Who Is Cat Walker In Miraculous Ladybug Season 4?

Who Is Cat Walker In Miraculous Ladybug Season 4?

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is shaping up to be one of the best shows on TV right now, especially with how heated the events of season 4 has become. But as season 4 is still airing, there are some people who are looking at the previews of the upcoming episodes. Specifically, episode 23, entitled Kuro Neko, introduces a new character named Cat Walker. So, who is Cat Walker in Miraculous Ladybug season 4?

Cat Walker is supposedly a new holder of the Cat Miraculous. However, there is no certainty as to who Cat Walker is because there hasn’t been any new information about this. Some say that it is still Adrien, but some say it’s Felix. But it could also be true that it’s an entirely different character.

The thing about Miraculous is that it allows people to make their own assumptions and predictions regarding the characters that are yet to appear in the series. In this case, we are talking about Cat Walker, who people are thinking is still Adrien or some other character because there can only be one holder of the same Miraculous.

Who Is Cat Walker In Kuro Neko Episode?

One of the best animated shows that you can watch on television right now is Miraculous, which has been quite successful for four seasons. This is due in large part to how the story was able to focus a lot on the relationship between the primary heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir, while also adding a lot of different substories to the series.

The premiere of season 4 added more twists and turns to an already amazing series, as we are still set for more revelations as the season proceeds. However, because season 4 has seen plenty of breaks in between episodes ever since it premiered on June 21, 2021, the season has become quite extended.

With the last episode showing on November 20, 2021, and the next one releasing on February 5, 2022, fans are becoming more excited to the point that they are looking at the previews of the upcoming episodes. Of course, it also isn’t a secret that fans like discussing with each other the previews of the upcoming episodes, especially with whatever information they have been given.

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One such character that people have been talking about is Cat Walker. In the most recent trailers or previews of the upcoming episodes, we have seen a new character named Cat Walker in episode 23 of season 4, entitled Kuro Neko. This episode will feature the same cast that will fight against the supposed villain of the episode named Kuro Neko. But who exactly is Cat Walker?

As of now, there are no exact specifications regarding who Cat Walker is because the show creators seem to be quite secretive in relation to the information of their upcoming episodes. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped us from digging into the possible identity of this new miraculous holder named Cat Walker.

In the Fandom page of Cat Walker, the only information regarding this character is in relation to the fact that he is a “future holder” of the Cat Miraculous, which we all know is held by Adrien or Cat Noir. This means that this character could be anyone and can even be an entirely different person.

Cat Walker

Still, some people think that this is just Adrien with a different costume or look because, in a way, Cat Walker still resembles Cat Noir but with a slightly different costume. Then again, while we cannot dismiss that theory, there is still a larger chance that Cat Walker is not Adrien because of the very fact that Cat Walker’s Fandom page says that he is a “future holder.”

So, given the fact that Cat Walker is a future holder and is not a current holder, we can dismiss the possibility that this is Adrien in a different costume. But the most telling reason why this isn’t Adrien is the fact that the episode details on the Kuro Neko Fandom page say that “This will be the second time Adrien renounces his Miraculous and Plagg, after the New York Special.”

Given the fact that Adrien renounces his Miraculous and that only one person can hold the same Miraculous at a time, this means that Cat Walker is not Adrien. And the possibility is that Cat Walker is indeed a new Miraculous holder. But who in the world is Cat Walker?

There are some indications that Cat Walker could be Felix Graham de Vanily, who is the twin cousin of Adrien. Given the fact that Adrien and Felix are quite similar in their looks and that Cat Noir and Cat Walker are nearly identical in appearance as well, there is a good chance that Cat Walker is indeed Felix in disguise after he became the new holder of the Cat Miraculous when Adrien renounced it.

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Then again, Felix being Cat Walker is merely a speculation, as there is also a possibility that we are looking at an entirely different character here. But Felix becoming Cat Walker would be a good way to explore this character’s personality and growth, especially considering that he is relatively new to the series. 

What Are Cat Walkers Powers And Abilities?

Right now, there isn’t any information regarding what Cat Walker’s powers are because what he is capable of hasn’t been fully shown in the episode trailers and previews. However, given the fact that Cat Walker possesses the same Miraculous as Cat Noir, we can conclude that he has the same powers.

This means that Cat Walker has the same enhanced strength and speed, and near-invulnerability that Cat Noir has displayed throughout the entire series. On top of that, he may also have the same enhanced senses that Cat Noir has.

Furthermore, considering that Cat Walker is the holder of the Cat Miraculous, it is safe to say that he also possesses Cataclysm, which is the destructive superpower that Cat Noir has used throughout Adrien’s run as the holder of the Cat Miraculous.

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