What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

Itachi Uchiha is one of the Naruto fandom’s favorite characters. And there are no doubts as to why, since he has without a doubt one of the most incredible tales in the whole Naruto anime series. When the truth about Itachi was exposed after his death, many of the anime’s viewers’ perceptions of him shifted dramatically. However, with two separate deaths, many fans are confused as to when and how he died.

Itachi died for the first time in episode 138 after the fight with his younger brother and reincarnated Itachi died in episode 339 after breaking the reincarnation Jutsu.

There are still many different questions that are unclear to many fans so if you are looking for something that would clear things up for you a little bit, keep reading since you found the right article.

What episode does Itachi die the first time? 

Itachi dies for the first time in episode 138, called The End. His first death came after a fight with his own brother Sasuke after he uses most of his energy to free him from Orochimaru.

As the thunder clouds gather above them, Zetsu realizes that they were generated by Sasuke’s Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique combined with the heat of Itachi’s inextinguishable Amaterasu. 

In an effort to murder Itachi, Sasuke utilizes his new Jutsu, Kirin, to harness the lightning in the sky with his chakra, and ends up totally obliterating the Uchiha Hideout.

Itachi stands up, having survived Kirin’s hit thanks to his Susanoo, a massive chakra protector restricted to those who wield the Mangeky Sharingan in both eyes, and Sasuke feels he has finally triumphed. 

As Itachi approaches Sasuke, who is now out of chakra, the suppressed piece of Orochimaru that Sasuke has absorbed begins to take over his body. 

Orochimaru’s eight white snakes burst out of Sasuke’s cursed seal using the Eight Branches Technique, with Orochimaru himself exiting through one of the snake’s mouths, thanking Itachi for lowering Sasuke’s chakra to the point where he could break free and grateful for another chance to take over Sasuke’s body.

Itachi decapitates seven of the eight snakes with his Susanoo’s Sword of Totsuka, which has the capacity to seal souls and confine them forever and seals Orochimaru away, erasing Sasuke’s cursed seal in the process. 

However, this consumes too much chakra, reducing Itachi’s Susanoo to its most basic form. Itachi coughs up blood as he slowly approaches Sasuke, who is unable to get away from him. As Itachi approaches Sasuke, he speaks his final words to him and pokes his forehead before dropping to the ground, dead. 

Sasuke reflects on Itachi’s final words and gazes at his brother’s body before collapsing next to him, exhausted. Although he had much more meaningful things to say the second time he died, the simple “Sorry Sasuke, this is it” stuck with many fans.

A common misconception about Itachi’s death is that he was killed by his own brother. However, this isn’t true. The two definitely fought and there is no denying that Sasuke wanted to punish his brother for the death of his own clan and parents, he actually never managed to do so.

One thing many people overlook is the fact that Itachi chose to fight his brother because he was already sick. He keeps this illness from his brother to spare him and was taking large amounts of medication just to stay alive.

This is why he chose to face his brother because this way he would be able to defeat him easily. Their battle would also serve as Mangekyo Sharingan training for Sasuke, which made it easier for him to continue fighting other opponents.

What episode does Itachi die the second time? 

The reincarnated Itachi dies in the same episode he comes back, episode 339. He dies after he manages to break free of the reincarnation Jutsu.

The five Kage fight to hold their own against Madara’s Susanoo-clad wood clones on the front lines. Despite the overwhelming odds, Noki encourages the troops to battle, insisting that they must complete a mission that cannot be failed. 

Madara realizes that Noki is the issue and that he must defy his willpower. With that, the Kage re-enters the fray against Madara’s clones. 

The situation quickly deteriorates when Madara unleashes his full might by activating his last Susanoo and launching an attack with its sword on them.

Itachi orders Kabuto to terminate the Impure World Reincarnation somewhere in the cave, while Sasuke declares his intention to destroy the town that has been torturing his brother for so long, and bids Itachi farewell. 

Itachi approaches Sasuke and uses his Sharingan to teach him everything about the Uchiha Clan Downfall as the lights surrounding the reborn shinobi begin to brighten the battlefield as they fade into pillars of light. 

After finally revealing the truth to Sasuke, Itachi gives his parting words to his brother, telling him that no matter what happens or what he does from now on, he would always love him. 

This time the two have a much more significant moment as they say the final goodby. Itachi admits that he shouldn’t have shielded his brother from everything that was going on and that hadn’t he done that the outcome may have been different. 

His parting words, “I’ve always lied to you and asked you to forgive me deliberately keeping you at a distance by my own hand because I didn’t want you to get caught up in any of this but now I think that perhaps ‘YOU’ could have changed mother and father and the rest of the Uchiha, if I had only come to you from the start, looked straight into your eyes and told you the truth with me, who failed, telling you all this now from above it’s not going to penetrate and sink in. But I want to impart at least this much truth to you you don’t ever have to forgive me and no matter what you do from here on out, know this, I will love you always.” made the fans see an entirely new side of Itachi which gained him even more fan love than he had before.

What episode does Itachi come back? 

Itachi gets revived in episode 339, called I Will Always Love You. After his battle with Sasuke, Kabuto utilized the Reanimation Jutsu to bring him back during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Luckily, Itachi was able to break free from Kabuto’s influence because of his visual prowess and teamed up with Sasuke to fight Kabuto and undo the Reanimation Jutsu. Following that, Sasuke chose to follow in his brother’s footsteps and joined the Allied Shinobi Forces, fighting alongside Naruto.