Where & Why Did Goku Leave with Shenron at the End of Dragon Ball GT?

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Even though Dragon Ball GT was never part of the canon universe of Dragon Ball, it still has a special place in the hearts of some Dragon Ball fans because of how it was full of action and amazing fight scenes. Of course, the ending of the anime allowed us to see Goku defeating Omega Shenron with the help of the energy from the universe. But Goku left with Shenron, the dragon, at the end and seemingly fused with it. So, where and why did Goku leave with Shenron at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

It was never fully explained where and why Goku left at the end of GT, but it is possible that he fused with the Dragon Balls and had to leave so that no one could ever use them for their own purposes ever again. He essentially became immortal and was now one with Shenron due to his pure heart.

The very heart of the entire Dragon Ball anime was always centered on the Dragon Balls, which are the wish-granting orbs that allowed someone who collected all of them to summon the dragon Shenron, who could grant them a wish. However, the Dragon Balls were constantly used for evil, and that was what led to the rise of the Shadow Dragons. That said, let’s look at what happened to Goku at the end of Dragon Ball GT.

What Happened To Goku At The End Of Dragon Ball GT?

Back in the 90s, the mainline canon Dragon Ball storyline ended with the defeat of Kid Buu back in the Dragon Ball Z anime. However, the anime continued with the release of the non-canon Dragon Ball GT series, which followed the story years after the end of DBZ. This time, the storyline followed Kid Goku, who turned back into a child when Emperor Pilaf made a wish to the Black Star Dragon Balls, which were more powerful than the Earth Dragon Balls.

In that regard, Goku, Pan, and Trunks went on a trip around the universe to recover the Black Star Dragon Balls and make a wish that could hopefully turn him back into an adult. By the time they were finally about to make a wish to revive everyone who had died after the defeat of Baby and Super 17, the Dragon Balls instead manifested a dark dragon instead of Ultimate Shenron. This dark dragon didn’t fulfill Pan’s wish and, instead, gave rise to the seven Shadow Dragons, which were strong enough to fight on par with Super Saiyan 4 Goku.


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Goku defeated all of the dragons, as Syn Shenron, the final of the evil dragons, was left. He absorbed all of the Dragon Balls to become Omega Shenron, who was a lot stronger than Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta. It took a Fusion Dance from Goku and Vegeta to produce Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, who easily defeated the evil dragon and was about to kill him before the fusion ran out.

With all hope now lost, Goku and the others could no longer muster up a new strategy to defeat the evil dragon. Meanwhile, Goku himself was lying down on the ground, seemingly dying. However, he had enough energy left in him to produce a Spirit Bomb powered by the entire universe. This attack was strong enough to completely obliterate Omega Shenron.

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Where Did Goku Leave With Shenron At The End Of Dragon Ball GT?

While Goku and the others were able to finally defeat the strongest foe they had ever faced at that point in time, the hero needed to leave with Shenron, who now manifested from the Earth Dragon Balls after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons. Goku and Shenron flew up into the sky as they never said where they were going. Meanwhile, Goku seemingly merged with Shenron. So, where did Goku and Shenron go at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

It was never fully explained where Goku needed to go with Shenron, but the fact that he seemingly merged with Shenron suggests that he became one with the dragon because he was the hero that allowed the Dragon Balls to return to their proper form. He essentially became immortal when he became one with Shenron, who said that there would be no more wishes that would be granted for a long time.

As such, Goku simply just disappeared to where Shenron went off with the Dragon Balls. We don’t know for certain where that is but what we do know is that Goku had to leave for a very good reason.


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But there is another theory here. It is suggested that Goku actually died from Omega Shenron’s attack before the evil dragon was defeated. As such, it was Goku’s spirit that mustered up the Spirit Bomb that defeated Omega Shenron. This explains why Omega Shenron’s attacks weren’t affecting Goku while he was gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb, considering that he was already a spirit by that time.

As such, after Omega Shenron was defeated, Goku’s spirit became one with Shenron when they had to leave because he also became one with the Dragon Balls themselves. This explains why, at the very end of the Dragon Ball GT anime, Goku’s spirit was seen together with Goku Jr. one hundred years after Omega Shenron was defeated.

Why Did Goku Leave With Shenron At The End Of Dragon Ball GT?

On top of the fact that Goku’s whereabouts were unknown after Omega Shenron was defeated, it was also never fully explained why Goku had to leave with Shenron. The only thing we know is the fact that he left. So, why did Goku leave with Shenron at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

Again, there was no proper explanation why Goku needed to leave with the dragon and the Dragon Balls at the end of GT. But it probably goes back to the possibility of his spirit becoming one with the Dragon Balls and having attained immortality.

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The very reason why the Shadow Dragons arose was the fact that the Dragon Balls were constantly used for selfish and evil reasons throughout their history. However, Goku never wanted to gather the Dragon Balls for selfish reasons because he almost always used them for the betterment of the universe, especially when it came to reviving those who had died from the attacks of the villains that he and his friends faced throughout the storyline.

As such, Goku needed to leave because he had become a part of the Dragon and the Dragon Balls when he was the only one granted ultimate immortality by the wish-granting orbs. It was pretty ironic that the only person who never wished for immortality from the Dragon Balls became the only one who literally became immortal when he became one with them.

Considering that Shenron told the heroes of the planet that he would no longer grant a wish for a very long time, the Dragon Balls needed to leave the earthly plane. And because Goku became one with them, he needed to go with them as well.

This also explains why it took a hundred years for Goku to make a reappearance, as Shenron probably waited a century to bring the Dragon Balls back to the planet. As such, when Goku Jr. found the four-star Dragon Ball, Goku returned as well because this was the Dragon Ball he was mostly associated with when he was still a child because it was an heirloom from the man who raised him.

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