Dragon Ball Z Black Characters Ranked by Importance

Dragon Ball Z Black Characters Ranked by Importance

Black characters aren’t all that common in anime and Dragon Ball is notable for not having many black characters, despite a colorful plethora of various characters, types, and species. Still, some black characters have made it into Toriyama’s amazing universe and in this article, we have decided to honor them by giving you a ranked list of the most important black characters from Dragon Ball.

5. Killa

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Killa is a martial artist who participated in several editions of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Killa competed in the 24th edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament, where he lost to Spopovich. In the next edition he also participates, where at first he would fight against Mighty Mask, but when Goku and his friends left, Killa and the rest of the competitors, including Mr. Satan, held a Battle Royale to define the winner of the 25th edition of the World Tournament of Martial Arts.

Killa tries to ally himself with Mighty Mask to defeat Mr. Satan, but Mighty Mask, who is actually Goten and Trunks in disguise, tells him that the real danger is Android 18. Finally, Killa would be defeated by Mighty Mask. He would later die when Kid Buu destroys the Earth, but would later be revived thanks to the Dragon Balls.

4. Staff Officer Black


Staff Officer Black is, as his name implies, the Staff Officer and aide to the chief of the Red Ribbon Army. Black carries out Commander Red’s orders, and Commander Red informs him of the current situation with the rest of the Red Ribbon officials.

He is a rather serene man who is at first faithful to Commander Red, but throughout the series, he becomes increasingly disenchanted with his management, even when he managed to survive his superior’s trap in an attempt to assassinate Son Goku or when he found out that his commander’s wish was to gather the Dragon Balls to be taller, shooting him in the head to proclaim himself as the new leader of the Red Ribbon Army.

When Goku storms the headquarters, Staff Officer Black insists several times trying to persuade Commander Red to evacuate the fortress to a much safer location, but Commander Red refuses. When Commander Red abandons Black and Goku in a room, the ceiling falls on them, but they both survive.


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Revealing his ambition, Black was dismayed, saying that his insane ambition has cost the Army dearly, as shown in Goku’s invasion, and may eventually lead to his defeat. Red replies that no matter how many soldiers die, he will risk it as long as he reaches his goal, and makes it clear that he is just a lackey, and the rest of the Red Ribbon Army as well.

Angered, he kills Red and offers him a position in the new Black Robbin army, which Goku refuses. A new battle begins, but Goku is too powerful for him. He then got himself into a super-Robot suit, called the “Battle Jacket”. The fight continues outside and Black throws Goku to the ground. He attempts to finish off Goku, but he quickly recovers.

Black then fires a rocket to destroy Goku, threatening even his soldiers and staff, but Goku deflects the rocket. After realizing that the boy is too powerful, he tries to escape from Goku, but the young warrior catches up with him and kills his combat robot and Black. He briefly appears in Dragon Ball GT where he manages to escape from Hell along with the rest of the villains, thanks to the plan devised by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu, but would be easily returned by the Z Fighters.

3. Heles

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Heles is the God of Destruction of the Universe 2. She is accompanied by Sour, her teacher, and assistant. She can’t stand what’s ugly, she loves beauty. She adores Brianne and unveils her fighter’s dream of receiving the Super Dragon Balls to spread love throughout the universe. She is confident of her warriors and cares for them, as demonstrated when Jimeze was violently beaten by Frieza.

She feels sympathy for Goku unlike all the other gods of destruction but, deeming him a threat to her own survival, she did not hesitate to order her fighters to eliminate him while he was exhausted. Heles quietly accepts her fate shortly before being wiped out by Zeno. In the manga, Heles proves vain, claiming to be the most beautiful woman in all the Universes.

She also has servants. In the manga, Heles participated in the Hide and Seek Tournament organized by Zeno, but when Beerus hid and fell asleep for fifty years, the tournament was canceled, Zeno became furious and the other Gods of Destruction took a lot of effort to calm him down. From that moment on, Heles and the other gods began to despise Beerus.


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We witnessed the clashes between Universe 7 and Universe 9, in the demonstration tournament for Zeno. During the Tournament of Power, she sees Brianne de Chateau and her teammates wiped out by Narirama’s attack. Helles then introduces the transformation of the Kamikaze Fireballs. She is shocked by Frieza’s incredible evil when he takes out Jimeze.

She orders the five remaining warriors of her team to attack Goku, exhausted from the fight with Kefla. However, she witnesses the elimination of Rozie and Ribrianne. After the defeat of Zarbuto, Zirloin, and Rabanra, Heles is wiped out along with her universe. Following the victory of Universe 7, Universe 2 is restored along with all its inhabitants.

2. Uub

What Happened To Uub in Dragon Ball Z 00

Uub is the reincarnation of Pure Majin Buu and the strongest earthling in the entire franchise. After fighting in the 28th edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament, he became the disciple of Son Goku. He first appeared as a main character in the Pacific World Arc of the original Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z anime.

He was born from the wish of Son Goku before eliminating Majin Buu, at the end of Dragon Ball Z, with a Genki-dama. Goku requests that he be revived “as someone good”, as he is a very powerful rival of extreme interest. This was heard by Enma Daio and she did her best for him to be born as a good human being. He grew up on a tropical island as the oldest of five children.

Uub works hard to take care of his family under the poverty line. He is named by Goku when he mentions to Vegeta that Enma Daio transformed Kid Buu into a benevolent human, but Vegeta tells him that he must be a newborn, so he will be of no use to them during the tournament against the Universe 6 opponents.

In his search for participants for the Tournament of Power, Son Goku would meet Dende to find Android 17. Dende would tell Goku that in a village there was a boy with a great talent for martial arts. Dende would ask him that when the boy grew up, Goku would train him, since that boy was the reincarnation of Kid Buu.

Goku was excited by the idea of ​​meeting him one day. During the battle against Moro, Moro would merge with the earth and threaten the very life of the universe. Son Goku would be in trouble, only being able to beat the astrophage through energy provided by others. The Great Kaioshin of Universe 7, who had come back to life inside Majin Buu’s body, would go to Uub’s village, and ask him to raise his hand to give Son Goku energy.


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Uub’s divine power would give Goku the strength to defeat Moro once and for all. The Great Kaioshin would thank him, since he had saved the universe, but Uub would not understand what he said and asked the deity who he was. The Kaioshin smiled, and told him that they were “something like distant relatives”, and he would disappear. This stunned Uub, who thought it was a dream.

He first appears in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament (which takes place 10 years after Buu’s death), in which he participates as a 10-year-old. He possesses extraordinary powers, although difficult to control. Uub had good intentions to enter the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament; His plan was to simply try to win the prize money of 10,000,000 Zeni in order to feed his poor village.

Being the strongest in his village, Uub then realizes that perhaps the participants there are even stronger than him. With this, Uub loses hope and becomes even more nervous when Nok taunts him. After the draw, Uub is set to challenge Goku in the first round, but he is nervous and even when Goku takes a step toward him, he decides to face him in the tournament starting a big fight in which he insults him to bring out his hidden power, realizing how little control he had over his power, he decides to train him to become a powerful warrior in order to face him again in the future and make him his successor when he is gone.

After Goku and Uub fight, Goku apologizes and later gives him offers that he could become a very strong warrior. At first Uub was worried about the prize money but Goku tells him that Mr. Satan will give him the money he needs, so Uub accepts and goes with him to be his apprentice and be his impersonator to protect the planet Earth from all threats. Uub and his new mentor Goku fly off to start training for a long time.

1. Mr. Popo

Dragon Ball Z Black Characters Ranked by Importance

Mr. Popo is Kami’s assistant. He accompanies him throughout Dragon Ball and is in charge of attending to the visitors who arrive at the Sacred Temple. Although his skill as a martial artist is not often shown, Mr. Popo is an excellent master of martial arts. When he is introduced to Dragon Ball, his combat prowess far exceeds Goku’s in almost every aspect when the two meet at the Watchtower.

After defeating the Great Demon King Piccolo, Goku uses his energy stick to reach Kami’s Watchtower. When Goku first reaches Kami’s Watchtower in the anime, he comes across Mr. Popo sitting on a Persian rug. After they greet each other and the battle begins, Goku holds his own against the genie and tries to make a Kamehameha against him, which Mr. Popo swallows in the end.

Goku then tries to defeat Mr. Popo using the technique he used on the Great Demon King Piccolo, only he dodges it without any difficulty. Mr. Popo takes Goku to Kami. Goku tries to attack Kami for being similar to the Great Demon King Piccolo. After Goku’s encounters with Kami, Mr. Popo trains Goku for three years until the young warrior learns everything he knows, and enters the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament to defeat Piccolo with his newly acquired abilities.


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Some of the techniques Goku developed in his three-year training proved invaluable, such as Ki sensing and the Super-Kamehameha, a deadlier version of the Kamehameha. This would be used against Piccolo in the World Martial Arts Tournament. However, Kami survives with very little damage. Five years later, Mr. Popo and Kami train Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Yajirobe in order to help combat the imminent threat of the Saiyans.

When Piccolo is killed in battle, Kami dies and disappears, rendering the Dragon Balls useless. After Vegeta’s defeat and Vegeta retreats, Mr. Popo helps Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan get to Namek by telling them about Kami’s spaceship. He then showed Bulma the location of the spaceship by using his magic carpet and taught her the Namekian language so they can go to Namek and use the Dragon Balls to revive their friends, including Piccolo, who was also killed. would bring Kami and the Dragon Balls from Earth.

After Kami’s resurrection, Mr. Popo gathers the Earth Dragon Balls in less than a day to resurrect all those who were killed by Frieza and his soldiers on Namek. In the Garlic Jr. saga filler, Mr. Popo is attacked by Garlic Jr.’s minions while he is watering the plants at Kami’s Watchtower. He was locked in a glass bottle by Garlic Jr.

Later, he is freed by Krillin and Piccolo. Kami at the bottom of the Watchtower has to spread the holy water, while the four guardians attack them. Later, he spreads the Holy Water across the Earth. Three years later, Mr. Popo appears again in the Cell Saga, where he takes Goku, Gohan, Trunks, and Vegeta to the Spirit and Time where a year of training in one day. He also cries when he says goodbye to Kami.


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Later, he watches Cell’s games at the watchtower with Earth’s new guardian, Dende. Seven years later, in the Majin Buu Arc, Mr. Popo comes up with the idea of ​​having Trunks and Goten do the fusion dance after everyone else ran out of ideas. The Z Fighters’ family and friends take shelter from Majin Buu at Kami’s Watchtower.

In the anime only, Mr. Popo has a brief fight with Goten and Trunks in Super Saiyan. During the fight, he blocks several hits, and even dodges a kick. After Goten manages to kick him once, he appears to be fine, showing him to be a much stronger character than others assume him to be. Mr. Popo also watches Trunks and Goten merge.

A day later, Super Buu finds the mirror and allows them to live for a short time. Once there, Super Buu used his Extermination of Humanity attack with which he killed all the inhabitants of Earth, except him Mr. Satan, his dog Bee, Tenshinhan, Chaoz, and the others who were in the Holy Temple of Kami. When Buu escapes from the Hall of Spirit and Time, Mr. Popo and the rest are turned into chocolate and he eats them.

However, before he turned into chocolate, after seeing the murders of 18, and his daughter, Mr. Popo is brave and makes a quick decision, grabbing Dende and throwing him out of the temple. He is praised for his bravery by Piccolo when Dende survives. Mr. Popo revives and gives him his energy to help Goku so that the Genki-dama destroys Kid Buu.

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