What Do Foxes Eat in Minecraft?

minecraft fox food

Foxes are passive mobs in Minecraft, generally found wandering at night since they are nocturnal. They are incredibly fast and nimble, with the ability to jump 4 to 5 blocks high, making them quite tricky to catch and tame. Having one of these adorable foxes can really be worthwhile, but players will need to make sure they get enough food to maintain their physicality.

Foxes are passive mobs, following a carnivorous diet in Minecraft, although they do have an exceptional fondness for sweet berries. They mainly eat smaller animals such as rabbits, chickens, fish, and baby turtles if found crawling on land, and they hunt for their prey at night preferring to eat alone.

These animals generally hunt and roam at night, wandering in search of food until they quickly gobble up any snacks or prey they can find. Foxes will typically chase any small animal for food, but they still have a few preferences that players should prioritize to ensure their foxes stay happy and healthy. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about foxes and their diets in Minecraft.

Foxes in Minecraft

There are a couple types of foxes in Minecraft, including the classic red fox and a unique white fox that can be found in the snow biome. Still, their eating habits and behaviors are the same throughout. They also have a chance of spawning with items like eggs, wheat, and emeralds.

What Do Foxes Eat In Minecraft?

Foxes are sneaky hunters, hiding and killing their prey quickly and skillfully. Foxes usually roam around villages at night in search of their food, but players may still be able to spot them during the late day or early morning in some cases.

Much like real foxes, Minecraft foxes are nocturnal since they prefer solitude spaces and living arrangements – there is no one to disturb them while hunting and eating during low light hours. Sometimes, they will stroll around water bodies in search of aquatic creatures, while other times they will scavenge bushes for small mammals and even berries.

Benefits of Pet Foxes in Minecraft

Foxes are very useful animals in Minecraft. Once they get along with you, they will always stay near will provide some awesome gameplay benefits to their caregivers.

  • Foxes will follow their caregivers around for companionship.
  • Foxes may even help you fight and defend against enemies and mobs.
  • Foxes can carry items in their mouths. They mostly carry food items to eat, but they can also carry any weapon that can be used while fighting off the dangers that circumstances require.

Can You Feed Foxes in Minecraft?

Although foxes typically hunt for their own nourishment in Minecraft, players can feed Foxes in Minecraft as often as they’d like – they’ll never say no to free food! Feeding them is also an easy way to gain their trust in the game, since wild foxes are somewhat tricky to tame.


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Foxes prefer food over pretty much anything else. So, if players approach a fox with a food item in their hand and drop the food nearby, the fox will typically drop the item in their mouths in order to eat the provided food item.

How to Tame and Breed Foxes by Feeding Them

Unlike other animals that can simply be tamed by feeding food, wild foxes technically cannot be tamed. However, wild foxes are breedable even when they are untamed, unlike other animals in Minecraft.

The only way to get your hands on a tamed fox is to breed two wild and untamed adult foxes and tame the baby. If searching for foxes is difficult for you, then try to get the daytime setting into night mode. Foxes are passive nocturnal mobs, so they prefer to roam and hunt at night meaning the process can be simpler.

Creeper minecraft

Another important consideration is that if you try to get a tamed fox at night, the surroundings and nearby areas can become dangerous. Players will need to watch out for aggressive mobs that will likely attack.

When you feed sweet berries to any two adult foxes, they will enter love mode and start breeding. You just need to find two foxes among the group of many and feed them with the sweet berries one by one.

Obtaining a Tamed Fox

To feed adult foxes, first, acquire some sweet berries from the bushes around the biomes where foxes wander or from villagers. Once you’ve got the sweet berries in your inventory, find a group of foxes in the wild.

What Do Foxes Eat In Minecraft?

The main tricky part is that the foxes will run away if you try to go near them. Players will need to approach them cautiously and slowly, crouching and sneaking until you reach just 1 block away from them.

Wild foxes will not trust the players in the beginning. If you walk or run towards them, they will dart in varying directions out of fear. Once you get near them, feed any two of the adult foxes.

How to Get Sweet Berries

Sweet berries are one of the rarest sources of food in Minecraft, but they are found in Taiga hills, Mountains, and snowy biomes. The sweet berry plant is like a cactus in Minecraft, dealing damage to most of the mobs that touches it.

It is a substantial source of both food and defense for a player, meaning it may be worthwhile to grow on your base. Foxes have fat and furry bodies, enabling them to move among these scrappy bushes without taking damage or slowing down their speed.

Sweet Berry Bush

A player can use sweet berry bushes for their defense and to keep the hostile mobs away. Besides that, it requires minimum effort to upkeep and consistently produces berries as long as the plant remains intact.

If you have tamed foxes in the game, then these sweet berries bushes are an amazing source of food for your foxes. Foxes love eating them, and sweet berries are also used for breeding foxes which makes them an excellent food item to have all-around.

Although sweet berries are useful, their bushes are not found everywhere and they are available in very few biomes in Minecraft. Still, they can generally be found in Taiga biomes that are snowy or mountainous.


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Below is a list of the biomes in which sweet berries can be found:

  • Taiga
  • Taiga Hills
  • Taiga Mountains
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Snowy Taiga Hills
  • Snowy Taiga Mountains
  • Giant Tree Taiga
  • Mountain Meadows
  • Taiga Villages (Easiest way to get Sweet Berries)

Easiest Way to Get Sweet Berries

In addition to the above locatoions, Taiga villages can also contain sweet berries. Many Taiga village houses have chests housing sweet berries, and these Taiga chests are commonly found in almost every house in the villages.

This is by far the easiest way to get sweet berries. If a player is struggling to find the berries in Overworld biomes, then they should search in these Taiga village house chests.

Growing Sweet Berry Bushes

Growing the sweet berries in farmlands is a simple and easy way to get infinite sweet berry resources while protecting your base. Once you get some sweet berries, keep their seeds so you can plant those seeds in the farmland with grass.

After planting the sweet berry seeds in the grass, they will eventually grow in large numbers and spread across a massive area of land. This will give players a vast supply of sweet berries, enough to comfortably feed the entire fox pack.

Tamed Baby Fox

You won’t be able to tame a wild fox, although it may begin to like you more than originally. But, you will be able to get them to produce a baby fox, which will be naturally kind and friendly towards players and tameable as a result. Below is an image of a family of foxes with a baby fox in the middle, thanks to GamesRadar.

minecraft foxes

The baby fox trusts the player who originally bred it, and players will be able to take this sweet little fluffy fox back to their homes or survival bases in Minecraft. But make sure to tie a leash around the baby fox, or it will run away with its parents.

Once you’ve leashed the baby fox you’ve helped breed, it will become your companion, following you around throughout all of your Minecraft adventures. If you want a pack of foxes on your home territory, you’ll need to complete this process at least twice to obtain two baby foxes.

What Do Foxes Eat In Minecraft?

After obtaining the two baby foxes, players will need to raise them with care, giving them plenty of love, shelter, and food until they become adults. After this point, you’ll be able to breed them on your own using the same process, saving the trouble of searching for new foxes every time.

Step-By-Step Guide to Taming and Breeding Foxes

Before getting started on taming a baby fox, make sure to have the essential items on-hand. Players will need the following items for acquiring atamed fox:

  • A stack of sweet berries: Take extra sweet berries as a backup
  • A couple of leashes: Take at least two for two baby foxes, but players may want to take extra since leashes can break in some cases.


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Below is a step-by-step outline of exactly how to acquire a tamed fox and how to create your very own pack of foxes in Minecraft:

  1. Search for a group of foxes.
  2. Once you find a group of foxes, sneak around until you reach nearby, as moving straight towards them will cause them to run away.
  3. The sweet berries will need to be fed to any two foxes individually.
  4. After feeding two of them, they both will enter love mode. Once they get into love mode, wait for a while until the baby is produced.
  5. Baby foxes will spawn once the red heart around the two foxes vanishes.
  6. As soon as the baby fox is born, put the leash around its neck to ensure that the baby fox remains by your side. If you do not tie the leash around its neck, it will start following parents and may be impossible to find again at a later stage.
  7. After that, the baby fox follows you. By birth itself, the baby fox will have a trustful nature towards the player who spawned him.
  8. Once you’ve bred one baby fox, repeat the process for the second one.
  9. Two baby foxes will help you breed them in the future so that you don’t need to continuously search for foxes.
  10. You can create a whole gang of foxes that will remain faithful and loyal to their caregivers – as long as you actually care for them.

What Do Foxes Eat in Minecraft?

Foxes, as mentioned earlier, are carnivores. But, they do have an exceptional fondness for sweet berries. Here are all the items that foxes enjoy eating:

  • Sweet berries (Favorite: Used to breed and tame foxes)
  • Glow Berries (Introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update)
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken
  • Turtle
  • Fish


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Other than sweet berries, foxes generally prey on animals. They are wild hunters that prey usually at night. Once the light of day begins to fade into darkness, packs of foxes or lone foxes will start their hunt. Foxes may wander in groups, but many of them can be found wandering around on their own.

Where to Find Foxes

Foxes generally choose their location based on food availablity, similar to real foxes. In Minecraft, the villages, farmlands, and areas surrounding water bodies are their favorite places to roam since they can get their paws on all sorts of food that they enjoy there.


They are excellent runners and work up quite an appetite as a result – they can eat significantly more than one might expect for their tiny bodies. Rabbits and chicken are mostly available around villages, making villages a primary location for foxes.

Water Bodies

For fishes and turtles, a pond area is a suitable place – rather than vast oceans and beach locations. They are expert swimmers and can kill a fish easily. Foxes can run really fast and in any type of area. They have amazing physicality and pace to match up to their prey.

Farmlands and Woodlands

Their most favorite food of all time is sweet berries, possibly the most important food as it is used to gain their trust and produce baby foxes. These berries can be found naturally growing in jungle biomes or farmlands, meaning that foxes often roam in these areas at nght.

There are plenty of tameable animals in Minecraft, but foxes are definitely on top of the list. Foxes help their caregivers fight and defend, attacking any mob that hurts their owner and even carrying items to help their owner out throughout adventures. With so many benefits, a fluffy and adorable appearance, as well as their charming and playful nature, foxes are some of the best companions to have in Minecraft.

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