30 Strongest Genshin Impact Characters, Ranked


Genshin Impact is still one of the most popular games today as it continues to release new characters while updating the entire game itself. As such, people seemingly never get tired of this amazing anime-like MMORPG. In that regard, nearly two years since its release, Genshin Impact still continues to surprise people with its amazing storytelling, graphics, and gameplay.

That said, what makes Genshin Impact great can be attributed to the different characters that you can use throughout the game. As long as you are able to acquire these characters in this gacha game, you’re going to be able to use some of the strongest characters in the entire Genshin Impact game. As such, let’s look at some of the strongest Genshin Impact characters available today.

30. Yoimiya

genshin impact yoimita build

If you’re looking for an archer that could be used for some special combos with other characters, then Yoimiya should be one of the characters you might want to pick up. That is, of course, if you manage to luck into her. Yoimiya is a powerful five-star character that might be too rare for you to pick up so easily, but she’s still very much possible to luck into.

What you’re going to like about Yoimiya is that she tends to do well with the right build and when she is paired with characters like Raiden Shogun and Fischl. That’s because her Pyro attacks can be infused to deal more damage. While she may be on the softer side, she is a unique character that allows you to do some damage when used right.

29. Sucrose

sucrose gameplay genshin impact

Don’t let the sweet name fool you because Sucrose can be a beast when you use her properly. Of course, her abilities become beastly when you use her as a support character, and that’s because of how she is able to boost Elemental Mastery. And this makes her a good character for those who would want to strengthen their Elemental Reactions.

Sucrose has a burst called Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75/Type II. This allows her to absorb other elements while causing Swirl. As such, when used in a team that allows her to bring out the best of her abilities, Sucrose is indeed a beast. Then again, she isn’t the most general character out there, and that’s probably the only knock on her.

28. Diona

genshin impact hangout events diona walk 1200x675 1

Of course, we have another support character on this list because you can’t get enough of support characters in Genshin Impact. Diona is a feline barmaid and archer that is great when used as a support character instead of a DPS one.

What makes Diona dangerous in a game is the fact that she can use her Icy Paws skill for defense. She also comes with a high Cryo resistance, and that makes her a good defensive gem for you to use if you want a capable support character. And her burst is called Signature Mix, which will allow your team to gradually heal while dealing AoE damage.

27. Jean

genshin impact jean 1

Of course, another support character that makes it on the lower end of this list is Jean, who is a very versatile Anemo support. As a support character, she is also a really good healer, and that makes her a capable character to work with if you don’t mind how low her attack can be.


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As a versatile healer and support character, Jean is like a jack of all trades because of the fact that she doesn’t have an exact role you can box her into. There are some instances when she can carry and does have the ability to control crowds. On top of that, she could also help keep HP high because of her regen ability. That said, she can be quite dangerous if you are particularly skilled at knowing how to properly use her.

26. Mona

genshin impact mona nov 900x506 1

If you’re looking for a character that can deal some Hydro damage, then Mona should be a good choice for you. Mona is an astrologer that could deal tons of Elemental Reactions with her Hydro capabilities, and that makes her a good addition to any team.

Mona has a skill called Mirror Reflection of Doom, which can be good for kiting. Meanwhile, she also has an elemental burst called Stellaris Phantasm, which will allow you to damage enemies by trapping them. And another useful aspect about her is that you can use her to literally walk on water.

25. Rosaria

GenshinImpact Rosaria Trailer

Rosaria is another character that can be a useful support character but can also be a good damage dealer because of how versatile she is. She may be just a four-star character, but she is pretty much a versatile beast that can deal damage or can support other characters that are stronger.

As an attacker or damage dealer, Rosaria isn’t the best at dealing damage because she isn’t very good at matching the damage output of the stronger five-star characters. But if you don’t have access to those characters, Rosaria is pretty much a good choice. And even if you’re not using her as the main damage dealer, you can use her as a support character because her abilities are very versatile.

24. Razor

Razor Serious Genshin Impact Cropped

For those who don’t have five-star characters that are quite rare and strong and are in need of characters that do well as main DPS characters, then Razor might be the best choice for you. That’s because he is one of the strongest characters when it comes to melee fighting despite the fact that he may not be as strong as the five-star characters in the game.

Of course, with his Claymore, he can deal loads of damage because he has a really good attack power. Razor also has good elemental abilities that will increase his melee attacks. Nevertheless, he isn’t the best when it comes to elemental reactions.

23. Yanfei

Genshin Impact Yanfei guide weapons artifacts talents 1 1

Yanfei is often seen as the lesser version of Klee for those who don’t have Klee. That’s because she can’t match Klee’s damage output. However, that doesn’t mean that Yanfei is a bad character because she can be quite strong in certain situations and as long as you know how to use her well.

One of the things that Yanfei can do is that she can deal consistent amounts of damage using your range Pyro attacks. This will allow her to produce Elemental Reactions. And when you pair her with Xingqiu’s burst, you can pretty much destroy anything in your path.

22. Keqing

genshin impact keqing build best 900x506 1

Those who want a character that can stand out on her own because of her high base stats and her incredible attack power, HP, and defense should be able to love Keqing. This is a character that you can say is a frontliner because she can deal damage well with her sword and Electro attacks and could also take damage as well.

Given the fact that Keqing has high stats that are great for melee users, she can be a character that you can use to deal damage whenever you’re close to your enemies. But the fact that she is also an Electro character makes her less effective when working well with other characters.

21. Gorou

ydZ6QBTTWiH9ZUmVSBedTe 1200 80

Gorou is a character that will stand out instantly if you’re using him as a support character. He stands out in parties that are composed of Geo characters, and that’s because his buffs are extremely useful when used on Geo characters. As such, he is a great support character.

Even if you don’t have Geo characters, Gorou is still a canine general that could stand out well enough because his support skills are also quite useful when paired with other characters. Still, we’d rather use him on a party with plenty of Geo characters.

20. Diluc

Diluc 5

Diluc, during the earlier part of the game, was extremely strong because he is a Pyro character that can inflict a good amount of damage using his claymore. There was a time when he was at the top in terms of his DPS, but he did end up getting overshadowed by newer characters that could deal better DPS.

Still, Diluc is a great attacker that tends to deal a good amount of damage using his claymore and Pyro element. He is also a pretty straightforward character that doesn’t need a lot of explaining for you to understand how to utilize the right way.

19. Kokomi

Character Demo Sangonomiya Kokomi A Thousand Waves Under the Moon Genshin Impact 0 49 screenshot

While games like Genshin Impact tend to put a lot of emphasis on attackers or characters that can support damage dealers, there is also a good amount of space for healers in this game. Kokomi is one of the best healers that you can get.

Hailing from the Sangonomiya Temple, Kokomi is a great healer that you can use if you also want to deal damage to your enemies. She has an ability called Flawless Strategy that can decrease crit rate by 100% for a 25% healing. She can also use her jellyfish to heal the party and to deal a good amount of Hydro damage.

18. Aloy

genshin impact aloy 3

You might be familiar with Aloy if you’ve played PlayStation’s Horizon game, which is one of the greatest games over the last five years. She is a free five-star character, but that doesn’t mean that she is weak. In fact, she is quite reliable at dealing damage quickly.


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Aloy is capable of dealing Cryo damage quickly with her skill and burst. She can also gain Cryo infusion, and that makes her great if you want to deal Elemental Reactions. And if you’re hunting for birds, she’s also a good character to use.

17. Ayaka

Ayaka Genshin Impact dancing 1024x576 1

Ayaka joined the roster after the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, and she was able to meet expectations. Shei is a Cryo sword user and was able to impress people with her DPS, although she doesn’t deal the same damage that Diluc or Ganuy can deal.

Nevertheless, what makes her a better character is the fact that she can also fill a secondary role if you have a better DPS character on your roster, and she still shines well enough in that role. That said, she is a useful character that can fit different roles in the game, and that is why she is on this list.

16. Klee

New Character Demo Klee Da Da Da Genshin Impact 0 46 screenshot.png

One of the best characters for dealing great Pyro damage is Klee because she is a bombing expert that can deal maximum damage when you build her the right way. People who want to deal insane amounts of damage should be able to find a lot of uses for Klee, especially when pairing her with other characters.

Nevertheless, Klee can be somewhat tricky to use because it can be difficult to find the right range for attacking enemies without necessarily getting too close to them. Still, she’s an insane character when it comes to the damage she can deal.

15. Tartaglia

genshin impact tartaglia 1

Tartaglia is a handy character if you are into range fighters that use bows. He is a pretty good Hydro character that can trigger elemental skills to switch from his range form to his daggers. This is why he is a very versatile character to use.

On top of the fact that Tartaglia can also deal melee damage using his daggers, he can also deal high elemental damage, which isn’t always something you will notice in Hydro characters. And if you have an Electro character with you, you can use a Hydro/Electro combo using Tartaglia effectively.

14. Shenhe

genshin impact shenhe build best spear 900x506 1

Shenhe is a five-star character that is on the rare side of things but is a very strong Cryo exorcist that can use different skills that are great for support. She is a good character if you’re using a Cryo party because she can boost Cryo damage.

Still, Shenhe can be a bit too difficult for beginners to use because she doesn’t have the simplest roster of skills. However, if you’re adept at using her, she can deal loads of AoE Cryo damage that can take out a lot of different opponents in an instant.

13. Yae Miko

Genshin Yae Miko Promo

Yae Miko is a character that is also on the tricky side of things, but she is a five-star character for a good reason. As an Electro character, she can be fun to use if you synergize her with other elements, and that can deal loads of damage to different enemies.

As soon as she plants her Sesshou Sakura, Yae Miko can use Tenko Kenshin, which can deal a lot of damage in an area. In that regard, she may be tricky to use, but she is a pretty powerful character that can make a huge difference when you do things right and when you’ve learned how to properly utilize her.

12. Xiao

genshin impact xiao 1

Xiao can be quite odd in the sense that he is the only Anemo character that is focused on his DPS role. Still, he is a great character to use if you want a good DPS character on your side because he can deal considerable damage with attacks that can hit multiple enemies in one strike.

Of course, a good combo to use Xiao with is the Elemental Reaction Swirl, which he can trigger with a lot of different characters. This means that Xiao can find a roster spot on any party in this game, especially if you have multiple characters that can trigger Swirl with him.

11. Ganyu

genshin impact ganyu build best

One of the few characters that can match Diluc’s attack power is Ganyu, who uses a bow to that effect. She is a Cryo character that can shoot different types of arrows with her bow. And she is also quite strong when she uses a charged attack, which can deal AoE damage.

The reason why Ganyu is ranked this high is the fact that her damage output is high. She is also capable of dealing elemental damage on a wide range. And the fact that her attacks can freeze enemies is a good reason to add her to your party.

10. Eula

genshin impact Eula new header 1200x675 1

Eula is perhaps the best character in the game when it comes to her physical DPS, and that earns her a spot in our top ten. She is one of the strongest characters in the entire game, and that’s because she has the ability to deal loads of damage with her physical attacks.

Nevertheless, Eula tends to be more of a one-on-one character in the sense that her attacks cater to single targets instead of multiple ones. Still, if you’re looking for a character that you can trust to deal plenty of damage to a single opponent, Eula should be in your party.

9. Albedo

genshin impact albedo nov

Albedo is one of the more popular characters in the game and is actually a favorite among players who want to deal a good amount of AoE Geo damage. That’s because this alchemist has skills that have fast cooldown times and are capable of hitting hard and often.

In that regard, there aren’t a lot of reasons for you not to like Albedo as he is great at dealing AoE damage and can even fuel other abilities. He is both an attacker and a support character, although he isn’t the best DPS character. Nevertheless, you’re going to love the fact that he can create a raised platform that will allow your other characters to do plunging attacks and use ranged skills that can deal so much damage.

8. Arataki Itto

itto build 768x432 1

One of the most reliable defense-scaling characters in the game is Arataki Itto. Although he may be a defensive character, he can still deal loads of damage as he can gain stacks thanks to Superlative Superstrength. Once you’ve stacked enough, you can use his charged Arataki Kesagiri attack to deal a ton of damage.

Moreover, Arataki Itto also has the ability to use Raging Oni King, which allows him to increase his strength levels even further. This state also allows him to gain Geo infusion so that he can be more powerful.

7. Raiden Shogun

Featured Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact 900x506 1

Raiden Shogun, at first, wasn’t the most capable character in the game because of the fact that the Electro element wasn’t too strong. However, as players began to learn how to properly utilize her, she became an instant killer and is now one of the best characters in Genshin Impact.

Used best as a support character, Raiden Shogun is a powerful character that can generate a good amount of energy. This makes her very useful in a lot of different teams, as she is quite versatile thanks to her overall abilities as a character.

6. Bennett


Bennett is another support character that is best used for his burst skill, which is Fantastic Voyage. He is one of the most powerful characters in the game from a support standpoint because he can also provide good healing and deal loads of damage.


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Of course, Bennet is best used when you are dealing AoE damage, and that makes him capable on any team. He is also a pretty good melee fighter as well because of his rapid sword strikes, but he is better off utilized as a support character instead.

5. Venti

Genshin Impact 10 Things That Make No Sense About Venti featured image

Venti is a bard who is regarded as one of the best Anemo characters in Genshin Impact. He is capable of summoning a huge hurricane that can deal loads of AoE damage, and that makes him one of the best characters at dealing damage to plenty of opponents. On top of that, his hurricane attack can absorb other elements and trigger Swirl.

That said, Venti is a great support character when you have other damage dealers on your party. The fact that he floats in the air is also a bonus that adds to the coolness of this amazing in-game character.

4. Hu Tao

hu tao

Hu Tao is a Pyro character that wields a polearm and is capable of dealing a lot of damage when you use the right build. A lot of different players love the fact that Hu Tao can deal a lot of damage against single targets.

Even though she doesn’t deal the same damage that Diluc, this five-star character is better at damaging opponents one-on-one. As such, she is a very valuable character that any team can find a place for, especially if they’re looking for characters that can deal insane amounts of damage.

3. Ayato

gm 10cc0cf8 ee2f 41a8 98fb ce03869e52f7 genshin impact ayato

Ayato is one of the best damage dealers in the game because of how speedy he is. He may not have the same damage output as some of the other characters, but the speed at which his Hydro attacks can be launched is impressive enough that he can deal plenty of damage quite easily.

On top of that, his Hydro attacks can be buffed with Namisen as well. As such, he is one of the most self-sufficient characters in the game as it doesn’t need support characters to become capable enough to fit the DPS role of any party.

2. Kazuha

GenshinImpact Kazuha Materials TrailerScreenshot

The first Inazuma character in Genshin Impact is Kazuha, who is also one of the most versatile characters in the entire game. Kazuha is best used as an attacker that can deal loads of damage on his own, thanks to the fact that he uses a sword.

Kazuha is also a great character that fits almost any kind of team you can think of. He can utilize Elemental Reactions effectively and can deal a ton of damage that can surprise just about anyone. This is why he is ranked second on this list, as he is strong on his own and versatile enough to pair well with other characters.

1. Zhongli

Zhongli Builds.png

At first, Zhongli was a bit too underwhelming but quickly became one of the strongest characters in the entire game after the 1.3 update. He has the ability to buff Geo abilities and Geo elemental resonance, and those are enough to increase his damage output. On top of that, he can play the DPS and the support roles quite effectively, thanks to his Jade Shield.

Lore-wise, Zhongli is also the most powerful character in Genshin Impact because he is the Geo Archon. No other character in the game is powerful enough to match him as he has godlike abilities. Of course, it only follows that his in-game strength matches his lore strength.

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