What Is the Red Guardian’s Shield Made Of?

What is the Red Guardian's Shield Made Of?

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Thanks to the popularity of Marvel’s Black Widow movie, the Red Guardian, a relatively significant, but mostly forgotten Marvel character has entered the spotlight after some time. The Red Guardian has become a fan-favorite and there is increased interest in the character, his powers, abilities and skills, as well as his weapons. In this article, we at Fiction Horizon are going to tell you about Red Guardian’s shield and what is it made of.

Red Guardian’s shield was initially made out of steel and it was nothing special when compared to other similar shields. This was, of course, a reflection of the ideological perception of the character, so he had to be made weaker than Captain America. Later, though, his shield received an upgrade and was cast out of Vibranium.

In the rest of the article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Red Guardian’s shield. You are going to find out the history of the weapon, what it’s made of, but also how it compares to the shields of Captain America and John Walker. Enjoy!

The history of Red Guardian’s shield

The Red Guardian Shield is the primary weapon used by different iterations of the Red Guardian character. The Josef Petkus iteration of the character was the first one to use the shield and he has been trained to use the shield as a projectile weapon aimed at the bodies of his opponents. The shield was depicted with a distinctive white star on a red background.


Since the identity of the Red Guardian was modeled after the West’s Captain America, and the Guardians were the Soviet Union’s counterparts to Captain Americas of the United States of America, the shield served as a counterpart to Captain America’s shield. Both shields feature a star as part of their symbolism.

In later years, the shield went through an upgrade after being molded from Wakandan Vibranium and used by Anton and Nikolai Krylenko of the Red Guardians. Nikolai uses a more advanced version with an on-board computer adapted to his suit which allows him to control his trajectory and ask him to come back. He also channels his natural mutant powers through.


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What is the Red Guardian’s shield made of?

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The comics have specified that the original Red Guardian shield was made out of steel. This was in accordance with the initial ideological perception of the character and, thus, the shield was made out of simple steel. This meant that the shield, although powerful, was quite a simple weapon and it was no match for other comic book metals, such as Adamantium or Vibranium.


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Still, as time passed, the Red Guardian’s shield was given an upgrade and it was molded from Wakandan Vibranium, making it quite powerful. This was especially emphasized when Nikolai Krylenko, the most recent Red Guardian, used a shield with an onboard computer adapted to his suit which allows him to control his trajectory and ask him to come back, through which he also channeled his natural mutant powers.

How does Red Guardian’s shield compare to Captain America’s?

Before we end our article, we’re just going to compare the shields of the Red Guardian and Captain America, respectively. Although they do seem similar, these two shields are very, very different, and we’re not just talking about the ideological visuals here.

As we have said, the Red Guardian’s shield was first used by the Josef Petkus iteration of the Red Guardian. It was a red shield with a large, white star on it. It was actually made out of steel and was, in that aspect, a very traditional shield and couldn’t really match Captain America’s shield. But, recently, the shield used by Anton and Krylenko has gone through an upgrade and has been cast in Wakandan Vibranium, making it more durable and more dangerous. Krylenko also uses a version with an onboard computer attuned to his suit, with which he can control it’s flight path ordering it to return to him.

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Captain America’s shield is his primary weapon. The most famous of its shields is a disc-shaped object with a five-pointed star at its center, in blue, red, and white concentric circles. This shield is made up of a unique combination of Vibranium, an alloy of steel, and an unknown third catalyst that has never been duplicated, called Proto-Adamantium. It’s practically indestructible. It is both an offensive and defensive weapon for Captain America. Cap primarily uses it against his enemies by throwing them at them and can use it to perform insanely impossible tricks.

One can see that the Red Guardian’s original shield was much weaker than Captain America’s, but the later iterations of the shield have become stronger and closer to Captain America’s original design. The issue here is that Cap’s shield also evolved with time, so Red Guardian’s shield never came close to it, meaning that Cap’s shield has always been more powerful.

How does Red Guardian’s shield compare to John Walker’s?

As far as John Walker’s shield is concerned, the character who would become U.S. Agent carried two shields with him. One was Captain America’s original shield, which we have already talked about so we won’t be repeating ourselves here in this section. The other was an alternative universe Captain America’s shield from Earth-13584. Namely, as recounted in Dark Avengers, Sue Storm explained that the Earth-13584 version of Captain America died in a battle that also killed Thor, Hulk and Sue’s brother, Johnny Storm.

All that was left was Captain America’s shield which, via Hank Pym, landed in John Walker’s possession. Since John Walker was already U.S. Agent in that timeline, Hank Pym decided to give Walker the shield, but with a newly painted design on it to match the Agent’s costume color. We don’t know how different this shield was from Earth-616’s Captain America’s shield, but seeing that it was treated as the same kind of weapon, we can assume that the conclusion from the previous section can be applied to this comparison as well.

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