Who Is Baby Zeke In Ozark & How Did Darlene Get Him?

Who Is Baby Zeke In Ozark & How Did Darlene Get Him?

Ozark is coming to an end, as the final season is going to give us the conclusion of this fan-favorite series. In that regard, because many fans forgot the events of the previous seasons because of the long break between seasons 3 and 4, there are probably those who are wondering who Baby Zeke is. That’s why you might want to refresh your memory. So, who is Baby Zeke, and how did Darlene get him?

Baby Zeke is the son of Pastor Mason Young and his wife, Grace. But Grace was taken by the Snells during her pregnancy. Mason kidnapped Wendy thinking she had something to do with the state taking Zeke, but the pastor got killed in an altercation with Marty. Darlene took the baby from the Byrdes after that.

It is important to take note that there were a lot of things that happened in Ozark before season 4. As such, it is important to brush up on the things that happened so that it would be easier to keep up with the events of parts 1 and 2 of season 4. That is why we are here to explain who Baby Zeke is and why 

Who Is Baby Zeke On Ozark?

One of the supporting characters that got entangled with the Byrdes during the events of Ozark is Baby Zeke, who is quite literally an infant. This baby actually plays a huge role in the series, despite the fact that he can’t even talk. That’s something that we will end up knowing more about as we talk more about Zeke. But who is Baby Zeke on Ozark?

The first season of Ozark introduced us to Pastor Mason Young and his wife, Grace. During the season, Grace was pregnant but was killed by both Darlene and Jacob Snell. But before killing Grace, they delivered the baby first, which turned out to be Zeke. The reason why they killed Grace was to send a message to Mason, who stopped preaching on the water that the Snells used to push their heroine.

Who Is Baby Zeke In Ozark & How Did Darlene Get Him?

That means that Baby Zeke is actually the son of Pastor Mason and Grace. But the baby’s life would become very complicated as you continue to read this article. And you might even end up forgetting who Zeke’s parents are when you realize the circumstances he went through in his young life.

How Did Darlene Get Baby Zeke?

Entering season 4, Darlene Snell, the very same person who killed Zeke’s mother, actually ended up getting custody of the baby. It’s worthy to note that Darlene doesn’t have the best mental state and isn’t quite suitable to be a mother because of her overall demeanor and personality. After all, she did kill her own mother and her husband and is known to traffic drugs. Then again, let’s look at how the baby ended up in her custody in this Netflix series.

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As mentioned, the Snells killed Grace to send a message to Pastor Mason. However, Mason never knew about the Snells’ operation, as he only found out about it after Marty and Wendy Byrde agreed to build a church for him. The Byrdes wanted to use the church for their money laundering, but they ended up getting on Pastor Mason’s bad side when Grace disappeared.

Due to the loss of his wife and because of the struggles of being a single parent, Mason was badly depressed and went as far as preaching on the street. The state authorities saw his mental state and realized that it was best to take Zeke away from the pastor because the baby was in a dangerous situation. Wendy had previously warned Mason that this would happen, and that’s the reason why the pastor thought that she was the one responsible for Grace’s disappearance and why the state had to take Zeke away.

In that regard, Mason kidnapped Wendy and held her ransom. He told Marty that he would be willing to trade Wendy for Zeke and that Marty only had 24 hours to make the trade happen. And with the help of a politician, Marty was able to talk the state into giving him Zeke until Pastor Mason was already fit enough to be a father.

However, when Marty gave Zeke to Mason, the pastor changed his mind because he didn’t want Marty to “corrupt” Wendy, as he previously called him “the devil.” As such, an emotional Marty ended up shooting Pastor Mason in an attempt to save his wife.

With Mason dead, the Byrdes took Zeke under the guise that they were going to take care of the baby while Mason was away but was actually already dead. But Darlene knew about this and actually used it to her advantage.

Who Is Baby Zeke In Ozark & How Did Darlene Get Him?

Darlene blackmailed the Byrdes into handing Zeke over to her because she had always wanted a baby. She also wanted someone to pass her drug pushing business to, and that’s why she wanted to adopt Zeke as her own. Darlene even went as far as telling the Byrdes that she would love the baby more than they could do so, and that might make sense because neither Marty nor Wendy have been good parents to their children.

Marty pulled some strings so that Darlene could get custody over Baby Zeke, and that was how the baby finally ended up with Darlene, who actually took care of the child properly despite her deranged mental state and her penchant for murder.

Why Is Baby Zeke Important?

While Baby Zeke may only be a supporting character, there is a reason why the child became the subject of a quarrel and why the Byrdes wanted to take care of him. And this isn’t because the baby is special or anything. Instead, it’s simply because of the fact that all of the different sides involved wanted the child to take advantage of a situation that they could pull in their favor.

The Byrdes saw Baby Zeke as an opportunity to open a casino, as they used the baby as a bargaining tool. This is the reason why the Byrdes saw the child as an important asset in their money-laundering scheme.

However, Darlene knew about the circumstances behind Baby Zeke and even threatened to stop the casino project. She made it clear to the Byrdes that she would keep her mouth shut if they would allow her to gain custody over Zeke. And, as mentioned above, Marty had no choice but to give the baby over to the deranged woman.

What Happens To Baby Zeke In Ozark Season 4?

Part 1 of season 4 of Ozark allowed us to see Darlene, who became a good mother to Zeke. And that’s something that no viewer ever expected because she is a murderer and is known for farming opium and pushing drugs. Still, that didn’t stop her from treating the child well enough.

Things improved for Zeke when Darlene got married to Wyatt, as they were able to give the child a stable environment that can actually be suitable enough for him in the long run.

Who Is Baby Zeke In Ozark & How Did Darlene Get Him?

But the problem is that Javi ended up murdering both Darlene and Wyatt, and that left Zeke all alone in the world once more.

Ruth arrives and decides to take the baby in as her own at the end of part 1 of season 4 of Ozark. And while Zeke now has a different parent figure, this might be the best case for both him and Ruth, who both have been through a lot in the series.

It is unclear whether or not the baby will remain under Ruth’s custody because the baby has already changed hands quite a few times since its birth. However, being with Ruth might be the best scenario for Zeke because Ruth has proven herself to be a person loyal enough to be there for the people she loves. She may be too young to be a mother, but she was a good enough influence to her younger family members throughout the entire series. And we saw how loving she was when she was in a relationship with Ben in season 3.

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In the alternative, we may end up seeing Zeke returning to the Byrdes’ care in part 2 of season 4, but this isn’t something that is likely because we didn’t see Zeke in the flash-forward scene when the Byrdes were making their way back to Chicago. And considering that the Byrdes had something to do with Ben’s death, it is unlikely that Ruth would want the child to be placed under their care.

As such, it is likely that Ruth will adopt Zeke and will give him the happy home that he deserves. Meanwhile, for Ruth, having Zeke will give her a reason in life as she now has a huge responsibility on her shoulder. That’s why being with one another is the best scenario for both Baby Zeke and Ruth, given the things that they went through during the course of the series.

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