Here’s What Fortune on an Axe Does in Minecraft

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Minecraft has a vast inventory. Players come across very useful tools and resources to build structures. An axe is among the common tools in Minecraft and is primarily used to split wood faster than other tools. Enchantments like Fortune applied to axes can make them very beneficial at times. But what exactly does Fortune on an axe do in Minecraft? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Fortune enchantment, in general, increases drop rates on items like seeds and saplings. It also increases drop rates for farmed crops.
  • Fortune on axe increases the drop chances of apples and will help you get more melons from a watermelon. Other than that, Fortune does not have much use on the axe.
  • Using Fortune enchantment will NOT give you more wood.

Fortune on an axe in Minecraft is not all that useful

If you’re expecting substantial benefits from adding Fortune to an axe, let me burst that bubble for you. Fortune on axes isn’t widely considered very useful. However, applying it to an axe can significantly boost drop rates for items like melons and apples.

The increased item yield is also influenced by the Fortune level. The higher the Fortune level on the axe, the greater the likelihood.

Remember, Fortune doesn’t guarantee maximum item yields every time; it’s a game of chance. For instance, with Fortune III, the maximum melon slices drop is nine, but the chance of getting all nine slices is only 2%.

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Does Fortune on an Axe give more wood?

Many players wonder if Fortune will help in getting more wood. To be clear, using the Fortune enchantment on the axe will not give you more wood. It will only help collect more saplings, a variety of seeds, and some other specific drops.

Is Silk Touch or Fortune better on an Axe?

Silk Touch on the Axe excels at harvesting mushroom blocks and bookshelves, a task where Fortune falls short. Nevertheless, investing in the Silk Touch enchantment for axes may squander valuable resources.

Axes primarily handle wood, and Fortune alone allows block harvesting without alteration. Therefore, applying Silk Touch to an axe seems pointless, offering no significant returns. Strategic enchantment choices in Minecraft are crucial, so weigh the benefits wisely.


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Does Fortune on an Axe work on mobs?

Fortune doesn’t impact mobs; its effects are solely on blocks. Consequently, applying Fortune to an axe won’t affect mobs. However, a more favorable outcome is achievable by combining Fortune with other enchantments, such as Efficiency, Unbreaking, Mending, etc., on your axe.

This strategic combination ensures a more efficient and durable tool, even though Fortune itself doesn’t contribute to mob-related enhancements.

Fortune on shovels increases flint yield

The shovel excels at rapidly breaking down gravel blocks, and adding Fortune enhances your chances of obtaining more flint. The higher the Fortune level, the greater the likelihood of getting flint, with Fortune III ensuring a 100% chance.

On the flip side, using a Fortune-enchanted shovel for mining clay from clay blocks doesn’t boost the number of clay drops. The enchantment’s impact on clay remains unchanged, unlike its effect on gravel.

What Fortune is good for when applied to axe…

When applied to an axe, Fortune increases the chances of obtaining more saplings and sticks from breaking leaves. Its use on various vines also boosts the drop rate. Fortune III, the highest Fortune level, guarantees a 100% chance of receiving a drop when used on the axe.

Applying Fortune to the axe while breaking grass and ferns increases the number of drop items without altering the drop chances. Fortune is particularly useful for harvesting crops and efficiently obtaining more glowstone dust. It generally yields more saplings, apples, and melon slices when breaking watermelons. The number of items in the drop increases by 1, 2, or 3, or according to specified limits, depending on the Fortune level when used on potatoes, sweet berries, carrots, and wheat seeds.


Using Fortune on the axe in Minecraft may require careful consideration as it may not always be worth the expenditure of resources. However, if you aim to increase the production of specific items like apples, melon slices, and saplings, using Fortune becomes essential.

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