait for them to grow.
  • Lastly, collect the fully grown Wheat from the field.
  • Wheat does not require water to grow, but it speeds up the process & reduces the time it takes.
  • Wheat can also be planted near rivers or oceans for an endless supply of water that will keep your seeds moist.
  • A single square of water equal to 1×1 can water 9×9 squares of wheat seeds.
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