Who Is Angela in Stranger Things Season 4? Meet Elodie Grace Orkin

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Stranger Things season 4 did a great job in introducing a lot of new characters that played pretty good roles in the series, especially when it came to the development of the main characters. One such character is Angela, who was introduced as one of Eleven’s classmates in her school over in California. She became a vital part of Eleven’s journey into her teenage years. So, who is Angela in Stranger Things season 4, and who plays her?

Angela is a freshman in the same school that Eleven attends in California. She was portrayed to be the school bully that we often see in a lot of high school chick flicks as she bullied Eleven nonstop and made her life miserable. She is played by a young actress named Elodie Grace Orkin.

While Jonathan had Steve in season 1 of Stranger Things, Eleven has Angela in her own school in California. Then again, she seems to be a lot more rotten than old Steve was, and her rotten personality made Eleven’s life in California quite miserable. With that said, let’s take a look at what we know about Angela and about the actress portraying her.

Who Is Angela In Stranger Things Season 4?

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Like the other seasons, Stranger Things season 4 brought in new characters that added some color and interesting arcs into the series. However, the thing about the newest season is that it seems to have a lot more new characters than the previous season. These new characters weren’t just added into the mix for the heck of it because they actually have their own roles in Stranger Things season 4.

Of course, one of the more notable new characters in Stranger Things season 4 is a young girl named Angela. This new character doesn’t have the biggest and most important roles out of all of the new characters, but she still plays a good role in Eleven’s character arc, as Stranger Things season 4 allows the different members of the main cast to have their own character arcs. So, who is Angela in Stranger Things season 4, and what does she have to do with Eleven?

To get to know Angela, it is important to look at Eleven’s character arc in Stranger Things season 4. In season 3, we saw that Eleven got adopted by the Byers family and had to move to California so that they could be safe from everyone who wanted to take advantage of Eleven’s powers. As such, Eleven, Joyce, Will, and Jonathan all had to start new lives in California.


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The early part of season 4 opened up with Eleven monologuing in the background about her new life in California while she was writing a letter addressed to her boyfriend Mike Wheeler, who was still over at Hawkins with the other main cast members. While she was monologuing, she was writing in the letter about how good her life in California was and about how she was getting along with her “new friends” there.

In truth, however, Eleven wasn’t really doing well in California. She was experiencing the growing pains of what it was to be a normal girl going through high school because she had to find her place in society as Jane, which is actually the name her mother gave her when she was still a child.

Jane was living a hard life in California because she struggled to fit into the world of high school teenage life. And like a lot of different chick flicks and teenage coming-of-age movies and shows, Eleven was the victim of bullying by none other than Angela.

For a school project, Eleven (Jane) came up with a diorama about a historical person that she admired. This turned out to be her adoptive father, Jim Hopper, who she believed had died at the end of the third season of Stranger Things.

While Eleven was telling her story about her life with Hopper, a girl named Angela butted in by telling the teacher that Jane didn’t follow the assignment because Hopper wasn’t a historical person. Eleven responded by telling her that her father was a hero who died saving people. And the insensitive Angela made fun of her by saying that her father wasn’t a hero because he only made it to their local newspaper.

After class, Jane was seen carrying her diorama outside of school. However, Angela tripped her over, which destroyed the diorama. An angry Eleven tried to use her powers, which she didn’t have anymore, only to become the laughing stock of the entire school for being the weird girl. A teacher, however, came to the rescue and told Angela to meet her in her office, even though Jane never told her said that she was being bullied.

Later in the series, Mike came to visit Eleven in California, as she continued lying about her life there and even told him that she often went to the skating rink with her “friend” Angela. In the skating rink, however, Angela saw Eleven and Mike together and sought to make her life more miserable because she believed that it was Jane’s fault that she got in trouble with the teacher.

Angela and her friends brought Eleven over to the middle of the skating rink and began bullying her, with Mike wondering what was happening. The coup de grâce came when one of the male friends of Angela threw a milkshake all over Eleven, and this led her to bail out on both Mike and Will to cry alone.

Eleven came back to the skating rink and told Angela to tell Mike that they were only joking and that they had been her friends all along. However, Angela didn’t want to do what Jane wanted her to do. An infuriated Eleven took a skate shoe and then assaulted Angela right on the middle of her face, which started bleeding.

The assault on Angela led to Eleven’s arrest at the hands of the cops. After that, Eleven was taken into custody by Dr. Sam Owens, who wanted to tell her that Hawkins was now in trouble again and that she needed to get her powers back. We never saw Angela ever again.


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In the greater narrative of season 4, Angela didn’t have a huge role, but she played an important part in Eleven’s character arc. Like all teenagers, Eleven went through life as a normal girl who had to endure high school bullies in the form of Angela. However, she never told anyone about what was happening to her because she wanted Mike to know that she was happy and okay in her new life in California. This, however, backfired because Mike realized how unhappy she was because of people like Angela.

Who Plays Angela In Stranger Things?

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Angela is an entirely new character in Stranger Things season 4, as her actress herself is somewhat new to the acting industry as well. She is portrayed by the young Elodie Grace Orkin, who is still only 18 years old as of this writing. As such, she hasn’t been in a lot of productions in her young career as an actress.

Elodie Grace Orkin had a television appearance as a singer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in 2018. She had her first acting gig in We Hunt Together, a television series, in 2020. After that, she appeared in a TV series called Stage Fright as one of the recurring characters. Orkin appeared in Saving Paradise in a small role before she made her way to Stranger Things season 4.

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