Where Was ‘Fast X’ Filmed? All Major Filming Locations Revealed

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto in Fast X

Fast X is off to a promising start at the Box Office, close to the record-breaking heights of 2017’s The Fate Of The Furious. Despite being released amid fears of franchise fatigue after the negative reception of Fast & Furious 9, the anticipation was very high for Fast X, especially because of the star-laden cast that includes Jason Momoa and Hellen Mirren. As fans waited for Fast X’s intense action, they followed news of the filming locations to know where Fast X was filmed.

The filming of Fast X began in April 2022, with most of the cast of Fast 9, including Nathalie Emanuel and Michael Rooker, confirmed to reprise their roles. A24 Highway in Portugal made most of the headlines during the filming as Portugal is believed to have hosted the bulk of the movie’s intense car-racing scenes. Other photos shared by viewers and cast members placed the filming of the famous bomb rolling through a bus scene in Turin, Italy.

Photos shared by the cast also place some of the filming in London. Despite most scenes being filmed in Europe, some of the familiar locations from previous franchise installments were still used. These fascinating locations around Europe, including some historical monuments, created Fast X’s scenic background. So, did the famous Torreto home in LA still host the cast when filming Fast X? Let’s delve into it.

What is Fast X about?

Dante VS Dom Fast X Poster

Fast X follows Dominic Toretto and his family as they try to survive a vicious and vengeful enemy from their past (Dante Reyes) whose father, Hernan Reyes, was killed in Fast Five by Luke Hobbs.

Unlike other villains who just seek to kill Toretto and those he loves, Dante wants to make everyone that Dom loves to suffer.

He starts by designing a trap for Dom’s team in Rome, which Ramsay, Roman, and Tej easily fall into, forcing the rest of the team to assemble a rescue team.

The rescue mission ends in a disaster since Dante had planned to frame the team for terrorism, and now they all have to go on the run as the authorities hunt for them after a bomb goes off in the Italian capital.


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Dante seems unstoppable with a string of relentless attacks on Dom, including kidnapping his wife Letty.

Despite creating so much pain for the people around Dom, Dante doesn’t seem so keen on killing Dom because he just enjoys watching him suffer.

Dom is forced to call on some old friends to help him fight back, leading to the most intense battles of the film, but they don’t end in victory as previous movies in the franchise have.

Despite some small victories towards the end, Dom and his team are left beaten and scattered, with some presumed dead.

The movie is the first installment in the trilogy expected to bring an end to the franchise, so most of the storylines will see their conclusion in the upcoming films.

Fast X filming locations

Dante in Rome

With so many storylines merged in the feature-length film, scenes of Fast X were shot in different places worldwide, with Europe hosting the bulk of the action scenes.

Some locations made very short scenes in the film and might go unrecognized, but most of the major locations used during the filming are discussed here.

London: England

London is a popular filming location for many blockbuster movies, so it wasn’t strange when Vin Diesel announced on his Instagram in February 2022 that London would be hosting the filming of Fast X.

His post didn’t give any details regarding the exact locations. Most of the scenes had to have taken place indoors since they didn’t attract the attention of fans in London.

Therefore, the exact addresses used for the filming are unknown, but the good old streets of London did host the stellar cast.

Turin, Rome: Italy

Vin Diesel Next to the Coloseum

Vin Diesel had promised his family that he would honor his roots by shooting Fast & Furious in Italy, and he did as scenes of the movie were shot in Turin and Rome from May to July of 2022.


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Multiple places around the capital, Rome, hosted the filming, including the area right next to the Colosseum, where Diesel shared photos standing next to a car.

The scenes of the large rolling bomb that Dominic Toretto redirects to a river were shot in the town of Via Italo Belardi.

Other places that hosted the filming in Rome include Giuseppe Garibaldi Square, Gezano di Roma, and Ponte Umberto 1.

The city of Turin also hosted the 500+ Fast X cast and crew for two weeks in June 2022.

A24 Highway, Vila Real, Viseu, Lisbon: Portugal

A24 Highway in Portugal

These are some of the best-known Fast X filming locations because the city councils for the towns of Lamego, Armamar, and Castro Daire in Viseu, Portugal, announced the road closures in June 2022.

“The location of the footage will create some constraints on mobility in our county during the recordings. We ask for everyone’s understanding…” said part of the announcement.

The motorway which connects the districts of Viseu and Vila Real is believed to have hosted the intense car-race scenes in the film.

Vila Real was also used as the headquarters for the filming location, with some parts of the streets being used as locations for some of the film’s footage.

Fast X’s filming budget in Portugal is believed to have been the largest of any other location as leaders in the country welcomed it as a huge boost to the economy.

Therefore, the beautiful countryside scenery in Viseu and Vila Real districts is part of the film, with the streets hosting some of the battle scenes.

More scenes are believed to have been shot in the capital, Lisbon, although details of the exact locations are scanty.

Lost Angeles: California

Dominic Torettos house in LA

The Angelino Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles is one of the most important locations in the Fast & Furious franchise because of the Dominic Toretto house.

The house along Kensington Road is where Dom and his family went to live off the grid, and has since appeared multiple times in the films.

Bob’s Market, also located in the same neighborhood, has appeared in multiple Fast & Furious films.


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Part of Fast X was also filmed there in August 2022, with the FilmLA notice to the residents warning of “simulated emergency services activity, aerial photography, wetting down of street and atmospheric smoke.”

Another scene in the film shows the Dodger Stadium parking lot as Toretto and his son Brian spend quality time together.

The news of the filming in the neighborhood made residents angry because the locations are frequented by the franchise’s fans, who tend to cause disruption to daily life.

Other scenes may have been filmed in other locations in LA and across the US, but the details are still unknown.

Other Filming Locations

Aldea Da Vila dam in Spain

The Aldeadávila Dam on the border of Portugal and Spain is one of the most monumental pieces of infrastructure in the movie.

It hosted one of Dom’s most impressive stunts in the movie as he drives a car over the dam.

The team also visited Edinburgh and Tokyo during the filming, making it a real worldwide blockbuster.

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