Who Is África in Welcome to Eden? Meet the Character and the Real Person Behind It

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If you are looking for a series that combines drama and suspense in one show, then Welcome to Eden should be a good series to watch. Of course, the characters of the series allow it to become as good as it is. One such character that has a prominent role throughout the entire series is África, who is one of the characters asked to stay on the Eden Foundation island. But who is África in Welcome to Eden?

Before going to the island, África made her name as a successful social media influencer because of her large follower count. She is a fashionista and is quite vain and narcissistic due to her habit of posting selfies and her attention-seeking nature. África is portrayed by Latin pop star Belinda Peregrín.

África is one of the most interesting characters in Welcome to Eden because of her overall attention and power-seeking nature. That is why she plays a huge role in the series as one of the people that Erick and Astrid want to trust with huge responsibilities, considering that she wants to be in control all the time. In that regard, let’s get to know more about África.

Who Is África In Welcome To Eden?

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Welcome to Eden is one of the more promising shows that you may want to watch if you’re into shows and movies about survival, suspense, and drama. This series focuses on a group of young adults that were invited to an exclusive party on a secluded island under the guise of promoting their newest product called Blue Eden.


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However, when the young adults were asked to drink Blue Eden, they ended up blacking out. Meanwhile, the next day, all but five young adults were left on the island as the other people invited to the island were allowed to leave the party that morning. A girl named África was one of the young adults who were chosen to stay on the island. But who is África in Welcome to Eden?

África, before she joined the Eden Foundation, was quite successful as a social media influencer. She had a lot of followers and was someone who the younger generation looked up to as an idol or something similar to that. Her name on social media was Afrilux, as she often posted things like fashion and selfies whenever she was on social media.

On top of the fact that she was quite prominent as a social media influencer, she also had the traits of an ambitious young woman. Erick described her as disobedient and narcissistic, and such traits were able to contribute to her overall ambitious personality as someone who wanted to be under the spotlight all the time

África craved attention and power. The fact that she wanted to be the center of attention was the reason why she wanted to always be in control over a certain situation. These traits were what allowed her to be chosen as one of the five young adults who were asked to join the Eden Foundation.

That said, África was invited to an exclusive party on a secret island that was owned and run by Eden. The party was supposed to be held as a means of promoting a new energy drink called Blue Eden. However, that was not the case because it was actually a party that allowed the Eden Foundation to choose who they wanted to stay on the island to become the new members of their community there.

Due to her popularity as a social media influencer, África was one of the most recognizable names at the party on the Eden Foundation’s island. She even performed during the party and was one of the people asked to drink the Blue Eden energy drink.

The following morning, África and the four other people (Zoa, Aldo, Ibón, and Charly) woke up on an empty beach when the other partygoers had already been brought back to the mainland. She and the other four were guided by a drone to a community where Astrid and the other staff of the Eden Foundation greeted them.

África and the others were asked to stay on the island and were toured around it so that they would get to know more about the community that Eden had established on the said island. However, they were also made to believe that they had a choice to go home, considering that they were told that a boat was going to come back to take them to the mainland if they were to decide that they didn’t want to stay on Eden.

However, during the farewell party that was held for them before they were supposedly going to leave, África had a conversation with Astrid, who told her that none of her followers cared about her and that she was protecting the people of Eden from the evils of the real world outside of the island. África went to Astrid’s home, where she was able to converse with Erick as well, as she was asked to stay in their guest room so that they could get to know each other a bit more. That was when Erick told África that the people of Eden would treat her like family when her real family didn’t care a lot about her.

The following morning, Astrid and Erick pressured África into signing a contract that would make her stay with Eden for a year, even though she didn’t recall ever promising them of such. Nevertheless, she still made the decision to sign the contract and stay on the island so that they could help them for one year. África and Mayka also crafted her final message to her social media followers as she bid them farewell for now.

However, tensions arose when Astrid noticed how close Erick and África were becoming. She told her husband to make África live in the normal sleeping quarters so that she would be treated like anyone else on the island. In that regard, Erick told África to leave their home because she was still a level 1 member of the community and that only those who are at level 3 are permitted to stay in their home. That was when Erick told her that she needed to prove that she was useful to Erick and Astrid so that she could increase her level.


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Due to the fact that she is an ambitious woman, África wanted to increase her level so that she could gain more power and control over the people of the island. She sucked up to Erick and Astrid and told them that she would be organizing a party to celebrate the anniversary of the Eden Foundation. And while she was organizing the party, África manifested how bossy and controlling of a person she could be.

Who Plays África In Welcome To Eden?

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The person playing África in Welcome to Eden is perhaps the biggest star in the entire cast. That’s because she has always been a staple in the Latin scene, as she started as a pop star during the early 2000s. The one portraying África is none other than Belinda Peregrín, who was born in 1989 and has since been one of the staples in the Spanish-Mexican music scene since the 2000s.

Called the Princess of Latin Pop, Belinda Peregrín has had a successful career in show business as she has released a total of four albums and has participated in four tours throughout her entire career. On top of that, Belinda Peregrín has also appeared in a lot of movies and shows, such as The Cheetah Girls 2, Baywatch, and Camaleones.

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