Who Are The Falcone & The Maroni Crime Families In The Batman?

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DC has always been clear about the fact that Gotham is a city full of criminals. We’re not only talking about petty crimes like mugging and robbery because we are talking about organized crime groups that have a significant influence on the politicians and the police of Gotham City. In that regard, one of the crime families that were mentioned throughout The Batman are the Falcone and the Maroni crime families. So, who are the Falcone and Maroni crime families in The Batman?

The Falcone and Maroni crime families in The Batman are rival families that each have their own connections in the Gotham underworld. Carmine Falcone ran into an attempted assassination from the Maroni family but was saved by Bruce’s father, Wayne Thomas, who operated on him.

One of the things that make The Batman a great movie is the fact that we see a sense of realism in the form of the mobsters such as the Falcone and Maroni families. These families have always had significant roles in the Batman universe because of their influence in the underground world of Gotham. So, with that said, let’s learn more about Falcone and Maroni.

Who Is Carmine Falcone In The Batman?

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Even though Batman’s rogue’s gallery is full of different people who tend to be larger than life in the sense that they are just as fantastic as Batman himself, there are some villains that are actually true to life in the sense that we may see them in cities that are quite large and are full of criminals and organized crime lords. 

Of course, even the recent movie, The Batman, was able to bring to life some of these organized crime lords that have huge control over Gotham City because of their influence not only on what’s happening in the criminal underground but on the legal aspect of the city as well. One such group is headed by Carmine Falcone, the leader of the Falcone family.

Many years ago, the Falcone family started when Vincent Falcone was able to gain enough power in Gotham’s underground. He was able to create his own crime family, which soon became the biggest crime family in the entire city. As he rose to prominence, he fathered two children, Carmine and Carla. His children eventually ended up following in their father’s footsteps.


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However, when Carmine was still young, a rival crime family called the Maroni family tried to gain the upper hand against the Falcones by killing the heir-apparent. They ordered a hit on Carmine, who nearly died as a result of the assassination attempt by the Maroni family.

Vincent Falcone didn’t want to bring his son to the hospital because he feared for his life and due to the fact that they didn’t want the police on their tails. That’s why he brought Carmine to Gotham’s best doctor, Thomas Wayne, who operated on the younger Falcone on the family dinner table to save his life. Meanwhile, Bruce witnessed all of this happening when he was still a young boy.

After the death of Vincent Falcone, Carmine “The Roman” Falcone became the new head of the Falcone group and started taking the family to new heights. Of course, recognizing the efforts of Thomas Wayne, Carmine offered Bruce a favor if ever he needed one because it was his father who saved him from certain death.

As Carmine Falcone established his rule as one of the biggest crime lords in Gotham, he began fathering children as well so that there would be someone to continue his legacy. But he actually had a hidden daughter in the form of Selina Kyle, whose mother was sent into a downward spiral after what Falcone did to her. That’s why, in The Batman, Selina is on a mission to kill Falcone.

Who Plays Carmine Falcone In The Batman?

John Turturro

In The Batman, Carmine Falcone is played by John Turturro, who was actually a staple in the Transformers movies that were released during the late 2000s. But he is best known for his performances in Barton Fink, Quiz Show, Fading Gigolo, and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.

What Happened To Carmine Falcone In The Batman?

In The Batman, Carmine Falcone actually plays one of the biggest roles in the entire movie. It was revealed that he was actually the rat that has been revealing the different secrets of the other mobsters in Gotham. He was also the one who was using the cops to his advantage, and that was led to the arrest of the head of the Maroni family.

It turned out that Falcone had a huge role to play in the history behind the Riddler. In the past, Thomas Wayne ran for mayor but was blackmailed by a reporter who threatened to reveal to the public Martha’s past as a patient that had to be confined in Arkham.

Because of that, Wayne approached Falcone to scare the reporter off. However, instead of simply scaring him, Falcone ordered the death of the reporter, and that meant that the Riddler found out that even Thomas Wayne, the man who was regarded as one of the cleanest people in the entire city, had done something dirty.


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Thomas found out about what Falcone did and threatened to reveal everything to the police. However, he ended up dead not long after, and that pointed to Falcone as the possible suspect in the deaths of Thomas and Martha.

Before that, Thomas also pledged a billion dollars to the orphanage where the Riddler was staying as a young boy. However, the pledge never happened because he ended up dying not long after he made the vow to donate to the orphanage.

When the Riddler became an accountant, he found out that the Falcone family had been using the money that Thomas was supposed to donate to the orphanage as a means of bribing different Gotham officials and police officers. That was the reason why Falcone was able to have Maroni thrown to jail.

Of course, in the movie, Batman and Gordon were able to find out about Falcone being the rat that was bribing the police into doing his bidding. Selina also knew about this and sought out her own father to kill him. But Batman was able to stop her from doing so, as the police arrested Falcone.

As the police were carrying Falcone out, an enraged Penguin tried to kill the crime lord himself because he found out that it was Carmine who was the rat all along. However, in the confusion, the Riddler shot Falcone dead.

Who Is Sal Maroni In The Batman?

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The Maroni family is actually the rival family of the Falcone family, as the group began when Luigi “Big Lou” Maroni started his own crime group in Gotham, and the group included his son, Sal. It was also the Maroni family that ordered the hit on Carmine Falcone, and that was what escalated the rivalry between the two groups.

However, Sal Maroni was only mentioned throughout the entire movie. In fact, it was his arrest that started the entire conflict in The Batman, as the mayor and several police officers who were under Falcone’s payroll were able to learn enough information from Falcone himself to arrest Maroni before the events of the film.


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But, knowing that the mayor and some policemen were actually working for Falcone, the Riddler sought out to kill them during the start of the movie, and that was what led to the entire mystery that Batman and Gordon were trying to solve throughout the entire film.

Who Plays Sal Maroni In The Batman?

Unlike Carmine Falcone, Sal Maroni was never shown onscreen in The Batman but was only mentioned several times throughout the movie.

What Happened To Sal Maroni In The Batman?

As mentioned, Maroni was imprisoned by the mayor and the Gotham police before the events of the movie, thanks to Falcone, who acted as their informant. With Maroni gone, Falcone was able to take control of his drug operations.

However, after he was thrown in prison, we were never told what happened to Sal Maroni in The Batman. We can make the presumption that he was still in prison throughout the entire movie and may even make an appearance in one of the future movies.

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