‘What If…?’ Season 2: Melina Is NOT Black Widow’s Biological Mother! Here’s How They Are Related

is melina black widows mother

In ‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 5, Captain Carter’s narrative unfolds further. Initially thinking Steve Rogers was deceased, she was profoundly stunned to learn that the Red Room had not only kept him alive but had also manipulated him into a deadly killing machine responsible for heinous terrorist acts across the years. However, the spotlight extended beyond Captain Carter and Steve Rogers, delving into the poignant ordeal faced by Black Widow. Forced to confront her “family” in a deeply painful manner, Black Widow even referred to Melina as her mother at one point. The upcoming narrative promises to shed light on this complex connection.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Melina isn’t Black Widow’s biological mother; she is her adoptive mother.
  • Melina assumed the role of overseeing Black Widow’s training and molding her into a flawless killing machine.

Black Widow’s history is far from spotless and is widely known.

Prior to joining the Avengers, she operated as a highly dangerous Russian operative and assassin. Natasha’s complex past adds layers to her character, and her alternate version seems to mirror the trajectory of Earth-616 Black Widow.

Her involvement with Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers stemmed from her friendship with Peggy; otherwise, she would have adhered strictly to Nick Fury’s orders. This choice led her into a captivating and unexpected situation. Despite spending a significant part of her life in the Red Room, Black Widow had no knowledge of its actual location. Although she claimed to have eliminated the Red Room’s leader, the organization persisted in the shadows due to its elusive whereabouts.

Black Widow and Pegy Carter.jpg

Everything changed when Steve volunteered to guide them to the Red Room, thrusting Natasha into an unforeseen encounter with her own family.


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Melina is not Black Widow’s biological mother.

When Steve’s betrayal became evident, Black Widow introduced Melina as her mother, leaving Peggy and others perplexed since the details of Black Widow’s parentage weren’t widely known. Despite Black Widow’s promise to provide clarity, she never directly addressed the issue. Allow us to fill in the gaps.

Melina is not Black Widow’s biological mother; she is her adoptive mother. Black Widow entered Red Room training as a child, and Melina took charge of her training, assuming a maternal role for all the girls in the program. This arrangement allowed Melina to have intimate knowledge of Black Widow’s past injuries, weaknesses, and skills, along with those of other Black Widows.

Melina and Black Widow

While unconventional, this familial structure proved effective. Melina, in her maternal role, excelled in the art of brainwashing and molding the girls into formidable killing machines. However, their connection is solely rooted in their shared history, not a biological bond.

What became of Melina?

Despite her role as Natasha’s “mother,” Melina displayed no hesitation in attempting to kill Natasha, even going so far as to try strangling her. Black Widow seized the opportunity to confront her when Steve Rogers embarked on a mission to destroy the Red Room base. Tying Melina to the Hydra Stomper, she orchestrated the destruction of the station. Although Rogers survived, according to Peggy’s claim, Melina perished, bringing a potential end to her character.

red room destroyed

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