Who Does Bill Skarsgard Play In Eternals? Finally Revealed

Who Does Bill Skarsgard Play In Eternals? Finally Revealed

One of the things that we know about the Eternals movie is that it has an amazing ensemble of actors that have seen their fair of success. Of course, because the attention was on the actors of Eternals themselves, not a lot of people noticed that Bill Skarsgard was actually in the movie. And he wasn’t really noticeable in the film. So, who does Bill Skarsgard play in Eternals?

Bill Skarsgard plays the voice of the Deviant villain Kro. In case you got lost in the events of Eternals, Kro is the big bad Deviant that was stronger than the other Deviants. Kro killed both Ajak and Gilgamesh, the latter of whom allowed him to assume a more humanoid form and gave him the ability to talk.

It’s easy to get lost in the events of the entire Eternals film because of how there were a lot of things going on. While it may have been revealed that one of the Eternals was a villain, the constant villains in the movie were the Deviants. And among the Deviants, Bill Skarsgard’s Kro stood as the only one strong enough to contend with the Eternals.

Bill Skarsgard’s Secret Role Revealed

Before the Eternals film was released in cinemas and on Disney+, one of the things that Marvel has been selling about it was the movie’s amazing star-studded cast. There is no doubt that Eternals is full of actors that have seen it all in their own right, especially when you look at the more veteran members of the cast, such as Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.

Still, the other members of the cast are great in their own right, and some of them are still rising in the ranks. And the fact that Eternals is full of amazing actors makes it difficult to focus on what is happening because your attention would be on the actors themselves.

That said, as our attention focuses more on the Eternals and the plot of the film, one such actor you surely didn’t notice is Bill Skarsgard. And you will be surprised to know that he is actually in the movie once you look at the names of the members of the cast in the end credits or on the film’s IMDB page.

Bill Skarsgard’s appearance made him a second-generation actor to appear in an MCU film because his father, Stellan Skarsgard, played Erik Selvig in the Thor movies. But, yes, the truth is that Bill Skarsgard is actually in the Eternals movie and plays a role that is quite easy to miss because he doesn’t have a lot of speaking lines and doesn’t take the form of a human. So, who does Bill Skarsgard play in Eternals?

Bill Skarsgard’s “secret role” in Eternals is actually Kro, and this is something you will see if you look at the end credits or if you Google the cast of Eternals. So, at this point, you now understand why you missed him in the movie and why you didn’t notice that he was the one portraying this character. And we can’t even blame you and the rest of the star-studded cast for this because his character in the film is really easy to miss.

Who Is Deviant Kro?

While you already know that Bill Skarsgard plays Kro, you might be wondering who in the world this character is. And, yes, we fully understand why you don’t know who Kro is because the character’s name was never even mentioned during the entire film.

The truth is that Kro is actually one of the Deviants, the monsters that the Eternals were tasked to kill when they were sent to Earth 7,000 years prior to the main events of the movie. And now that you know that Bill Skarsgard is Kro and that he is a Deviant, you probably already have an idea which Deviant he is.

During the entire movie, the Deviants were seen as mindless monsters that were not capable of speaking. They just devoured whoever they saw, as they are actually predators that were sent to ensure that intelligent life could flourish in the planets they were sent to, but ended up eating on the intelligent lifeforms themselves.

That said, one of the things revealed in the film early on was a particularly strong Deviant that surprised Gemma Chan’s Sersi and Richard Madden’s Ikaris. Not only did this Deviant prove that Deviants were not yet extinct on Earth, but it also showed tremendous power in the sense that not even Ikaris, the strongest of the Eternals, was able to kill it. And the fact that it had healing powers similar to the group’s leader, Ajak, surprised them as well.

As the movie progressed, this Deviant proved to be the leader of the remaining Deviants on Earth and was much stronger than the rest of them, as it was able to give the Eternals a run for their money. And the theory that it absorbed Ajak’s powers and killed her in the process was proven when this Deviant also absorbed Gilgamesh’s powers.

It was only when it absorbed Gilgamesh’s powers and killed the powerhouse Eternal that the Deviant transformed from its more monstrous form into a smaller humanoid appearance. Transforming into this appearance also allowed it to speak. And this was the first time we were introduced to Bill Skarsgard’s Kro, as he spoke for the very first time in the entire movie.

Why Is Bill Skarsgard’s Role In Eternals So Minor?

As mentioned, Bill Skarsgard’s role in the film was the voice of the Deviant Kro, who is purely CGI. And you will also notice that Kro didn’t have a lot of speaking lines, and that was kind of disappointing to fans because they felt like Marvel wasted Bill Skarsgard’s talent with such a minor role. So, why is Bill Skarsgard’s role in Eternals so minor?

We cannot say for certain why Marvel chose Bill Skarsgard to play a minor role in Eternals, as no reason was ever revealed. However, what we can say for sure is that they chose a talented actor, who is quite versatile when it comes to playing different roles.

After all, Bill Skarsgard’s most prominent role is the character of Pennywise the Clown in the recent IT movies. As Pennywise, Skarsgard gave life to the character thanks to his versatile acting and his amazing portrayal of the horrific clown’s voice. And the fact that he is so talented is what disappointed fans when they found out that he was given such a minor role in Eternals.

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Will Bill Skarsgard Be In The MCU In The Future? 

While fans may have been disappointed by the fact that Bill Sarsgaard was seemingly a wasted talent when he was given the role of the Deviant Kro, whose name wasn’t even mentioned in the film, there is still hope.

Marvel isn’t shy about casting actors for multiple roles in the MCU. Of course, we are looking at Gemma Chan, who started out as a supporting character named Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel. However, as you already know, Gemma Chan earned herself a second chance in the MCU as Sersi, a starring character in Eternals.

So, given the fact that both Skarsgard’s Kro died in Eternals, just like how Chan’s Minn-Erva died in Captain Marvel, there is still a chance that Marvel will give a new role to Bill Skarsgard, similar to how Gemma Chan was able to land a bigger role in the MCU.

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