Loid and Yor Sexuality in Spy x Family

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The newest sensation in anime today is Spy x Family, which is quickly becoming one of the favorites among different fans. Of course, Spy x Family introduced us to the fake power couple of Loid and Yor, who are two of the three main characters. But while they may be a fake married couple, there are those who are wondering why they aren’t actually very attracted to one another. So, what are Loid’s and Yor’s sexuality in Spy x Family?

Loid is a bit asexual because he doesn’t seem to show any sexual attraction to anyone in the anime because he believes that it gets in the way of his mission. However, there are hints that he is attracted to women. Meanwhile, Yor may not have sexual experience, but she is attracted to men.

The sexuality of the main characters of Spy x Family is an interesting topic because these are characters that are both attractive but are somehow quite confusing when it comes to their feelings for one another or the lack thereof. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Loid’s and Yor’s sexuality in Spy x Family.

What Is Loid’s Sexuality In Spy X Family?

When it comes to anime, one of the most popular shows that are currently ongoing is Spy x Family, which is one of the most interesting anime series when it comes to its overall plot. And it is quite unique as well because of how it appeals to the tastes of different anime watchers out there, regardless of the genre that they prefer.

The two characters that help make Spy x Family as interesting as it is are Loid and Yor, who are two of the three main characters of the series. And understanding the entire setup between Loid and Yor is crucial when it comes to understanding what makes Spy x Family as appealing as it is.

Loid is secretly a spy named Twilight, who is given the task of getting close to a new target by enrolling a child in a private school that the target’s son attends. This prompted him to adopt a child named Anya, who has telepathic powers. However, because the admission to the school required Anya to be present with both her parents, Loid needed a wife. That is where Yor comes in.

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In brief, Loid and Yor got married, but it was a fake marriage that was meant to be beneficial for both of them. Given that Spy x Family explores Loid’s arrangement with his fake wife, what does that mean about his sexuality?

It was suggested as early as the first few scenes of Spy x Family that Loid is someone who might be asexual in the sense that he doesn’t get attracted to any person. This is due to the fact that he is someone who puts his mission first above everything, and that means that his mission comes first before his personal relationship. As such, he never had any true relationship because his mission is the most important part of his entire life.


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Then again, there are still hints that Loid could be attracted to women. In the beginning, he was seen to be in a relationship with a woman, but such a relationship was something that was important for his mission. He subsequently broke up with that woman after he completed his mission.

Being in a relationship with a woman suggests that he may be attracted to women and that he may have had sexual relations with women in the past, considering that it might be part of his mission to be serious about his relationships while in the process of completing his mission. And the different spy movies that we have seen suggest that spies aren’t strangers to having sexual relations with women as long as being in a relationship is part and parcel of the mission.

Still, Loid has hints of being asexual because he did say that he had already given up on the prospect of settling down and having a family. This could suggest that, while it could be possible that he is attracted to women, he tends to make sure that he doesn’t develop feelings or get too attached to them.

What Is Yor’s Sexuality In Spy X Family?

Yor is a civil servant who is secretly living a double life as an assassin. However, she needed a man in her life because the government was getting suspicious about single women and because her workmates and her brother were pressuring her to settle down. As such, when she met Loid, they subsequently got married in an arrangement that was beneficial to them. But they both agreed that it was only a fake marriage.

But while Loid may be a bit asexual in terms of how he looks at relationships, what about Yor? What is Yor’s sexuality in Spy x Family?

It is suggested that Yor is attracted to men in Spy x Family but somehow didn’t have the time to be in a relationship with anyone due to the demands of her job as an assassin and because she was the one responsible for raising her younger brother during their younger years.

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Of course, in Spy x Family, Yor is also portrayed to be somewhat of an airhead and is quite gullible. This could suggest that she doesn’t have a lot of experience outside her job as a civil servant during the day and an assassin during the night. And the fact that she is busy means that she hasn’t had a lot of time to be in a relationship, as it was suggested in the manga that she has never been in any kind of a relationship before.


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However, it is also suggested in the manga that she has developed feelings for Loid, and that means that she is attracted to men. Still, she hasn’t clearly manifested her feelings for Loid, probably due to the fact that she also has come to believe that it is difficult for an assassin to be in a relationship with someone.

Are Loid And Yor In A Sexual Relationship?

The entire premise of Spy x Family revolves around the fake marriage between Loid and Yor, and that means that they don’t actually act like a married couple whenever they aren’t in public. In short, it is unlikely that Loid and Yor are in a sexual relationship, considering that they treat each other professionally whenever they are at home.

In fact, Loid and Yor know for a fact that their marriage is a convenient setup that allows them to benefit from it. That is why they both have different rooms in their home, as they understand that they are not really a married couple as far as their feelings are concerned.

That is why it is highly unlikely that both Loid and Yor are in a sexual relationship. In fact, they haven’t even kissed yet, as Yor admitted that she had never kissed anyone before. This means that she has never been intimate with Loid in any way possible.

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