Here’s What Happened to Uub in ‘Dragon Ball Z’

What Happened To Uub in Dragon Ball Z 00

Uub stands as a testament to the unexpected paths a character’s journey can take in ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most formidable Earthling Z Fighters, his story is intriguing and essential. This article will shed light on Uub’s transformation and pivotal moments in the series.

  • Article breakdown:
  • Uub is the human reincarnation of Majin Buu, reborn with a pure heart upon Goku’s wish.
  • Trained under Goku, Uub underwent significant growth, transitioning from a timid boy to a formidable martial artist.
  • During the Tuffle invasion, led by Baby, Uub faced his toughest challenge but fused with Majin Buu to become the more powerful Majuub.

Uub’s unexpected origin

Every saga in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ has its unique set of characters, but Uub’s introduction is unlike any other. Born as the reincarnation of the evil Majin Buu, Uub’s existence resulted from Goku’s wish for Buu to return as a good person. This wish was granted by King Yemma, leading to Uub’s birth as a good-hearted human.

Raised in a small village on a humid island, Uub lived a modest life, caring for his family and unaware of the tremendous power dormant within him. His dark skin, black hair, and traditional attire might give off the impression of just another villager, but his true strength, reminiscent of Majin Buu, emerges when provoked.

It’s this duality, being the embodiment of both innocence and immense potential, that makes Uub’s origin truly captivating.


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Training under Goku

Goku’s knack for spotting potential was never clearer than when he laid eyes on Uub. Upon their first meeting at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku recognized the latent power within the young fighter. But it was more than just power; Uub’s pure heart and determination reminded Goku of many battles past, especially with Majin Buu. Choosing to become Uub’s mentor, Goku took him under his wing, focusing on harnessing and enhancing the young man’s raw energy.

In the seclusion of Uub’s village, the duo embarked on rigorous training sessions. Under Goku’s watchful eye, Uub transformed. From a timid boy who shied away from confrontations, he became a formidable warrior, mastering techniques at an astonishing pace. But beyond combat skills, Goku imparted wisdom, teaching Uub the values of resilience, strategy, and the essence of true strength. This mentor-student bond didn’t just bolster Uub’s abilities; it shaped him into a Z Fighter, ready to defend Earth from any threat.

Facing the Tuffle threat

The peace that often precedes a storm in the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ universe was shattered with the arrival of the Tuffle parasite, Baby. As Baby sought revenge against the Saiyans, taking control of the mightiest warriors, Earth’s fate hung in the balance. Among those standing against this formidable threat was Uub.

This was no ordinary battle for Uub. Not only was he defending Earth, but he was also fighting for Goku, his mentor, whom Baby had reportedly killed. Displaying courage and determination, Uub confronted Baby. Though initially overwhelmed by Baby’s sheer power and cunning strategies, a twist of fate led to Uub merging with his past life, Majin Buu, to form the more powerful Majuub.

This fusion, a blend of Uub’s human heart and Majin Buu’s raw power gave him the strength to challenge Baby head-on. While he suffered setbacks, including being turned into chocolate and consumed by Baby Vegeta, Uub’s spirit remained unbroken. Inside Baby, he strategized, weakening the Tuffle parasite and providing Goku the much-needed window to counterattack. In the face of grave danger, Uub’s resilience and commitment to Earth showcased the true essence of a hero.


Majuub represents the epitome of evolution and synergy. As Uub faced insurmountable odds against Baby, he found an ally in an unexpected place: his former self, Majin Buu. Their fusion transformed Uub into Majuub, a more muscular version with enhanced abilities reminiscent of both his human and Majin forms.

Donning an outfit similar to Majin Buu’s, Majuub was not just a physical upgrade but a testament to unity’s power. He wielded abilities that reflected both his origins, from turning things into candy, reminiscent of Buu, to launching devastating energy attacks, showcasing the training under Goku.

Yet, for all his strength, Majuub still retained Uub’s compassionate heart. Whether challenging powerful foes like Super 17 or strategizing during the Shadow Dragon saga, his human side remained evident. Despite his formidable abilities, he continued to prioritize the safety of Earth and its inhabitants. This balance of raw power and genuine concern for others defines Majuub’s character in ‘Dragon Ball Z.’

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