When Does Boruto Get Good? (& Which Episodes to Skip)

We all know how popular Naruto is all over the world as this is one of the greatest shonen anime in history. A lot of people love Naruto both in terms of the show and the character, and this love continues even until today, even though the original anime concluded a long time ago. However, the legacy continued with the show called Boruto, which follows Naruto’s son but wasn’t able to live up to the original anime. So, when does Boruto get good, and which episodes should you skip?

Boruto gets better right around episode 50 or when the chunin exam began. That’s because Naruto and Sasuke become more involved in the plot. However, don’t expect the series to improve a lot from then because Naruto and Sasuke will get nerfed, and the plot focuses heavily on the Otsutsuki clan.

There are plenty of reasons why Boruto isn’t as good as Naruto or failed to live up to expectations. Nevertheless, there are some Boruto episodes that tend to be quite entertaining because of the fight scenes and how the older generation becomes more involved. However, the series still revolves around Boruto, and that means that you shouldn’t expect too much if you don’t really like the character.

What Episode Does Boruto Get Good?

One of the most popular anime series of all time is Naruto because this is a shonen series that has captivated audiences around the world with its amazing fight scenes and the life lessons you could get from the resiliency of the titular character Naruto.

However, the Naruto anime ended in 2017, just three years after the manga ended. Nevertheless, the story did get a new life in the form of Boruto, which is the next-generation series that follows the story of the children of the characters in Naruto. That means that this series happens years after the final events of the original Naruto series, as Naruto and the other characters already have children who are ready to become the next generation of Hidden Leaf ninjas.

But while the premise of introducing a new generation of characters during a time when Naruto had already become Hokage does sound appealing and enticing, Boruto failed to live up to expectations when it comes to both the character and the series.

There are plenty of different reasons why fans weren’t as willing to invest their time and emotion in Boruto as they did in Naruto. Some reasons differ, but we can always point to poor storylines and unappealing characters as some of the reasons why people aren’t necessarily too high on Boruto. Of course, the lack of contribution from the original Naruto author, Masahi Kishimoto, is another factor that has led to the poor reception of the Boruto manga and anime.

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Of course, there is also the fact that the series progresses very slowly. The pacing of the original Naruto was already bad, but people were willing to overlook the slow pace because of how amazing the story and the fight scenes were. But the same formula doesn’t work on Boruto in a world where plenty of manga and anime have stories that progress at a steady pace. 

In that regard, a lot of people wrote Boruto off while the series was still in its early stages. The bad storyline and the poor pacing turned anime fans off as this series doesn’t have the same kind of mojo that Naruto has. But when exactly does Boruto become good enough to watch?

This can be quite subjective because different fans tend to have various beliefs regarding when Boruto gets good. Nevertheless, there are plenty of fans that agree that Boruto does get good during the chunin exam arc or right around episode 50. 

The reason why Boruto improves during the chunin exam arc can be attributed to the improvement in the action and pacing of the anime, as well as the involvement of the older heroes, namely Naruto and Sasuke. As such, you might want to hop into Boruto right around episode 50. 

Specifically, the best part of this arc is the team-up between Naruto and Sasuke against Momoshiki because this fight shows how far the two have progressed since their early days in the original Naruto series.

But if you want to learn more about the background of the characters and the entire premise, it won’t hurt to start from the very first episodes, although we can’t promise that you’ll enjoy them.

Remember that a lot of different anime shows are able to provide great storylines and amazing character progression in only 24 episodes. As such, the fact that Boruto needs 50 episodes to start to pick up some steam means that the pacing is dreadfully bad in this series. The character progression is still nearly nonexistent by the time you get to the chunin exam, as you could’ve finished other anime series that has better pacing if you started from episode 1 all the way to the chunin exam arc.

Which Episodes Should You Skip In Boruto?

Another reason why the pacing of Boruto is dreadfully bad is the fact that there are plenty of filler episodes that you might as well skip because they don’t add any substance to the main storyline at all. This is the same case with the original Naruto anime, but at least the Naruto fillers were actually quite entertaining, regardless of whether or not they are related to the storyline.

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So, in that regard, which episodes should you skip in Boruto?

As mentioned, you might want to skip the first 49 episodes because these episodes tend to be boring and dreadfully slow-paced. But, if you want to be more specific, here are the filler episodes that you might as well skip:

  • 16-18
  • 40-41
  • 48-50
  • 59
  • 61
  • 67-69
  • 93-97
  • 105-111
  • 113-114
  • 116-119
  • 138-140
  • 155-156
  • 192

Considering that Boruto is a really long anime, expect that there will be plenty more filler episodes in the future.

Is Boruto Becoming Better?

Whether or not Boruto is becoming better is purely subjective because there might be some people who don’t like where Boruto is headed, but others are actually fans of the direction of the manga and anime.

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As bad as the Boruto anime is at the start, take note that Kishimoto has taken over the storyline ever since chapter 52 of the Boruto manga. That means that the story is going to be more similar to the original Naruto in terms of its tone. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s getting better.

The reason why people aren’t necessarily fond of the direction of Boruto is the fact that the original characters are getting nerfed. Naruto loses Kurama and no longer has access to the powers that allowed him to defeat Kaguya and Momoshiki. Meanwhile, Sasuke has lost the use of his rinnegan, and that means that he is down to one eye. 

Of course, the anime is about Boruto and the new generation of ninjas in the Naruto universe. However, the fans who only watch it because of the older generation were turned off by the fact that Naruto, Sasuke, and the others were nerfed. There could’ve been a better way to highlight Boruto and the next generation’s growth without necessarily pulling the original characters down.

But if you’re a fan of Boruto or if you like the fact that the series is focusing more on the newer generation, then it is possible that you’ll actually see how the series is getting better and better, although still not up to par with the original Naruto storyline. Nevertheless, Boruto is still entertaining to watch if you’re simply a fan of the ninja action that began in the original Naruto series.

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