20 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece (RANKED)

20 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece (RANKED)

Haki is a mysterious concept that some characters can use. It is present in every living being and is not so different from the normal senses. Later in the series, he was revealed to be some sort of ability that uses the mind, either to anticipate enemy attacks, to protect himself by donning his body in invisible armor (or attack by increasing armor density, which makes it possible to hit Logia users), or to intimidate opponents.

However, most people are not aware that they have it or cannot awaken it. Its true nature, however, has not yet been determined or revealed.

Haki is an essential element of the One Piece franchise and some characters are extremely powerful thanks to their master of different Haki techniques. In this article, we are going to rank the 20 strongest Haki users, from 20th to 1st place.

Strongest Haki Users in One Piece

The list is going to contain a total of 20 names. They are going to be ranked from 20th to 1st, with us giving you the basic information about these guys’ skills and abilities involving the Haki.

20. Gol D. Roger

Roger Edd War

Gol D. Roger, better known as Gold Roger, was the previous and only Pirate Lord and the former owner of the legendary treasure, the One Piece. Roger was the captain of The Pirates Roger Pirates, the only crew to have reached the end of the Grand Line and have the islands of Lodestar and Laugh Tale.

He was also the father of Portgas D. Ace, a child he had with Portgas D. Rouge. He was executed over 20 years ago in Loguetown, his hometown. Roger can use and has shown proficiency in two types of Haki.

Roger is able to use the Haki of Armament to a very high level, which is visible when he attacks Whitebeard by imbuing his saber with this Haki. Roger is able to use the Haki of Kings, as shown when he unleashed a huge Shard of Haki of Kings when he and Whitebeard clash.

19. Sengoku

Sengoku Strong World

Sengoku is the former Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. He is nicknamed “Sengoku the Buddha” because he can transform into a giant Buddha. He is one of the major figures along with Whitebeard and Monkey D. Garp in the days when Gol D. Roger was still alive and he continues to be so in the present, even after his resignation from his post of Chief Admiral.

After the ellipse, he became Inspector General. Note that he is always accompanied by a goat which, even during the summit advice, sits on the table and quietly eats a newspaper or documents. He raised Donquixote Rosinante as his own son Sengoku being ex-Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, he owns the Haki.

He was able to resist the Haki of Monkey D. Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki when the latter prevented his brother from being killed. He was able to bleed Luffy despite his rubber body, a sign that he can use the Armament Haki. Sengoku is also one of the few people known to have mastered the Haki of Observation and the Haki of Kings. However, he has not been seen using it.

18. Boa Hancock


The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock is the Serpent Princess of Amazon Lily who rules the Kuja tribe with the help of her two Gorgon sisters, Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia. She is also the current captain of The Kuja Pirates’ Pirates.

Boa Hancock was the only female member of the 7 Captain Corsairs until the disbandment of this group. She was first mentioned by the Risky Brothers at the end of the Thriller Bark Arc when they compared her legendary beauty to that of mermaids.

Boa Hancock is one of the few people who know how to use all types of Haki. As a Kuja, she innately knows how to use the 2 main forms of Haki: the Haki of Observation and the Haki of Armament; it thus touched Smoker, a Logia, during the battle of Marineford. The Kujas are also renowned for their advanced mastery of Haki.

She also uses Haoshoku no Haki (called Conqueror’s Haki), a skill that one in a million can use. However, its proficiency level is unknown at this time as she has never been seen using it before.

17. Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo Original Anime Color

Doflamingo masters the three forms of Haki. He also possesses extraordinary stamina, as he managed to block Crocodile’s hook with a kick with his foot and he got up after seismic hits from Whitebeard without any scratches.

He can take a shot in the face without stopping talking to someone, as you can see when Baby 5 attacks him. He was also able to block Sanji’s Devil Leg and his barrage kicks without any effort. Doflamingo even managed to take a “Red Hawk” from Luffy and a Gamma Knife from Law while standing and continuing to fight, both attacks being deemed devastating.

In addition to that, he was able to get up after the overpowering attacks of Luffy’s Gear Fourth Finally, he managed to escape unscathed when Kuzan froze him, demonstrating that Doflamingo is one of the most powerful characters in the series.

16. Yamato

Raimei Hakke

Yamato is one of the few people in the world who can use all three forms of Haki, like her father. Yamato possesses the Haki of Kings (Conqueror’s Haki), a very rare form of Haki. Yamato unleashed this Haki by fleeing through Onigashima as a child, knocking out many of her father’s subordinates.

As an adult, Yamato now knows how to use it, even in its advanced stages, imbuing her kanabo with Haki of the Kings, which produces dark lightning bolts when performing the Raimei Hakke technique against her father.

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Yamato is a highly-skilled user of the Armament Haki, imbuing her hand and kanabo with it as she attacks Hatcha, causing a lightning-like effect. Yamato can use this Haki in his advanced stage, being able to throw him a great distance forward and hit distant opponents with tremendous force with a single blow of the kanabo, which was enough to defeat Hatcha.

Yamato can also use it to hurt Logia users, like in her first encounter with Ace, by managing to hurt him. Yamato is able to use the Haki of Observation.

15. Tashigi 


Tashigi is a young female Navy Captain serving under Vice Admiral Smoker, and one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ recurring adversaries. According to Zoro, she looks like two drops of water like Kuina, her late childhood friend.

She has brown eyes and black hair. She wears glasses because she is very short-sighted (as seen during the Punk Hazard Arc). She usually wears a shirt with floral patterns under a blue waistcoat with fur on the edges and jeans.

She can also wear a red sleeveless top, always with her jeans. Tashigi has confirmed that she has mastered the Haki of Armaments and she proved it during her confrontation with Monet, especially during her last technique: “Kiri Shigure”. She also masters the Haki of Observation.

14. Helmeppo 

Hermep Kukris Post Ellipse

Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo is a Naval officer and the son of fallen Captain Morgan “The Chopper”. He is introduced as a spoiled rotten child who took advantage of his father’s status, he later joined the Navy with Koby, after Monkey D. Luffy defeated Morgan.

He then rose in rank with Koby, under the supervision of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp. The two then represent the new generation of the organization. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

He has the Haki of Observation. After being trained alongside Koby in the Navy, he acquired combat skills. HHelmeppos’s weapons are a pair of kukris, which he keeps behind him on his waist with his belt. He was seen using them against Zoro when they met at Water Seven. During the ellipse, he exchanges his kukris for a larger model and proves himself capable of slicing a submarine with a single blade.

13. Otohime

Derniers instants d27Otohime

Queen Otohime was a goldfish mermaid and was the last queen of the Kingdom of Ryugu, the wife of Neptune and the mother of Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, Manboshi, and Shirahoshi. Otohime seemed to have incredible speed and impressive reflexes (sure thanks to the Kenbunshoku Haki) as she was able to dodge gunshots and subdue a thief with ease.

However, her body was weaker than an average person’s body (her hand was fractured by the thief), which didn’t stop her from bringing the thief down. She was born with the Kenbunshoku Haki, like Aisa. It allows her to predict movements in front of her.

According to her husband Neptune, she possesses “the seal of Kenbunshoku Haki”. She also used it to better feel the emotions of those around her, a fairly seldom application.

12. Marguerite 

Margaret sourit

Marguerite is a member of the Kuja Tribe living on Amazon Lily, and is also the first of the Kuja to befriend Luffy. Marguerite is a young and beautiful woman with short blonde hair, a medium height, and a fairly pronounced breast.

She wears a light outfit: two pieces of fabric covering her breasts held by an elastic at the abdomen, a short skirt open on the brown sides with black leopard patterns, black pumps, and a white cape. She also has a blue-colored snake, which allows her to shoot with a bow.

Marguerite uses the Haki of the weaponry to shoot overpowered arrows, like all Kuja warriors. Marguerite has a serpent which she uses as a bow to shoot arrows reinforced by the Haki of Armament, like most Kuja warriors.

11. Boo

Boo is a member of The Chinjao Family. He is a martial arts fighter who participates in the Coliseum Corrida tournament to win the Mera Mera no Mi. Boo has long orange hair, broken teeth, striped pants, and a green cape.

He also has a shoulder pad on the right side as well as armor. He also has a black skull tattoo on his left arm and appears to have his fighter number “305” on the side of his stomach. He is often seen smiling. He has two types of clubs on his back.

He is quite confident as he attacks the Funk Brothers known to have defeated pirates exceeding 100,000,000 Berries. He is not like his brother who does not control his emotions. He possesses the Haki of Armament, allowing him to strengthen the power of his mace.

10. Monkey D. Luffy


Luffy developed a special ability called Haki. There are several kinds, but Luffy is a possessor of the most powerful and the rarest of them, the Conqueror’s Haki (or Haoushoku no Haki). Luffy, on his first use of this ability, made Motobaro, Duval’s bison lose consciousness.

However, it was only learned that Luffy was a Conqueror’s Haki holder during his adventures on Amazon Lily. After two years of training, Luffy has mastered all types of Haki very well, including the Conqueror’s Haki. He uses it in an incredible way on the Island of the Fishmen where he knocks out 50,000 of the 100,000 Fishmen all ten times the strength of a human being in one fell swoop.

During the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy used this Haki to intimidate Fighting Bull and later make him an ally. The Straw Hat also had a Haki of the Kings duel against Don Chinjao and Doflamingo.

9. Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri Reproduit la Blessure de Luffy

Katakuri is able to use the Haki of Observation to such a degree that he can see into the future. He was able to detect a revenge plot against Big Mom that allegedly followed seconds later, and Capone Bege recognized it as the biggest obstacle to his assassination plan.

Katakuri is also able to use the Armament Haki, such as when he manages to make Luffy bleed by impregnating his leg with Mochi with Haki. He can also harden his arm, like when he responded to Luffy’s attack.

His Haki-enhanced strikes are powerful enough to counter and outperform Luffy’s Haki-enhanced attacks, and he has stated that his Armament Haki is superior to Luffy’s. When he performs his Zan Giri Mochi attack, Katakuri’s Haki takes on the form of flame-like Big Mom’s Haki and Luffy’s Haki when he uses Gear Fourth.

Katakuri is able to use the Haki of Kings, as was shown when he unleashed a huge Shard of Haki of Kings with Luffy in an attempt to knock out Charlotte Flampe and her subordinates.

8. Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden was the Daimyo of Kuri of Wan Country and the disowned son of former Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki. He is also the husband of Toki, the father of Momonosuke and Hiyori. He was the leader of the nine red scabbards who were extremely loyal to him.

He was also part of the Whitebeard Pirates as Commander of the 2nd Division, as well as the Roger Pirate Pirates. Oden is able to use the Haki of Armament, named Ryuo in Wano, to a very high level, which is visible when he attacks Whitebeard by imbuing his swords with this Haki.

It is noted that he is the only one who has been able to tame Enma, who can drain Haki from his owner’s Armament until exhausted. According to Ashura Doji, Oden possesses the Haki of Kings. He used it during the clash with Whitebeard.

7. Sakazuki 

Sakazuki sans sa casquette 28Anime29

Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sakazuki, better known by his epithet, “Akainu”, is the Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy and the supreme commander of all Marine forces in the world. He was first introduced as Vice Admiral, being one of the Vice Admirals who commanded the Buster Call during the Ohara Incident.

He was one of the Three Admirals of the Navy, before being promoted to the rank of Admiral Commander-in-Chief following the events of Marine Ford. He is one of the main antagonists of the series. He is the second antagonist of the Ford Marine Arc after Sengoku, and is a minor antagonist of the Dressrosa Arc.

It was stated that all vice admirals have Haki, so one rank above the vice admirals, Akainu can use this ability as well. He has been seen using his Armament Haki to quash Whitebeard’s attempts to destroy the execution platform by creating, with the help of his fellow Admirals, an association shield of their three Haki. He also possesses the Haki of Observation.

6. Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is a former Vice Admiral of the Navy and is now an instructor. He’s the man who takes care of Kobby and Hermep’s training. He was one of the major figures along with Sengoku and Whitebeard during the era of “Gol D. Roger”, but he was already considered a hero before this era.

He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon, the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy, and the adoptive grandfather of Portgas D. Ace. He masters the Haki of Armament since he manages to hurt Luffy with his punches. He may have injured Marco with it during the Battle of the Ford Marine. From what we’ve seen on Don Chinjao, his punch must be phenomenally powerful, given that Chinjao’s header could shatter a continent of ice but he lost to Garp.

Garp thus has a monstrous punching ability at his disposal, which he calls “The Fist of Love” hence its epithet “Garp The Fist”. Even Luffy won’t resist his punch when he visits him at the Galley-The Company. He is also proficient in the Haki of Observation.

5. Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh Cries for Whitebeard

Rayleigh is able to use Haki at a high level. He has mastered the three different types of Haki and taught them to Luffy at some level during the ellipse. The spiritual power of the Fluid can be focused by the more experienced and Rayleigh is able to render a specific target completely unconscious without direct eye contact or harming anyone near the initial target.

Rayleigh also countered an attack from a Navy Admiral, the user of a Logia-type Devil Fruit, Kizaru. He also taught it to Luffy. He also appears to have extensive mastery of this Haki allowing him to use it as a remote wall, projecting what appears to be a shock wave, and he also masters, an even more advanced level of this process by destroying from within items like Camie’s explosive necklace.

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Rayleigh was able to stop the trunk blows of a huge terrifying elephant and can sense the presence of all the creatures on an entire island, and indicate their exact number as well as their degree of power as he showed during Luffy’s training.

4. Kaidou

Kaidou 23 Years Ago 3

Kaido is the captain of the Beast Pirates crew, as well as one of the Four Emperors, the third to be mentioned by name, and the last to make his debut; he is also known as “The Most Powerful Creature in the World” (in parallel with Edward Newgate “The Most Powerful Man in the World”). He and his crew are currently occupying Wao Country.

He was also allied with Kurozumi Orochi before he decided to betray him for his plan for a new Onigashima. He is a former apprentice of the Rocks Pirates. Kaido masters the Haki of Observation and the Haki of Armament. He also masters the Haki of Kings, as he has shown during his fight against Charlotte Linlin, another user of this Haki.

3. Big Mom

Big MomOP

Big Mom possessed the Haki of Kings. She was first seen using it at Sanji and Pudding’s wedding to punch a man who had questioned his relationship with Mother Caramel.

When Caramel’s portrait was destroyed, the distraught Big Mom unleashed her Haki with a huge scream that stunned the guests. Big Mom has a tremendous mastery of the Haki of Weapons. By hardening her arm, she can easily lock the Kong Gun into Luffy’s Gear Fourth. Big Mom has mastery of the Haki of Observation.

2. Whitebeard

Barbe Blanche en comparaison avec une personne de taille moyenne2C Marco

Whitebeard perfectly mastered the three types of Haki. His highly developed mastery of Observation Haki is demonstrated in flashbacks with Ace, Whitebeard was easily able to counter him while he was asleep, however during the War atop this ability seems to have diminished as Squardo will hit him with an attack that Marco will judge easily evaded by Whitebeard.

It also seems that he managed to put his Armament Haki in his Bisento, with that he can destroy boats or even small villages. Whitebeard has used his Armament Haki on Admirals on several occasions.

Fossa informs that Whitebeard possessed the Haki of the Kings during the Battle of Marineford. Newgate uses it when he crosses paths with Gol D. Roger on his journey and they clash.

1. Shanks

Shanks 1

Shanks can use all three types of Haki. Even Whitebeard complimented him on his Haki when he used it during his “visit”. He demonstrated the use of the Haki of Kings and the Haki of Armament.

When Shanks and Whitebeard clashed, the “heavens” above them split open, showing the incredible power of the Haki of Armament that the two Emperors had imbued with their weapons. During the Battle of Marineford, he imbued his sword with Armament Haki in order to block an Akainu Logia-type attack. Shanks can use the Haki of Observation.

Who Has the Strongest Observation Haki?

As far as the Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) is concerned, the strongest user of this technique that we know about is Charlotte Katakuri.

Who Has the Strongest Armament Haki?

The strongest Armament Haki (Busoshoku Haki) user in the franchise is Shanks, one of the Four Emperors and one of the strongest characters.

Who Has the strongest Conqueror’s Haki?

The strongest user of the Conqueror’s Haki (Haoshoku Haki) was Gol D. Roger, the famed Pirate King who hid the One Piece treasure.

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