Where to Find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact? (Location & Map)

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The thing about Genshin Impact is that you have to collect a lot of different items that are useful for crafting other items. But there are some items that are even more important if you want to ascent some of your characters because it is only by ascending them that you will be able to make them stronger. One such item that you may need for ascending is Cor Lapis, which is important for Geo characters that are based in Liyue. So, with that said, where do you find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact? 

You can find Cor Lapis almost everywhere in Liyue, especially in places that have rock formations or are close to cliffs and hills. They can only be found in the Liyue and are concentrated around the central area of the region. But they can also be found in the northern area of Liyue.

Unlike some of the other items that are useful for ascension, Cor Lapis isn’t the most difficult to find. That means that you wouldn’t have a lot of problems gathering the Cor Lapis that you need to ascend your characters because they are quite abundant. As such, let’s look at some of the places you can farm if you want to collect a lot of Cor Lapis.

What Is Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact?

One of the things that people love about Genshin Impact is that this MMORPG finds a way to allow you to stay busy as a gamer because there are a lot of things that you can do while you are in the game. Of course, one of the things that you can do in Genshin Impact is to collect characters and strengthen them. But there are some items that are required for strengthening certain characters in Genshin Impact. 


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As such, Cor Lapis is one of the items that you will need for certain characters in the game if you want to ascend them and make them stronger. Ascension is very important in Genshin Impact because that is what allows you to get through the character’s limits. As such, you will need to get Cor Lapis for certain characters that will require it.

Cor Lapis is important when it comes to ascending Liyue characters like Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli. These are staple characters in a lot of different parties, and that’s why you may want to collect Cor Lapis in bunches.

It is also worth noting that Cor Lapis can also be used for creating items in certain crafting recipes. As such, even if you aren’t using the characters we stated above, you may still find a few uses for your Cor Lapis in case you want to collect them.

Where Do You Find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact?

As mentioned, Cor Lapis is an important ascension item for a few characters in Genshin Impact. So, if you want to collect them, you need to do so in bunches because you may need a lot of Cor Lapis for ascending certain characters. But the good news is that they are quite abundant in the game, especially if you know where to find them.

Specifically, Cor Lapis is a mined item. That means that you will be able to find them when you mine in rock and cliff formations or anything similar. They are also quite easy to spot. And Cor Lapis can be found easily in Liyue. So, here are the best places for mining Cor Lapis.

Northern Liyue

genshin impact cor lapis map

Guili Plains and Qingyun Peak

genshin impact cor lapis luhua pool

Southern Liyue

genshin impact cor lapis locations

As you can see from the maps above, Cor Lapis are quite abundant in those select regions in Liyue. You can find them in rock formations, hills, cliffs, and anything similar to those structures because they are mined items that grow and form on rocky and hilly places.

Most of the Cor Lapis deposits can be found in the central area of Liyue, and that’s why we recommend that you focus your efforts on the area that’s close to Cuijue Slope and Luhua Pool. After that, you can move west, where you can find more Cor Lapis deposits in the Mount Hulao area.


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There are also deposits found in the Mt. Tianheng Lingju Pass area, but they don’t offer a lot. Then again, there are more Cor Lapis deposits found in the areas that are north of that region. As such, you can also focus your attention on those areas.

Some Cor Lapis deposits can be found in the Wuwang Hill and Stone Forest, but the problem is that they are a bit spread out. That means that you may want to only go there if you are done mining them in the better areas.

Of course, there are other items that you can gather in this area, especially if you have other Liyue characters like Xiao, Shenhe, or Yun Jin. That’s because there are Qingxin Flowers and Glaze Lily in these areas. As such, your efforts won’t be wasted if you’re mining Cor Lapis.

Can You Buy Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact?

While Cor Lapis is best mined because these rocks are quite abundant, you can still buy them as well. However, we only recommend that you buy them if you are actually desperate or if you want to save time. Buying Cor Lapis is quite expensive.

You can find Cor Lapis from Changshun in Liyue Harbor. He will allow you to buy five of them every three days. That means that this method isn’t the most efficient way of gathering Cor Lapis. As such, it is better to gather them instead.

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