Is Kagura Really Dead in Boruto? (& How Did He Die?)

Is Kagura Really Dead in Boruto? (& How Did He Die?)

Kagura Karatachi was a shinobi from Kirigakure who works as an assistant to Chōjūrō the Sixth Mizukage. He was a candidate for the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and was part of the New: Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Although a minor character, Kagura Karatachi has become a topic of discussion among fans as his death proved to be a very intriguing event for fans of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Kagura is really dead and how he actually died if the former is true.

Kagura Karatachi is dead. He died during the Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc, when he was killed by Funamushi, who wanted to avenge Seiren. After avoiding an attack launched by him, Funamushi took Kagura hostage, thereby forcing the others to drop their weapons. Despite having his demands met, Funamushi proceeded to stab Kagura through the chest as revenge. Kagura later succumbed to his injuries.

The rest of the article is going to be dedicated solely to Kagura Karatachi and his death in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. You’re going to find out how Kagura Karatachi died, who killed him, and when the events we are talking about actually took place. Kagura Karatachi is a character with a great story, which is why the events surrounding his death are certainly of interest to fans. Beware, this article is going to be full of spoilers.

Is Kagura dead in Boruto?

To answer your inquiry directly – Kagura Karatachi is, indeed, dead in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This intriguing secondary character had a truly great story and development, which is why everyone was sad to see him leave the series. In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to tell you the circumstances surrounding his death in Boruto.

How did Kagura die in Boruto?

The events we are about to describe happened during the Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc. Kagura found out that Taiki had been murdered. Suspicion fell on Kyohō, who was found purging Kabutowari of blood and who had recently gone through a rage he had no recollection of. Kabura trusted his claim of innocence and teamed up with Mitsuki to search the ship.

A witness came forward with scathing testimony, but Kawaki noticed inconsistencies and was already suspicious of how quickly news of the murder had spread and set a trap by faking Kyohō’s death. This exposed Kobasoza, who was chased into the engine room, where he committed suicide in order to damage the ship’s engine.

Eventually, they were found by master shipbuilder Kajiki. Unable to repair the engine, Kajiki instead towed the ship back to port for proper repairs. The shipbuilder noted that he was still waiting for payment for his services, which Kagura agreed to. While there, Denki was keen to help with repairs, as he wanted to know as much as possible in case the ship ran into any further problems.

Along with ninja swordsmen and Sarada, Kagura went to contact Kirigakure. He reported on the ninja swordsmen’s valuable efforts to rescue the trapped citizens. He was also informed that as the Funato clan continued to expand its influence and more people joined them, Chōjūrō was forced to join the front lines, and Kagura might soon be called upon to join him as well.

Later, Kagura approached Kawaki and realized Boruto’s influence on Kawaki. He confided in Kawaki that he understands how Boruto helped him break free from his traumatic past, wishing to do the same for others as a prison guard. Their conversation was interrupted when Sarada delivered a message from Kirigakure.

Much to his dismay, the sentence was only reduced by three years despite the swordsmen’s earnest work for the mission. He wanted to appeal on his behalf. Later during the night, he was attacked in his bedroom by Hebiichigo, only to fall into his bed as a precaution against attacks on his distraction.

Revealing that she was hovering over him and talking about her meager sentence reduction, she declared her anger at Kagura’s empty promises before escaping.


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During the night, the Funato clan launched an attack on the island, with Funamushi targeting Kagura. Kagura chided his mentality, and Funamushi, in turn, taunted him, mentioning that Seiren had probably already killed Boruto. Kagura overpowered him and went to find Boruto and found him in time to block a shot from Seiren’s Ray Bow.

Noting that Boruto’s arm chakra flow was disrupted, he explained Seiren’s fighting style. She finally landed a shot on him after changing the trajectory of her arrow in the air. Kagura quickly alarmed Boruto not to come to his aid as it would expose him to Seiren’s shot. Realizing that the thunderstorm could disrupt Seiren’s echolocation, Boruto managed to save Kagura.

Working together, the two were able to confirm their location, allowing Kagura to sneak up on them and knock them out. Unconscious, Seiren was saved by Funamushi. Funato’s attack had been repelled by morning, and Kagura asked the swordsmen to help investigate, ignoring Hebiichigo’s attack on him. He discovered an encrypted message left by the Funato.

Kagura fought to decode the message until Iwabee made an origami-related comment that inspired the way to fold the paper and reveal its contents. The Funato had planned to use the sea battle as a diversion to launch a sneak attack on Kirigakure when most of their forces were gone. He asked the swordsmen for help, but they only accepted in return for a full pardon, which Kagura personally promised to negotiate with Chōjūrō.

He was reluctant to allow the Konoha ninja to continue to help him, but they insisted on helping him as friends and allies instead. Kagura took them to the village he grew up in, which was on the route that the Funato had taken, in the hope of intercepting them. His old friends were truly happy to see him, and he explained the whole situation to the villagers before giving fortification tasks.

Boruto asked Kagura about her history with the village and listened to why he liked her. Hebiichigo continued to be troubled by Kagura’s trust in her, despite her assassination attempt. He still hoped she could change.

The next day, after the preparations were complete, Kagura removed the cursed seal from the swordsmen, as he didn’t want to cause their deaths if he were to be killed while fighting the Funato. When news of Funato’s scouts reached the village, Kagura had the shinobi hide and asked the village headman to convince the scouts that there was nothing suspicious in the village.

Three children disappeared when most of the villagers were evacuated, so Kagura went to find them with Kawaki, Boruto, and Mitsuki since he knew the terrain. He then left Sarada in charge and managed to locate the children before the scouts. Metal Lee revealed that Hebiichigo had left the band, and despite Sarada’s concerns, he allowed Buntan and Kyohō to pursue her.

Kagura is stabbed by Funamushi

As the group prepared to blow their traps, their plan was thwarted by Funato scouts, who spotted them and destroyed the trap. They started to fight the Funato, and Kagura was shielded by a returning Hebiichigo who had learned of the Funato’s counterattack. Funamushi then joined the battle, eager to fight Kagura so he could avenge Seiren.

Its Water Release: Furious Roaring Tornado used the closed ground but was blocked by a landslide initiated by Team 5. They came back to the village and blocked all water sources to deter jutsu by Funamushi. He was moved by the cooperation between swordsmen and Konoha ninjas during the battle. Focused on avenging Seiren, Funamushi drained the blood of his own men to use his jutsu and began attacking the village.

Kagura channeled most of his chakra into Hiramekarei to stop him. Still, Funamushi evaded him at the last moment, taking an exhausted Kagura hostage and forcing the others to drop their weapons. Funamushi still stabbed Kagura through the chest in revenge.

After Boruto defeated Funamushi, Sarada and Iwabee attempted to heal him but to no avail as the wound was too severe and kept bleeding. Knowing that her end would come quickly, Kagura thanked the swordsmen for their help in this mission and gave them her signed request for their release after the mission. Before finally succumbing to his wounds, his last request to his allies was to protect the village.

Why did Funamushi kill Kagura?

As stated, Funamushi killed Kagura because he wanted to avenge the death of Seiren Funato. Kagura was not the only character connected to Seiren’s death, but he was close to who Funamashi considered was to blame. This is why he killed Funamashi – out of pure revenge, just as he would’ve done to Boruto.

Will Kagura be back in Boruto?

As things stand at this moment, Kagura Karatachi is not coming back in Boruto. His death was a uniquely tragic loss, and an unjust one as well. Still, knowing that the larger world of Naruto functions in a specific way, Kagura’s return is not completely impossible, but it his highly improbable. Kagura was never a major character and it wouldn’t really make sense for him to be back, since he has already died.