How & When Did Boruto Learn the Water, Wind & Lighting Releases?

How & When Did Boruto Learn the Water, Wind & Lighting Releases?

The story of Masashi Kishimoto’s shinobi world from Naruto is currently being continued in Boruto, which focuses on Naruto’s titular son. Boruto is a different story about a different generation, but while it does have its specifics and novelties, it also retains a lot of the old(er) concepts from the original Naruto franchise. In this article, we are going to discuss Boruto and his abilities, as we are going to tell you how Boruto is able to use the Wind, Water & Lightning Releases.

Boruto is able to use three different Nature Transformations: Wind, Lightning, and Water. Using the Wind Release, he can release strong wind currents that he uses in conjunction with his shadow clones to perform the Boruto Stream. With Lightning Release, he unleashes an electrical discharge that he throws toward the enemy and applies it to his Rasengan. For his part, with Water Release, he can flood areas and use other techniques.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss Boruto’s powers and abilities related to his mastery of different Nature Releases since he is able to use three of them, even simultaneously. The article is going to contain all the relevant information you need to know, as well as the answers to questions that might trouble you about this topic.

How and when did Boruto learn Water Release?

The Water Release is one of the five basic Nature Transformation techniques, where the person can manipulate already existing water or turn their own chakra into water. Due to the structure of water, it can change its shape or state. It is even the most compatible element since it can be combined with the other 4 elements. The Water-type chakra Nature is the second most common element a person can be born with and is used primarily by Kirigakure shinobi.

Water is naturally strong against Fire (still, a powerful fire jutsu can evaporate water), but likewise, Water is also naturally weak against Earth. Although you usually need to be near a body of water, expert users such as Kisame Hoshigaki, a member of the Akatsuki, Mei Terumī, the Fifth Mizukage, and Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, are able to create their own water by transforming your chakra into water.

For example, when Orochimaru launched his attack on Konoha and summoned the First Hokage and the Second Hokage, the abilities of the Second Hokage could be seen there since the Second Hokage did the Water Wall Jutsu without the need for Water at his side. Around, he took it out of his interior, and after finishing the jutsu, it vanished as if it had never existed. The Second Mizukage can perform Water Release jutsus that transform water into the oil. It is compatible with various form alterations and can go from creating mist to hide itself to creating a huge wave to imprison its target. It is a great help when it comes to supporting in combat.

Water Release Surging Sea

The water element is an element mostly used to hinder or stop the advance or movement of the opponent since most of the techniques of this element are made up of giant waves or sweeping currents that make the opponent move back or change position. As mentioned before, it is a very useful element in providing support. This means that in a fight, a user of the water element can greatly help his partner, allowing him to attack him while the water techniques imprison him or him, making them change position.


How Much Chakra Does Boruto Have & How Does He Compare to Naruto?

It is an element that has very predictable techniques that, just by observing the shape and direction of the technique, can be dodged, this is fulfilled with the techniques that use the user’s chakra and expel the liquid from within his body, but Techniques that use the waters of nature can emerge from any location, making them very useful for taking the enemy by surprise.

Naruto and Boruto fans will know that a Nature Transformation is not something unique. Although a particular shinobi is usually born with an affinity towards one specific type of release, they can also learn other releases as well. Boruto was not born with an affinity for Water Release, yet as a genin, he managed to learn it, as was confirmed in Chapter 1 of Boruto. No further details have been provided in relation to his learning the Water Release, but he has used it at that point.

How and when did Boruto learn Wind Release?

The Wind Release is one of the five basic chakra natures with which the user can perform offensive jutsus through the manipulation of the wind by the confrontation of their chakra to make it as strong and as thin as possible, much like a pair of scissors. It could be said that the techniques that use this nature are about creating powerful currents or creating a blade made of wind and thus making a weapon or jutsu have greater cutting and insertion power. It can also be used to increase the range of weapons, as shown by Danzō and Asuma.

This is the rarest of the chakra natures as compared to the other very few people who have this type of chakra (although it seems to be common among Sunagakure village ninjas). Wind techniques are known to be perfect for short and medium-range combat, possessing the greatest offensive power in these two types of range. It can also face brute force combat thanks to its ability to cut. This chakra is characterized by cutting almost anything. Some of its users take advantage of this advantage so that their weapons have greater force through the Flow of Chakra.

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As shown during Naruto’s training, the cutting ability of this type of chakra is enough to cut through a waterfall. The wind is naturally strong against the Lightning Element but weak against the Fire Element. If wind and fire combine, the power of such a fire technique increases to a state that could even evaporate water. In addition to this combination of elements, the Burn Element arises. If a person combines the Water Element together with the wind, he can create a new element, better known as the Ice Element. Also, when combined with the Fire and Earth elements, it creates the only Kekkei Tōta known so far: Dust Element.


How Much Chakra Does Boruto Have & How Does He Compare to Naruto?

As for Boruto Uzumaki, it is not known when and how he actually learned how to use Wind Release. As we have said above, a shinobi can learn all Nature Transformations, but they usually inherit some affinities. As far as Boruto is concerned, as Naruto’s son, he was definitely born with an affinity towards Wind Release, which is probably why he was able to master it from an early age, as he had no trouble using Wind Release techniques, although they are not his favorites. We only know that Boruto was able to simultaneously perform both the Wind and Lightning Release techniques as a Shinobi Academy student, but when he mastered them is unknown.

How and when did Boruto learn Lightning Release?

By raising the high-frequency vibrations of a user’s individual chakra, Lightning Release techniques enable the user to produce lightning, allowing damage from sharp shapes with swift movements. It is simple to distribute and works well with long- and medium-range jutsu. The electrical energy paralyzes the target to the point where they are immobile and open to additional attacks.

Lightning can be injected into various weapons that have blades in a similar way to wind, albeit less frequently. This sharpens attacks through greater amounts of vibrations, causing numbing and boosting power. It is not as fast as real lightning when the jutsu is discharged from the users’ bodies and does not necessitate physical touch. Instead, it moves far more slowly as based on the control that the user exercises over it, which can give adversaries time to respond.

Thunderclap Arrow

It is a staple among Kumogakure ninjas. It is hypothesized that lightning element techniques demand more chakra than other nature-type transformations because of how quickly they deplete. Lightning is weak against Wind due to the nature of the two elements but effective against Earth Release because it can readily pass through it and destroy the ground. Water and Lightning have a special connection since water “conducts electricity.” This implies that the harm of a lightning element technique can be increased by using a water throw technique.

Although this also implies that the user can be rendered paralyzed through their own Jutsu if the opponent has an affinity for or access to water, either a naturally occurring source or one created with their own chakra as if another user throws water on the user who uses a lightning jutsu electrocutes himself. The Lightning is much stronger when using natural lighting, as is the case with the Kirin, who must first heat the atmosphere by using a potent Fire Release jutsu to produce storm clouds.


How Much Chakra Does Naruto Have & How Does He Compare to Boruto?

The same thing we said about the Wind Release can be repeated here. Boruto was actually born with an affinity for Lightning Release, although he was equally successful in using Wind Release as well due to it being his father’s affinity. His affinity towards Lightning Release was probably inherited from his mother, as Hinata had mastered Lightning Release and Fire Release. However, it is unknown whether she had an affinity for Lightning Release. But, as we have said, no specific moment was given, and he could use Lightning Release as a student of the Shinobi Academy, which is very early.

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