Minecraft: 5 Best Enchantments for Netherite Chestplate (Ranked)

Minecraft best armor enchantments

One of the most important things you need to make sure of while you’re traversing Minecraft’s vast world is that you have good gear. Minecraft is filled with hidden dangers and the right gear – and the right enchantments can give you that edge to overcome them. Netherite armor is the most powerful armor in Minecraft, but there is a way to make it even better – through enchantments. 

Let’s see what are the 5 best enchantments for Netherite Chestplate in Minecraft. 

1. Unbreaking III

Unbreaking enchantment, as the name insinuates gives your chestplate a chance to avoid durability reduction. To put it in simple terms, while your chestplate is enchanted with unbreaking it will break more slowly. Unbreaking can be applied to all armor pieces, as well as a variety of other items and tools. 


You can obtain unbreaking enchantment while you work with your enchanting table. There’s also a chance that you can get unbreaking from a librarian villager as well as while you’re fishing. 

2. Mending 

Mending enchantment is closely related to unbreaking enchantment as it deals with the durability of your equipment. Every time you collect experience orbs, some of them will transfer to your equipment and repair it. 


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There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. You cannot choose which item will be repaired and the enchantment does not prioritize pieces of equipment with more durability damage. The effect is applied at random. 


While spending experience orbs, if your pieces are fully repaired the rest will transfer back to you as usual. Mending, unlike most other enchantments on this list, has only one level. It can be applied to armor pieces, some tools, and some other secondary items. It’s definitely most useful on armor as it prevents breaking in key moments. 

Mending is considered a treasure enchantment and so you will most likely find it while you’re looting dungeon chests, stronghold chests, and while trading with librarian villagers. There’s a small chance that you can acquire mending while you’re fishing as well. 

3. Protection IV 

Up next on our list of best enchantments for netherite chestplate, we have protection. Protection gives you bonus damage reduction which can save your life in key moments. The damage reduction effect applies to almost all sources of damage you can come across in Minecraft world, but there are a few exceptions though. You are not protected from the effects hunger has on you.

Protection IV

You are not protected by environmental damage effects that the Void applies to you. And you are not protected by Warden’s sonic boom attack. Nevertheless, you are still protected from most sources of damage. Protection enchantment comes in 4 levels, and the fourth level is naturally the best one to have. 

When it comes to applying Protection enchantment there are limitations, as it can be applied only on armor pieces, unlike our previous enchantments. Protection enchantment cannot be used along with other similar enchantments like Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection. Those effects will not work together on the same armor pieces. 

You can however use commands to go around this limitation. 

4. Thorns II

Thorns enchantment applies to you an effect similar to that of Guardians and Elder Guardians. Every time you are dealt damage you will return some of that damage to your attacker. It’s an extremely useful enchantment to have on your chestpiece. Thorns II comes in two levels and can be applied primarily on the chest plate and secondarily on the rest of your armor pieces. 

The enchantment is not limited only to melee attacks as it applies if you are damaged with the ranged mob attacks as well. Evoker fangs, llamas, goats, and Wardens will however not be affected by the thorns effect, the enchantment is useless against them. 


Thorns enchantment is fairly easy to find. Like most of our previous enchantments, it can be obtained from the enchanting tables, by trading with librarian villagers, or by fishing. 

Thorns can be found in a variety of Minecraft structures as well, you can find chests that contain thorns enchantment in mineshafts, strongholds, ocean ruins, pillager outposts, and many other locations. 


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5. Fire Protection IV

Last but not least on our list of best netherite armor enchantments is fire protection. Fire protection is one powerful enchantment that protects you, or rather decreases the damage you would usually take from most sources of fire. Fire protection applies every time you are damaged by fire, lava, magma blocks, campfires, and other mobs that have fire-based attacks. 

The only exceptions to that rule are Blazes and Magma Cubes as their attacks are considered melee attacks and therefore cannot be stopped by fire protection. Protection IV seems like a better fit for that.

Fire protection comes in 4 levels, with the fourth being the most useful. It can be applied, like protection enchantment, on all armor pieces. 

fiire protection

Fire protection has its limitations though as it can’t be combined with protection, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection enchantment. You can acquire Fire Protection in several ways, as it’s not that rare of an enchantment. You can get it while you’re fishing, it can be one of the enchantments on the enchanting table. And there’s even a chance that a librarian villager has one in stock. 

If you spend more of your time looting than you do socializing with the villagers, your biggest chances when it comes to finding fire protection might be in the form of loot while you’re exploring various Minecraft Structures. 

And that would be all, we’ve covered the 5 best enchantments for your Netherite chest piece in Minecraft, and I gotta say we’ve covered everything. From protection to damage dealing to utilities, there are a plethora of good enchantments on this list. Most of them are pretty basic and you probably already have some of them applied.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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