Who Is Code in Boruto? 10 Things You Need to Know About Him

Who is Code in Boruto? 10 Things You Need to Know About Him

Although it has continued the tradition put in place by Masashi Kishimoto in Naruto, Boruto has also introduced us to a variety of new characters that fit quite well into the lore. One of them is Code. Code is the last remaining active Inner from Kara. Carrying Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s legacy within him, he inherited the Ōtsutsuki Clan’s will to become a Celestial Being and to continually evolve. He is currently a dangerous villain in the series and we are going to focus on him. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about Code in Boruto.

Who is Code in Boruto?

Code is the last remaining active Inner from Kara. Carrying Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s legacy within him, he inherited the Ōtsutsuki Clan’s will to become a Celestial Being and to continually evolve. He is currently a dangerous villain in the series and we are going to focus on him. Code is a new character introduced in Boruto, and while we still don’t know everything about him, we know that he is a powerful villain and that he will cause a lot of trouble for the protagonists in the future.

How did Code become a vessel for Isshiki Ōtsutsuki?

At the time Kawaki was brought to Kara, Code was one of fifteen candidates selected to participate in Jigen and Amado’s Ōtsutsuki ritual to select a vessel of Isshiki’s Kama. Only Kawaki survived to become a real receptacle. Code, on the other hand, had tremors and spasms like the unsuccessful and deceased candidates, but still managed to survive and he obtained the white Kama.

Sometime after the Ōtsutsuki ritual and already deeply loyal to Isshiki, Code was so jealous that only Kawaki proved viable as Isshiki’s next vessel that he came to openly hate him and even made it clear that if Kawaki didn’t wasn’t the next vessel, Code would kill him with his own hands. Meanwhile, with the staggering reaction that took place in Code’s body due to the Kama implant and his mutation, Code’s fighting abilities surpassed Jigen’s.

While anyone from Kara who grew stronger than Jigen through modifications would normally be eliminated to avoid undermining his position as leader, Code was exempted due to his unwavering loyalty, leading Amado to install into Code’s body limiters that only the scientist could disable.

What is Code like?

Code seemed to have a mocking and arrogant demeanor, such as when he smiled when Jigen put Victor back in place and taunted Delta for being weaker than him, being sure he or Boro could handle Naruto and thus was assured that one of they would be sent to confront the Hokage and retrieve Kawaki. In the anime, he lamented that Koji had killed Victor, regretting that he couldn’t do it himself.

Code was shown to be fanatically devoted to Isshiki and resentful of Kawaki, who had been chosen as a receptacle for Isshiki, lamenting his own failed Kama. Delta remarked that he was happy with the loss of Kawaki. He was described as being Isshiki’s most loyal subordinate and worshiped him and the entire Ōtsutsuki clan openly as gods. This respect extends to the other receptacles carrying Kama.

More so, although the White Kama granted him greater strength than Jigen, he remained obedient and willingly accepted Limiters being implanted in his body. Learning of Isshiki’s disappearance affected him greatly, and he swore not only to avenge him, but also to obey his last decree to become an Ōtsutsuki himself in order to carry on the clan’s legacy.

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He is also very perceptive, having figured out that Boro had disobeyed Jigen’s orders to get rid of some of Amado’s cyborgs and instead stored them inside his base for future use. Despite his loyalty, Code can be lazy, as he had fallen asleep babysitting Jūbi. While acting independently, Code is shown to be a very careful and methodical man. Knowing how risky it would be to face Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in his weakened state, he instead resorted to Ada’s help, patiently moving forward to achieve his goals.

He is also strategically adept, having placed his claw marks in various locations around each of the Five Great Ninja Countries, knowing that they must deploy their forces to guard these locations even though they know they may be lures. Ever since he inherited Isshiki’s will, Code was determined to pursue the Ōtsutsuki’s goal of cultivating the Divine Tree and siphoning all life energy from the Earth to produce a Chakra Fruit and evolve.

How strong is Code in Boruto?

Being an inner of Kara, Code has monstrous power. Although the true extent of his power is unknown, Amado noted that his maximum combat abilities far exceed Jigen’s, making him Kara’s strongest member after the resurrected Isshiki. Even with his Limiters in place, he is apparently still among the strongest of the Internals, being considered stronger than Delta, Boro, and possibly having similar power to Koji Kashin.

Amado also believes that without Kurama, Code’s current power could eventually defeat the Seventh Hokage. He was also given custody of Jūbi. He can also use Inton to perform Communication Genjutsu. He is also skilled in unarmed combat, able to easily dodge and counter Kawaki’s attacks. Amado had modified his body using ninja science tools.

Code is able to weaponize certain parts of his body. Like Kawaki and Delta, he was able to transform his fingers into razor-sharp claws, which could slice through flesh effortlessly. He was also given the unique ability to mix his chakra and blood to create and spread many black bands like the one covering his face and arms.

These bands adhere to anything they come in contact with and act as a personal portal that he can pass through, partially or completely, allowing him to strike from anywhere the bands touch. Unlike the other Kara Interns whose combat abilities were enhanced by Amado, Code had received additional modifications to limit the enormous power he had gained through White Kama.

As a failed vessel of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki who survived the marking procedure, Code had the white Kama that gave him access to his master’s pure power. Although the extent of his abilities remains unknown, according to Amado, the way his body reacted to White Kama gave him abnormally great power, surpassing even that of Jigen. However, he is unable to absorb jutsu.

As noted by Isshiki, it would eventually allow him to transform into an accomplished and perfect Ōtsutsuki, and fulfill the clan’s will to devour worlds and evolve in order to attain godhood. When activated, it spreads gray marks along the left side of his body, forming a pattern that almost mirrors Jigen’s, extending to his left eye.

Is Code stronger than Delta?

As we have stated above, Code is definitely stronger than Delta. Delta is a powerful fighter and as an inner of Kara, she is definitely above average in basically all fields, but Code is something else. Code’s powers and his lust for even more power are on a totally different level and there is absolutely no doubt that he is more powerful than Delta.

Is Code stronger than Boro?

Everything we’ve said about Delta can also be applied to Boro, as Code is definitely stronger than him. Boro is also a powerful fighter and as an inner of Kara, he is likewise above average in basically all fields, but, as we have said, Code is something completely different. Code’s powers and his lust for even more power are on a totally different level than Boro’s and there is absolutely no doubt that he is more powerful than him.

Is Code stronger than Naruto?

And while it is not known whether Code could defeat Naruto, some characters (and fans) think that he could. Now, we all know how powerful Naruto is and there is no denying that the Seventh Hokage is absolutely amazing, but without Kurama – at this moment – and knowing how monstrous Code is, there is a theoretical possibility that Code is stronger than him.

Is Code the leader of the Kara?

Kara is the name of a mysterious organization whose motives are still obscure. However, according to Koji Kashin, their goals include a very large disaster, as they cultivate a new God Tree big enough to drain all life on Earth. Their history is also unknown, but they seem to have ties to the old Ōtsutsuki clan and their Kâma, including those worn by Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki; the latter being very important for their former leader Jigen because he is his future “receptacle” and is ready to do anything to get him back.

The group is made up of “inners” and “outers”, with each Intern responsible for a particular region. The organization was originally led by Isshiki himself, but their current leader, as revealed, is Code.

What is Code’s relationship to Kawaki?

In the anime, after Jigen returned from his fight against Naruto and Sasuke, Code was present as he was examined by Amado, learning that Kawaki’s Karma had progressed greatly. Jigen sent Code to protect the Ten-Tails as well as search for Boro to keep an eye on the Hokage. Afterward, Code was sent to watch over the Ten-Tails.

Suddenly, Isshiki’s soul ended up manifesting through White Karma much to Code’s surprise, informing him of the events leading up to his death. Isshiki tasked him with continuing the Ōtsutsuki will, asking him to feed the Ten-Tails to either Kawaki or Boruto and grow the God Tree, consume the fruit, become a new Ōtsutsuki, and continue to upgrade into a god.

He accepted Isshiki’s request. Before finally disappearing, at Code’s request, Isshiki revealed to him the identities of the people who contributed to and led to his death, namely Amado, Sasuke, Naruto, Boruto, and Kawaki. As you can see, as a loyal devotee, Code hates Kawaki because he contributed to Isshiki’s death, but also because Kawaki was, unlike himself, a successful vessel for Isshiki. This is why Code detests Kawaki and wants to kill him and take his powers from him.

Does Code want to become a Celestial Being?

The notion of Celestial Beings in Naruto hasn’t been fully explained, saved for the fact that the Ōtsutsuki are celestial beings, but whether there are others – we still don’t know. Having said that, Code does, indeed, want to become a Celestial Being and that is one of his primary goals, as far as the series is concerned.

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