Which Chakra Natures Can Boruto Use?

Which Chakra Natures Can Boruto Use?

The story of Masashi Kishimoto’s shinobi world from Naruto is currently being continued in Boruto, which focuses on Naruto’s titular son. Boruto is a different story about a different generation. Still, while it does have its specifics and novelties, it also retains a lot of the old(er) concepts from the original Naruto franchise. In this article, we are going to discuss Boruto and his abilities, as we are going to tell you how many and which Nature Transformations Boruto Uzumaki is able to use in the series.

As of the time of writing, Boruto can use Lightning Release, which he has an affinity for, Wind Release, and Water Release, i.e., three of the five main Nature Transformations seen in the series. Whether Kishimoto plans to expand this is unknown, but due to his presumed potential, it wouldn’t be surprising if the number of Transformations were to expand later.

In this article, we will tell you more about Boruto and his Nature Transformations, i.e., we will explain his powers and abilities in more detail, from which you will understand how and why he was able to use his three types of Nature Transformation. We will go over his powers and abilities, revealing and explaining to you how powerful he is. We will also answer some additional questions related to his powers and abilities.

What Nature Transformations can Boruto use?

Boruto is considered a prodigy, possessing great dexterity and learning ability, being the most outstanding among his peers even without having dedicated himself to serious training. Boruto inherited the genius of his paternal grandfather and his father’s unpredictability, noting that by the time of the genin graduation exams, he had the level of capabilities of a chūnin, being far superior to the rest of his class and excelling in all combat areas. As a genin, he is described as an elite shinobi who excels on all battlefields.

Boruto has an affinity for Lighting Release and can utilize multiple chakra natures. As a member of the Academy, Boruto could use the Boruto Stream and Lighting Release concurrently. When the technique is launched, the nature of the chakra suddenly activates, making it invisible and encouraging the opponent to let down his guard in order to deliver enough damage by making contact with the target.

In the anime, Boruto was taught by Kakashi how to do the Wind Release: Rasengan, albeit he could only hurl the shadow clone as a projectile.However, as Kakashi noted, his Wind Release: Rasengan is insufficient and unable to deal significantly more damage than the standard Rasengan.

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As for the latter, it is unknown when and how he learned to use Wind Release. It is a well-known fact a shinobi can learn all Nature Transformations, but they usually inherit some affinities. As far as Boruto is concerned, as Naruto’s son, he was born with an affinity towards Wind Release, which is probably why he could master it from an early age, as he had no trouble using Wind Release techniques, although they are not his favorites. We only know that Boruto could simultaneously perform both the Wind and Lightning Release techniques as a Shinobi Academy student, as we have said, but when he mastered them is unknown.

The same thing we said about the Wind Release can be repeated here. Boruto was actually born with an affinity for Lightning Release, although he was equally successful in using Wind Release as well due to it being his father’s affinity. His affinity towards Lightning Release was probably inherited from his mother, as Hinata had mastered Lightning Release and Fire Release. However, it is unknown whether she had an affinity for Lightning Release. But, as we have said, no specific moment was given, and he could use Lightning Release as a student of the Shinobi Academy, which is very early.

He mastered using Water Release as a genin for moves like Suiton – Himatsudan. He inadvertently incorporated Lighting Release (Wind Release in the novel) chakra into the Rasengan when he first learned it, accomplishing a feat that even the most mighty shinobi had failed to do. Boruto was not born with an affinity for Water Release, yet as a genin, he learned it, as was confirmed in Chapter 1 of Boruto. No further details have been provided in relation to his learning the Water Release, but he has used it at that point.

What are Boruto’s other powers and abilities?

Boruto Uzumaki is a prodigy who is descended from both of his strong bloodlines and is thought to be capable of completing anything he sets his mind to in a relatively short amount of time. He received the top grade in his class in the Genin Exams and is regarded as being far superior to the rest of his generation, having inherited both the intelligence of his paternal grandpa and the unpredictable nature of his father. Boruto is regarded as an excellent genin who excels in all aspects of warfare. His skill was essential in overcoming strong opponents like Momoshiki, Urashiki, and Kara members. The Tsutsuki clan is worried about his potential as well.

Despite having had a large portion of his chakra absorbed into himself, Boruto, who inherited his father’s enormous chakra reserves, can produce four shadow clones. Along with having a significant amount of Otsutsuki power, he also has Byakugan user blood, which allows him to speak with the departed ghost of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. He needed relatively little practice to be able to use the Rasengan and perform one-handed mudras before instinctively perfecting and upgrading the move. This shows how advanced his chakra control was.

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Due to his exceptional speed, Boruto can sneak past his opponents without being seen. The demonstration of Boruto’s taijutsu prowess demonstrated his ability to mount constant assaults by carefully synchronizing the strikes from all four of his limbs. He mastered the fundamentals of Juken use as a member of the Hyuga clan, but he could not target an opponent’s tenketsu without a Byakugan. In addition, he is strong enough to attack targets with blows that can break the earth.

Boruto had the power to create numerous shadow clones and coordinate assaults with them to thwart a chûnin or even a jônin before enrolling at the Academy. Initially, Boruto’s clones could only work when they were in his direct line of sight. His father also showed him several sexy techniques. Boruto initially failed at mastering the Rasengan, but with Konohamaru’s assistance, he could construct a miniature version between two hands, then grow it to its full size with just one hand.

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With the help of a prophetic dream from Toneri Otsutsuki and the advent of Nue, Boruto started inadvertently activating the Jogan in his right eye when he was eight years old. The eye initially only instinctively opened when there was a serious threat, as it had been inactive for a long period before meeting Momoshiki Otsutsuki. He eventually activated it of his own will when he was 16 years old. He can sense things that are often unseen by the human eye thanks to this dojutsu. Due to his ability to sense chakra flow, Boruto is able to follow a target through the chakra and observe changes in his own chakra. Additionally, he can see beyond the invisible walls that separate dimensions and the central points of the circulatory chakra system.

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