What Happened to Adrien’s Mother Emilie? How Did She Die?

What Happened to Adriens Mother Emilie How Did She Die

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Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir is in its fifth season, and it will not stop there because the popular animated TV show is rumored to gain more seasons in the future. Season five of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir brings us more exciting moments, with Ladybug and Cat Noir being under the scrutiny of a supervillain Monarch, who wants to take their Miraculousnes and become the most powerful man in the world. However, the mystery of Adrien’s mother and Gabriel’s wife, Emilie, remains ongoing. This article will discuss what happened to Adrien’s mother and how she died.

Emilie Agreste is not dead but in a coma. In the series, we find out that Emilie was the original Peacock Miraculous holder and that Master Fu, the guardian of Miraculous, lost the Miraculous book and two Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous’. Moreover, Gabriel admits that he and his wife found Miracoulous’ on their holiday and used it for one reason or another. Fans speculate that Emilie fell into a coma because she purposely used the Peacock Miraculous, harming her to almost dying. Emilie is in a coma and is set in the glass coffin in her husband’s repository, while Gabriel plans to cure his wife.

We will discuss this topic by explaining what we know of Emilie Agreste, whether she is really dead, why she is in Gabriel’s repository, and. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Who is Emilie Agreste?

Emilie Agreste is the mother of Adrien Agreste, wife of Gabriel Agreste, and aunt of Félix Fathom, a former actress who starred in the popular film Solitude. Throughout the series, we hear the name of Emilie, especially from her husband Gabriel, and her son Adrien, who talks about his mother with sadness and wistfulness.

Emilie was always regarded as a kind-hearted and loving mother who was a talented artist with proficiency in acting and playing piano. Unfortunately, Emilie is mostly seen through flashbacks and recollections of Gabriel and Adrien, who mention her here and there. Interestingly, Emilie was the original wielder of Peacock Miraculous, and since the first time she used the jewel, she vowed to protect her son from its power.

What Happened to Adrien’s Mother Emilie? How Did She Die?
Adrien has a strained relationship with his father Gabriel.

Compared to his son Adrien, Gabriel talks about Emilie as if she is still there, and it seems that he cannot let go of the fact that she passed away, but we will explain this factor later. Anyway, Gabriel interprets Emilie as a stubborn and headstrong woman who always puts the people she loves before anything – the safety of other people is always above everything for Emilie, which she shares with her son, Adrien.


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Also, Gabriel described Emilie “as over dramatic,” which is rich from his perspective. Nevertheless, Emilie was a loving wife and mother, who always put family first, but also a woman who has seen that Gabriel has started being obsessed with power over Miraculous jewels.

What Happened to Adrien’s Mother Emilie? How Did She Die?
Gabriel is a “big bad” of the Miraculous Ladybug series.

Unfortunately for the Agreste family, Miraculous jewels were the reason why their family members distanced themselves from each other, and their family matriarch died – or did she? We mentioned that Adrien talks about his mother in the past tense, while Gabriel speaks of his wife as she is there. But why? Let’s find out.

What happened to Emilie in the Miraculous Ladybug?

It was never fully explained why and how Emilie died in the Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir series. Throughout the series, we see characters talking about Emilie as if she isn’t there anymore, besides Gabriel, who always talks about his wife as if she is still there. Gabriel proved multiple times in the series that he is far from stupid and talks about his wife that way because she is technically alive. 

We mentioned that Gabriel and Emilie recovered Miraculous jewels from Tibet, specifically Master Fu, the guardian of the powerful jewels. With jewels, Agrestes took the Miraculous spellbook, and since then, Gabriel has started aggressively researching Miraculous jewels and their powers. Emilie didn’t like that because it affected their family significantly.

What Happened to Adrien’s Mother Emilie? How Did She Die?
Gabriel’s repository, where he keeps Emilie in the glass coffin.

However, even Emilie made the mistake of using the Peacock Miraculous despite knowing that the jewel was damaged, and anyone who wields the damaged Miraculous will face the consequences. In this instance, it meant that she fell increasingly ill every time Emilie used the Peacock Miraculous. It was never disclosed why Emilie used the jewel, knowing that her health was worsening, especially behind Gabriel’s back. Some fans speculate Emilie was doing what her son is doing as Cat Noir, but it seems that something else is in play.


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One user on Quora explained that the hints from season four suggest that Félix or Adrien are sentimonsters and that Emilie, when she couldn’t have children (the author suggests, for an unknown reason), used the Peacock Miraculous to create Adrien, her perfect son. Now, the fan really took everything into account, the hints and other suggestions, but for now, we will stick to the fact that Emilie most likely got sick using the damaged Miraculous and fell into a coma.

What Happened to Adrien’s Mother Emilie? How Did She Die?
Emilie is in a coma, not dead, as most people, including her son, think she is.

Now that we know Emilie isn’t dead let’s speculate about her fate in the Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Is Emilie ever going to wake up from a coma?

Both Adrien and Gabriel miss their mother and wife immensely, with Adrien slowly getting used to his mother gone while Gabriel is wreaking havoc across Paris, looking to collect all Miraculous jewels.

Gabriel, as Hawk Moth, Shadow Moth, and Monarch, is the main antagonist of the show, and the fact that his son Adrien is his main enemy makes everything even more complicated.


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In season five (still ongoing), the series presents new obstacles for Agrestes, Marinette, and their Miraculous counterparts, where the youngsters need to find their way in the chaos while Gabriel is doing everything to get his hands on all Miraculous jewels.

Unfortunately for our main heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gabriel have almost all jewels except one – Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous. It seems that Gabriel has big plans for those jewels, which are most likely reserved for awakening and curing his wife, Emilie. There is a reason why Gabriel keeps his body hidden in the glass coffin – he wants to use Miraculous jewels, combine their powers, and create a cure for his wife. Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir series confirmed multiple times that Gabriel missed his wife and was never the same man after she fell ill.

Well, until that plot denouement, we will wait a bit more since it was confirmed by the studio that we will get more seasons of this popular animated TV show.

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