What Is Loid Forger’s Real Name in Spy x Family? (& Why Does He Use a Fake Name)

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Spy X Family is one of the most popular anime series today as it is able to attract different anime lovers regardless of their preferred genres. One of the main characters that have allowed the series to become very popular is Loid Forger, the patriarch of the Forger family and the one responsible for bringing the trio together. But we all know that Loid Forger isn’t his real name. So, what is Loid Forger’s real name in Spy X Family?

Loid Forger’s real name in Spy X Family was never mentioned in the anime or in the manga because, as he said at the start of the series, he had abandoned his old name and identity so that he could assume his spy identity of Twilight, a man that could assume any kind of identity that he needed to assume.

While Loid Forger does indeed have a real name, it was never really mentioned at all because of the fact that he had been completely taken over by the Twilight persona. In that regard, a good part of his past was never talked about in both the anime and the manga, except for the fact that he was a war orphan. With that said, let’s look at what we know about Loid Forger’s identity.

What Is Loid Forger’s Real Name In Spy X Family?

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Spy X Family is quickly becoming one of the greatest anime series of all time as it has become one of the most-watched ongoing anime today. There are plenty of people who enjoy watching this series because of the fact that it tends to hit all of the right notes in terms of its genres. It is currently fluctuating in the top five in the best anime today and was, at its best, the second-best anime of all time.


Loid and Yor Sexuality in Spy x Family

Of course, one of the things that make Spy X Family is its trio of amazing characters. The main protagonist, of course, is the spy named Loid Forger, who works for the country of Westalis in opposition to the country of Ostania.

It was established at the start of the series that Loid Forger’s mission was to infiltrate a school so that he could get close to a public official of the country of Ostania, as the very same person only goes out in public to attend social gatherings at this elite school. This was what prompted the spy to form a family so that he could have a child that he could use to get close to Donovan Desmond, the Ostanian official that he needed to get close to.

In forming a family, he needed to adopt the persona of Loid Forger, which isn’t his real name. He also adopted Anya Forger and married Yor Briar so that he could complete the family that he needed to fulfill his mission of getting close to Donovan Desmond. Throughout that time, he maintained his persona of Loid Forger. But what exactly is Loid Forger’s real name?

At the beginning of the Spy X Family series, the man we know as Loid Forger was introduced as the spy named Twilight. He also said himself that he had completely abandoned his past life so that he could focus entirely on his role as a spy for the country of Westalis.

It was also established at the beginning that he was a war orphan that needed to fight his way through the streets to get to the point where he was able to lend his services to Westalis as a spy. But, as a child, he lived a difficult life because of his parents, who were constantly arguing. His father was strict and stern, while his mother was quite loving.

The man now called Loid Forger also experienced friendship at an early age and often played with them in a hideout, where they pretended to be soldiers. This allowed him to develop the dream of one day serving the army. But because his father didn’t approve of his dream, he had to abandon his friends.

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Ostania eventually invaded his hometown and bombed his hideout, killing his friends in the process. Meanwhile, the army also attacked the rest of the town and killed everyone, including his parents. The only reason he survived was that he was wearing a helmet that saved him from a rock that could’ve crushed his head. And after being orphaned, he assumed the identity of Roland Spoofy and joined the Westalis army before he became a spy. 

When he began his new life as a spy, he had to abandon his old life, identity, and name completely so that he could focus on his role. The name that he abandoned was never mentioned in both the anime and the manga.

In that regard, as far as Loid Forger himself is concerned, his true identity is Twilight, the spy that is capable of assuming different identities so that he can fulfill his missions. But as the series goes on, the barrier between his dual lives as Twilight and as Loid Forger begins to thin out, especially after getting a bit too attached to Anya and Yor.

Why Does Loid Use A Fake Name?

As established, Loid Forger doesn’t have a real name, but the true identity that he has chosen is the spy named Twilight. As a spy, he had to conduct different undercover missions for the sake of his country. But why does he have to use a fake name?

The fact that Twilight doesn’t have a real name means that he can and has to assume different names, depending on what his mission requires. As such, he has had to assume different names throughout the course of his life as a spy.


Is ‘Spy x Family’ Finished, Canceled, or Still Ongoing?

At the beginning of the series and before he assumed the Loid Forger identity, Twilight assumed the identity of Robert so that he could infiltrate a foreign minister and fulfill his mission of acquiring photo evidence. However, he completely abandoned this identity after fulfilling his mission as he was given the Loid Forger name for his next mission.

Considering that he needed to fulfill a new mission, which is the current one that he has, he had to use a fake name that allowed him to start anew without coming under the suspicion of the government. Of course, while assuming a new identity, he also had to fake the rest of his credentials as he now works as a psychiatrist named Loid Forger, the patriarch of the Forger family.

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