When Does Naruto Become a Chunin or Jonin?

When Does Naruto Become a Chunin or Jonin?

Young Naruto Uzumaki started out as an orphan underdog yet he dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage. After passing the Ninja Academy’s test to become a Genin, he started to fulfill his dream of reaching the next rank. So, when did Naruto become a Chunin and a Jonin in the anime series?

Naruto never became a Chunin or Jonin by rank. He failed to receive the title even after his second Chunin exam. Kakashi, the 6th Hokage, granted Naruto the rank of Jonin. Given that he completes the studying involved which he did not. He becomes the 7th Hokage while still being a Genin.

Naruto failed to claim the rank of either a Chunin or a Jonin which reflects his personality as a Shinobi. He was never a good student to begin with. In fact, he failed his Genin exam more than twice.

He earned the junior ninja rank after saving his master Iruka from an enemy attack. By performing a complicated shadow clone jutsu, Iruka realized that Naruto can become a capable Shinobi. Later on, he accomplished his legendary status because of his determination and his principles in life.

When does Naruto become a Chunin? 

Naruto did not become a Chunin when he tried to take the exam twice.

During his first Chunin exam, he was able to pass the first and the second stage. He won the preliminary match against Kiba Inuzuka and even beat Neji in the final match. But winning every battle in the exam did not earn Naruto the Chunin rank.

Ninjas must display impressive strategies and should bear the qualities of a good leader to gain the Chunin promotion. Winning the match does not mean they qualify for the rank. The responsibility of a Chunin relies on leading a small group of shinobis to take on dangerous missions.

Shikamaru was the only ninja in the group who displayed all the qualities that the examiners are looking for. Even after forfeiting his final battle with Temari. He got the Chunin promotion for exhibiting amazing tactics and leadership skills. 

The last final matches of the Chunin exam got canceled when a coordinated attack on Konoha commenced.  

The second time Naruto took the Chunin exam was during a filler episode entitled Chunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru. Konohamaru is a childhood rival of Naruto who swore that he would beat him to become a Hokage. They would later on fight each other in the preliminary round.

Naruto once again proved himself to be the stronger opponent in the fight but missed an important rule which cost him the fight. He used a prohibited ninja move in the match. The examiners explained the rules before the fight but Naruto was not able to hear it because he and Konohamaru were busy bickering.

Konohamaru won the fight by default and Naruto could not believe it. Konohamaru becomes a Chunin which makes Naruto his subordinate in military rank.

When does Naruto take the Chunin exams? 

Naruto took his first Chunin Exams hosted in his hometown in Konoha after The Land of the Waves story arc. The exam got canceled due to the planned attack on Konoha by Orochimaru and the ninjas of Sunagakure. The attack succeeded by killing the Third and the Fourth Hokage.

His second attempt to pass the Chunin exam happened sometime between Naruto Anime Series Part I and Part II (Naruto: Shippuden). It took place outside the scope of the whole series as an original video animation or a short film. This short animation only covered the second phase and the preliminary match of Naruto’s second Chunin exams.

Why Naruto never becomes a Chunin?

In his quest to become a Hokage, Naruto only took the Chunin exams twice. The attack on Konoha left the village without a Hokage leader. Naruto with the rest of the Konoha ninjas needed to find a candidate to become the Fifth Hokage to restore peace and order in the village.

Another devastating attack against Konoha emerged years after. Akatsuki and their leader Nagato wish to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto’s body. The village again won the fight because of Naruto but the village needed to rebuild once more.

The threat of Akatsuki and their mission to create havoc led all 5 of the ninja villages to form a solid alliance called the Allied Shinobi Forces. The Fourth Shinobi World War took place and lasted two days. The alliance was successful in sealing all Ten-Tails thus bringing peace and order once more in the ninja world.

Naruto faced many battles right after taking his first Chunin exam. He may not have gained the Chunin rank but he was able to master several S-rank jutsus that allowed him to win the war with his allies and friends. His incredible power flows from the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside of his body.

Several world events transpired right after Naruto’s first Chunin exam. Every village ninja around the world went on missions and fought rogue factions to restore peace in the ninja world. Passing the Chunin exam became a second priority for Naruto.

When does Naruto become a Jounin?

Naruto did not become a Jonin in rank. 

When Kakashi, his former squad leader, became the Sixth Hokage during the Post War Era, he used his position to grant Naruto the Jonin rank of the Hidden Leaf Village. But Naruto has to study to completely gain the title. In the later episodes of Part II (Naruto Shippuden), Naruto tries to study to become a Jonin for two years. 

When does Naruto take the Jounin exams?

When Does Naruto Become a Chunin or Jonin?

Naruto did not take the Jounin exams. 

There was no account of Naruto taking the Jounin exams in Part II: Naruto Shippuden, in Naruto movies, or in any Naruto Original Video Animations (OVAs). Kakashi gave Naruto the chance to become a Jonin in rank right after becoming the Sixth Hokage. In spite of his difficulties in studying, Naruto tried his best to study for two years. 

Why Naruto never become a Jounin?

Naruto never became a Jounin because he is clearly terrible when it comes to studying. 

Right from the start of the series, Naruto always struggles to pass exams in the academy. He started out as the troublesome misfit that the village hates.  

But in the Post War Era, Naruto officially became the Seventh Hokage as a Genin for his major contributions in winning countless battles for his village and for the rest of the ninja world. He was later on known as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. 

He gained impressive recognition because he was able to master S-rank ninjutsu and use them in battles. His skills gave him the strength to defeat powerful enemies. The Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside him gives him access to unlimited chakra which made him more powerful than most shinobis.

His unusual condition might make him a powerful ninja, but Naruto also takes his courage and perseverance to fight for his friends. He never gives up. He uses his troubled past as an orphan to motivate himself and his fellow ninjas to do the right thing and fight for peace in the world.

Through his exceptional kindness, he gained more friends and even won over his enemies. For an orphaned boy, he extremely valued friendship above all else. Such qualities made him the hero he deserves to be even though he was not able to get the Jounin rank.

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