Who Is Anto Kreegyr in Andor & Why Is His Mission So Important?


One of the things that fans of Star Wars have noticed in the Andor series is that there are a lot of different characters involved in its storyline. Most of these characters are quite mysterious because they seem to have their own personal agenda in this darker Star Wars series. One such character that has been a mystery so far is Anto Kreegyr. So, who is Anto Kreegyr in Andor, and why is he important?

Anto Kreegyr was a member of the Separatists during the time of the Galactic Empire and had since been actively resisting the Empire ever since. In Andor, he is one of the characters that the ISB believes could be Axis or the person who has been recruiting rebels into his cause.

It has always been hinted at that Andor tells the story of the hidden costs of the Rebellion, and it is clear that these costs will be highlighted in the plot of someone like Kreegyr, who Luthen Rael sees as a dispensable part of the greater good. So, with that said, let’s look at who Anto Kreegyr is and why he is so important to the Andor storyline.

Who Is Anto Kreegyr?

There are a lot of different characters that have already been introduced in the Andor series. Of course, while we do know that Cassian Andor is the main character in a storyline that seeks to tell how he becomes a hero of the Rebellion, the series also seeks to tell the story of the formation of the early part of the Rebellion and how different people were able to contribute to this grand scheme.

One such character that has been mentioned several times not only by the would-be rebels but also by the ISB is Anto Kreegyr. At this point, he seems to be a mystery in terms of who he is and what his role may be. However, we’re here to look at what we know about Anto Kreegyr in Andor.

The one thing that has become clear in relation to Kreegyr is that he isn’t exactly a guy that’s friendly to the Empire. One of the first instances that he was mentioned was when Luthen Rael visited Saw Gerrera to try to recruit and convince him to work on an operation led by Kreegyr. We all know that Luthen has always been the one actively recruiting people in an attempt to bring in heroes and unite the rebels in one formal Rebellion. In that regard, it is clear that Kreegyr is someone who is known to be a rebel against the Empire.

saw and luthen

However, Saw initially rejected the offer to work with him due to the fact that Kreegyr used to be a Separatist. In case you’ve forgotten, the Separatists were the enemies of the Galactic Republic before the rise of the Empire. As such, Kreegyr used to be someone who fought against the Jedi and the army of the Republic around 15 years before the events of Andor.

Still, Kreegyr remains a mystery character that we hardly know anything of except for the fact that he has been on the radar of the ISB. After all, the ISB is now in the middle of trying to lure him into a trap in one of the operations that he is about to undertake. That could mean that the ISB believes that he is a strong and capable leader, despite the fact that Saw thinks of him as a slow person.


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Another thing that we know about Kreegyr is that he is a huge, bearded, and bald-headed man. We saw this in episode 11 when the ISB interrogated Bix, who was still in their custody, as they flashed a holographic image of Kreegyr. The ISB believes that he could be the one that they’ve been calling Axis, who they believe could be the convergence point of all of the possible rebel activities that have been happening throughout the galaxy.

Why Is Kreegyr Important?

It was revealed a few episodes ago that Kreegyr is about to undertake an operation against the Empire in an attempt to follow up on the victory that Andor and the small band of rebels were able to enjoy in the Aldhani mission. This is the same mission that Saw Gerrera initially didn’t want to be a part of because he wasn’t particularly fond of Anto Kreegyr.

However, the ISB captured one of Kreegyr’s pilots and learned about this mission that he was about to undertake. That means that they attempt to entrap the rebel leader in the hopes of catching or even killing the man they believe is Axis. This raid on Spellhaus is going to be one of the more important events in Andor, as this is where the ISB will try to show that they are one step ahead of the rebels.

But another thing that we do know is that Lonni Jung, who is one of the ISB officers privy to this trap for Kreegyr, has always been an informant on the side of Luthen because he was groomed to be his eyes and ears within the ISB. Lonni told Luthen about the operation that the Empire was about to undertake in relation to Kreegyr’s planned raid on Spellhaus. And that was when Luthen said that he was willing to let Kreegyr die rather than risk the possibility of the ISB learning that Lonni has always been a double agent.

lonni and luthen.png

Then, in episode 11, Saw changed his mind and told Luthen that he now wants to work with Kreegyr. Of course, things have already changed because Luthen is now aware that the ISB plans to ambush Kreegyr in the supposed Spellhaus operation. While Saw was initially apprehensive of the fact that Luthen was willing to let Kreegyr and his men die, they both agreed that this was for the greater good of their attempts to resist the Empire.

While it is possible that Kreegyr and his mission aren’t that important when it comes to the stakes involved, they are still important when it comes to understanding what the Andor series is all about. And we are referring to the fact that this series shows the darker side of the Rebellion and the costs that the rebels were willing to pay to make sure that they would find a way to overthrow the Empire.


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This type of mindset was never shown in any of the Star Wars movies or series involving the Rebellion. But the fact is that Andor allows us to take a closer look at what these rebel leaders are capable of and what they are willing to do to make sure that there were no loose ends on their part. After all, Kleya was willing to have Andor killed for the greater good of the Rebellion, and we see that same mindset in the fact that Luthen, for the sake of the greater good, is willing to see an ally fall without even warning him.

Of course, at this point, we don’t know who exactly Anto Kreegyr is and what kind of role he will be playing in the series moving forward. There is a good chance that he will survive this ambush by the ISB and that he will have a bigger role in the series in the future. 

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