What Does Fire Protection Do in Minecraft? (SOLVED)

What Does Fire Protection Do In Minecraft? (SOLVED)

Enchantments and potions have always been a defining factor in Minecraft ever since the game’s creation. Honestly, without these enchantments especially on difficulties like Hardcore, I don’t think the game would be playable for most casual and even professional players. Fire Protection for example is a much-needed utility, especially while raiding the Nether Realm, but what exactly does it do in the game?

Fire Protection can either be an enchantment or a potion and its main purpose is to reduce damage from both Lava and Fire. As an Enchantment, it can be added to all crafted body armor, while as a potion, you can get the same effect either by drinking or splashing it on your body.

Over the years of playing Minecraft, it seems pretty clear that probably the most useful class of enchantment in the game has to be the Protection class for Armors. Each of these enchantments under this class like Fire Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, and Protection all serve specific purposes on the body armor. Sometimes players spend hours trying to get these enchantments in the game.

If you’re new to Minecraft and you happen to stumble upon 2 enchantment books one for protection and the other for fire protection, then it’s normal to think that “Protection Enchantment” is superior to all. To have items like these without knowing their real purpose does seem like a waste don’t you agree?

So if you want to know when, where, and how to properly use a Fire Protection Enchantment/Potion, then continue reading this well-detailed guide.

What Is Fire Protection Enchantment in Minecraft?

What Does Fire Protection Do In Minecraft? (SOLVED)

Fire Protection Enchantments are utilities that reduce all fire and lava damages to the player using them. They can be added to all armors in the game which includes Chestplate, leggings, boots, and every type of helmet, which also includes turtle shell helmet. By using Fire Protection, players can sit back and relax in a pig of lava as if it were a mud bath, although that doesn’t mean you won’t take damage at certain intervals.

If you’re like me that spends most of my time in the Nether Realm, then getting a Fire Protection Enchantment is necessary. Besides the fact that there is fire and lava virtually everywhere, the protection does also come in handy when facing off against Blazes and Ghasts.

Statistics from a reliable source shows that it reduces all fire Damage by 8% (8 × Level%) depending on its level (That is a level 1 Fire Protection Enchantment gives 8% fire damage reduction to your Armor, while a level 4 Fire Protection Enchantment gives 32% fire damage reduction) which can be stacked up to 80% depending on the amount of armor equipped with the enchantment.

This Enchantment has a total of 4 levels, all of which are very rare to find in the game. Fire Protection IV is the rarest and most effective of them all, on a single piece of armor it reduces fire damage by 36%, but if equipped on all 4 pieces of armor, that number goes up to 80%. Remember what I said earlier about mud baths? well with this baby you can go Scuba diving without worrying much about the consequences.

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You can combine enchanted objects to attain a higher level of this enchantment much like other enchantments in the game by using an Anvil. This way you don’t have to search through ancient chests or spend hours with a luck of the sea enchanted fishing rod, just so you can get the max level. All you have to do is use an anvil to combine an enchanted armor or book with another armor or book of the same level.

It is a straightforward method that doesn’t require wasting materials, but the only downside to it is that you still end up spending time searching for the required items and levels.

What Does Fire Protection Do in Minecraft?

What Does Fire Protection Do In Minecraft? (SOLVED)

Regardless of whichever version or edition of Minecraft you’re playing, the Fire Protection Enchantment serves only one purpose, which is to reduce the damaging effect of lava and fire on players. It reduces fire damage by up to 8% depending on the level of the enchantment, which means every level has an 8% increase in damage reduction as I earlier explained.

Bear in mind that this effect can also be stacked up to 80% fire damage reduction by equipping all 4 body armor enchanted with fire protection.

However, both the Bedrock and Java editions interpret this data quite differently.

In Bedrock Edition, a player can’t be set on fire by normal sources if the total of the Fire Protection Enchantment they have on adds up to 7 or more (that is, if they equip a chestplate with a Fire protection level 4 and leggings with Fire protection 3, they can’t be set on fire). Although the player still takes damage if they are standing on the fire. 

In Java Edition, the Fire Protection Enchantment reduces the burning effect duration by 15% depending on level (that is 15 × Level%) whenever a player is set on fire. So technically, at about level 8, the fire aspect Enchantment won’t have any effect on the player. 

Unlike the other editions, this effect cannot stack, so if a player puts on multiple fire protection enchanted armor, then the system only makes use of the highest level equipped and reduces the burn time accordingly. The initiated fire-ticks (lava: 300, fire: 150) were also canceled, you can only see the remaining time of a fire source in the fire-tick timer.

As for the Fire Protection Potion, it makes players completely immune to fire and lava damage for a specific period. You don’t need armor for it to work, all you need to do is brew (make) the Potion, and either drink it or splash it on your body (throw it next to you). The potion’s duration appears on your screen once it is active.

What Is Fire Protection Best Used On?

The best and most efficient way to use a Fire Protection Enchantment is to have it equipped on all 4 pieces of armor (Chestplate, Leggings, Helmet, and Boots) by using an anvil or game command so that you can get the maximum damage reduction.

Avoid using the 4 enchanted armor in your regular expenditure, it should only be used in special locations like the Nether Realm. By doing this, you reduce the risks of losing it if you die to a hostile mob like creepers.

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In a regular Survival map, an armor enchanted with Fire Protection cannot be enchanted with Protection, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection Enchantments. Although commands can be used to stack up all 4 Enchantments on a single piece of armor.

How to Get Fire Protection in Minecraft?

What Does Fire Protection Do In Minecraft? (SOLVED)

You can get fire protection by using the game commands, but if you want to get it without cheating, then there are a couple of ways to go about that. Explore the world more, maybe you could be lucky enough to find it in a hidden chest, or village. Try fishing, I’ve gotten very lucky with the item drops in my previous games but if you want that kind of luck then you’ll need to enchant your fishing rod with “Luck Of the Sea“, and “Lure” for speed.

Enchanting tables are also a great means to get Fire Protection Enchantment. But don’t expect high-level Enchantments if you aren’t at least level 30 and above. If you already have the enchanted book, just use an anvil to enchant your armor by placing the book in one slot and your armor in the other.

How to Make Fire Protection in Minecraft?

To make a 3 minutes Potion of Fire Resistance, all you need is 1 water bottle, 1 nether wart, and 1 magma cream, and a brewing stand. Players can make a fire resistance potion, by following the steps below;

First, open the brewing stand, then place a water bottle in one of the 3 bottom boxes. Next, place a Nether wart in the upper box and wait for the arrow to fill up. Once it is complete, put a magma cream in the upper box before collecting the potion.

How Good Is Fire Protection in Minecraft?

Fire Protection is an amazing enchantment that is truly an expert in its protection Class. Unlike the other variants, Fire/lava is without a doubt one of the most common elements that players come across in Minecraft, so it is very important to have a Fire Protection armor in your inventory whenever you are going deep down a mine or if you have some business in the Nether Realm.

If I were to give the Fire Protection Enchantment a performance rating between 1 to 10, I would give it an 8 because swimming in Lava is really fun.

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