When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

Haki is a concept in One Piece that’s similar to using one’s spiritual energy. To shonen fans out there, this is equivalent to powers such as Dragonball Super’s Ki, Naruto’s Chakra, Bleach’s Reiatsu, and so on. Haki was not introduced before the time skip of the series but was introduced right before the time skip occurred, as it’s a common power used in the New World – the second half of the Grand Line. Because of this, Luffy now uses Haki in almost all of his attacks. 

Luffy learned Haki during his 2-year training in Rusukaina Island, along with Silvers Rayleigh. His training began right after Luffy physically and mentally recovered from the Marineford War, where his brother Portgas D. Ace died right in front of him, and where he met a lot of strong Haki users.

Luffy’s resolve to grow stronger was all because of his need to protect he grew in the upcoming danger in the New World, and because of the horrific events in the Marineford War. In this article, you will learn more about how Luffy attained Haki, which is still mysterious and yet to be fully explained power in the One Piece series.

When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

Luffy learned Haki by the time he finally recovered from the traumatic events of the war. Before the training started, Luffy was devastated and in a near-death state during the final events of the war. This caused all of his allies to bring him over to Trafalgar Law’s submarine, as Law instructed them to bring Luffy and Jimbe over so then he can perform surgery over them. 

After the surgery, he and Jimbe recovered days after the war. However, Luffy woke up with a trauma that caused him to go on a rampage in a forest, as he kept on remembering the final moments of his brother, Ace. After all, Luffy was desperate ever since he read the news about his brother’s captivity, and how he did his best and went through all the trouble to rescue him in Impel Down. 

Luffy even went against extremely strong opponents, whereas some are at a way higher level than him, in the main headquarters of the Marines themselves. Then, by the time he finally let Ace free, he died with an extremely powerful punch on the gut that caused his insides to get fried. Anyone who went through such trouble, but only end up losing, can really bring a horrific trauma to your head.

But thanks to Jimbe, Luffy remembered that he still had his crew, who were separated from them since they were never killed by Kuma. As a result, he recovered mentally from the war and started to recover physically from his injuries, and by eating a lot. While doing so, Silvers Rayleigh appeared out of nowhere, swimming his way through the Calm Belt to Amazon Lilly (while beating some Sea Kings along the way). 

Rayleigh then talked to Luffy and told him that he needs to become prepared in the New World since he himself knows well its dangers because of his time with Gold Roger. With Luffy’s resolve to protect his crew, and to become Pirate King, he agreed with the training and preparation for it. Days after Luffy, Rayleigh, and Jimbe went back to Marineford. But rather than doing trouble, they did gain media attention. In truth, that attention is to spread a hidden message to his crewmates, through the newspaper, since they are apart from each other.

This is where Luffy’s (and his crew’s) 2-year training began. He and Rayleigh alone went to Rusukaina Island – a wild island with 48 seasons located near Amazon Lily. The island is perfect as it’s isolated in the Calm Belt. Rayleigh used his Haki and detected that around 500 wild animals on the island are stronger than Luffy during the start of his training. It is the perfect environment for Luffy to get stronger, with Rayleigh teaching him the basics of Haki during the 2-year training. 

By the start of their training, Rayleigh demonstrated what Haki is. He then showed Luffy what Haki looks like in its three forms:

  • Observation Haki – A power similar to Mantra that Enel used in Sky Island. It helps Luffy sense enemies, the direction of their movements, as well as the emotions of people when trained enough. Advanced application of this Haki grants the user the ability to see the future. Rayleigh used this to sense that there are 500 beasts stronger than Luffy in Rusukaina Island, as well as avoid a rampaging elephant from hitting him with its trunk.
  • Armament Haki – A type of Haki that’s mainly used for fighting. It can be used as armor and to strengthen the attacks, which appear black when applied to a weapon or body part. Advanced users of this Haki can use it as an aura around the body or weapon to damage enemies from the inside. It can also bypass the immunity of certain Devil Fruit users from attacks. Rayleigh used it as a shockwave to repel the huge elephant attacking him.
  • Conqueror’s Haki – A Haki present in one every one million people. It is an innate power within them and is often controlled instead of strengthened just like how Armament and Observation Haki is trained. It is the power of intimidation – capable of scaring or fainting enemies that have weaker willpower. It can be used to tame animals as well. Rayleigh demonstrated this to Luffy by making the huge elephant collapse from fear. Luffy was able to demonstrate this before his training but was uncontrollable enough to cause enemies and allies to collapse. 

During the 2-year training, Luffy will receive 1 and a half years of training with Rayleigh and will leave him alone for the remaining months to master Haki. 

What Episode Does Luffy Train Haki?

When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

In the anime, Luffy’s training to use Haki started in Episode 516, where Luffy was brought by Rayleigh to Rusukaina Island for them to start their training. Luffy said his farewell to the friends who helped him recover, notable Jimbe and Boa Hancock. Rayleigh told Hancock that only he and Luffy must be on the island to focus more on the training. 

This episode is where Rayleigh demonstrated the application of Observation Haki by sensing the number of beasts stronger than Luffy on the island. He also used the Observation Haki to dodge the incoming attack from a wild elephant, whereas Rayleigh even said the direction where the elephant’s trunk is coming from. He also demonstrated Armament Haki by repelling the elephant, who is about to stomp him. Lastly, he used Conqueror’s Haki to stop the elephant, where it eventually fainted. 

This is also the part where Luffy’s crew realized what he meant in the message that was tattooed on his arm. The tattoo says “3D2Y”, with the 3D crossed out, hinting that they should meet 2 years later instead of 3 days). This then showed Luffy and his crew begin their own training in the islands where they currently are, and then promised to meet after 2 years in Sabaody Archipelago. 

What Episode Does Luffy Learn Haki?

For the anime, Luffy finally learned Haki in Episode 517, which showed the end of Luffy’s training. He then demonstrated Conqueror’s Haki in Episode 518 to collapse Demalo Black, Luffy’s impostor, without affecting the others around them. He then demonstrated Observation Haki in Episode 521 by dodging a Pacifista’s fast laser beam using Observation Haki, noting that those attacks were “too slow”. He then used Armament Haki and Gear Second right away to launch an attack that destroyed the robot. 

There were some episodes in the series where Luffy’s training was shown: one during the battle against Doflamingo when Luffy and Rayleigh were discussing Gear Fourth; another one was during his fight against Charlotte Katakuri when Luffy is understanding more about Observation Haki.

Who Does Luffy Learn Haki From?

Luffy learned Haki through Silvers Rayleigh. Also known as the Dark King, Rayleigh is the first-mate/vice-captain of the Roger Pirates. He is next to the Pirate King Gol D. Roger not just in terms of role, but also in reputation and strength. During the time Luffy arrived at Sabaody Archipelago, they met him as a coating mechanic, which applies coating for ships to “sail” under the sea to reach Fishman Island to get to the New World. This is where the crew met Rayleigh and immediately revealed himself to them. 

Luffy and the crew realized that Rayleigh and his wife Shakky like them based on the reputation that they reached before Sabaody. Rayleigh also realized in their conversation that he acts just like his old Captain, which moved him so much that he allied with Luffy and assisted him a lot. Rayleigh helped the crew escape from the Human Auction House by bursting Conqueror’s Haki to the soldiers protecting the Celestial Dragons, including the one Luffy punched so hard in the face. He was also responsible for repelling Admiral Kizaru when he was about to kill the crew with Kuma (who was actually planning to separate the crew to keep them safe). 

Based on Rayleigh’s actions, he was regarded as an ally to the crew. However, he needs to lay low since his bounty is still active, which is why he just lives on as a reputable coating mechanic in the Archipelago instead. But this did not stop him from helping Luffy further, as he decided to train him to get stronger, as well as teach Luffy how to apply Haki, which is something that powerful New World Pirates commonly use in battle. 

Perhaps Rayleigh saw a huge potential in Luffy, as he kept on remembering his old captain when he saw Luffy. After all, Luffy has Roger’s old straw hat, as well as Roger’s own vision of freedom, and most likely his similarity with Luffy in terms of character. All these surely made Rayleigh root for him towards his goal to become Pirate King by all means necessary, to the point where he became responsible for making Luffy strong as he is right now.