How Strong Is Code in Boruto? Is He the Strongest Character?

How Strong Is Code in Boruto? Is He the Strongest Character?

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Boruto series introduced many new organizations and characters to the viewers and expanded the world and lore on Ninja Continent. One of the most interesting aspects of Boruto, besides the main characters, are villains, in this case, an ancient Ōtsutsuki clan, and an organization like Kara. This organization is a huge threat to the Ninja Continent since its motivation of harvesting chakra fruit from Earth by planting the God Tree and ultimately feeding a fully transformed Ōtsutsuki member to Ten-Tails to cultivate it. In this article, we will talk about the leader of Kara, Code, and discuss how strong he is and if he is the strongest Boruto character in the series.

After Uchiha Sasuke lost his Rinnengan, Naruto lost his nine-tails power after Kyuubi was killed during Bayron Mode transformation fighting Ōtsutsuki Isshiki, and Isshiki actually dying, Code is at this moment in time, the strongest character in the Boruto series.

Some would argue that it is Kawaki since he did slay Isshiki, but he only managed to do that with the help of Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto. We do not know Kawaki’s full power yet, just like Boruto’s and Code is still out there waiting for the right moment to attack. In the rest of the article, we will discuss how powerful Code really is and compare him to other Boruto characters especially his boss Isshiki. If you are interested in this topic, stick with us until the end of the article!

How Powerful Is Code?

As we already mentioned, Code is still young and has not fulfilled his potential. Since he is an Inner Kara, who is in charge of a particular region, they are considered absolutely monstrous in their power. They are the backbone of Kara, and if they die, the organization falls apart. Code is still undeveloped in his powers, however, his strength is considered far greater than Jigen, which makes him on par with resurrected Isshiki, who is the strongest villain Naruto and Sasuke faced in both Naruto and Boruto series.

Because he has not fully developed his powers, Code has limiters in place. Regardless of that, he is stronger than other Inners like Delta and Boro, and a match for Koji Kajin, a clone of Jiraiya. His fight with Kawaki showed that even with limiters, he easily can endure Kawaki’s and Boruto’s attacks. Code is also entrusted with guarding Ten-Tails.

How Strong Is Code in Boruto? Is He the Strongest Character?

Since his body is heavily modified by Scientific Ninja Tools created by Amado, Code is able to weaponize parts of his body. Like Delta and Kawaki, he can literally shapeshift his hands into sharp objects and can mix blood and chakra to make black bands, which he uses as a teleportation tool during combat.

Code is a failed vessel of Ōtsutsuki Isshiki that survived the procedure and because of that he managed to acquire White Kāma, which is basically Isshiki’s “pure power”. We still do not know the full extent of its powers, according to Amado, Code has gained an immense power that exceeds Jigen. The only difference from the usual Kama is that it can’t absorb jutsus, but even without that, White Kāmais extremely powerful.


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Isshiki did say when Code fully transforms into perfect Ōtsutsuki, Code will carry out his clan will devouring worlds and evolving in order to attain godhood. So basically Galactus-type powers. Moreover, after Isshiki died, Code is the leader of Kara, and will do anything in his power to complete the Ōtsutsuki clan’s Will.

All in all, Code is insanely powerful.

Does Code Ever Fight Boruto?

He actually does. During Code Arc in Boruto anime, Code sent Ada to charm Kawaki and Boruto and provide intel for him about everything that’s been going on. After she led Kawaki to Code who wanted to stop everything by sacrificing himself to save the Konoha, Code decided to abduct Kawaki and complete Isshiki’s plans.

While he was trying to kidnap Kawaki, Boruto interrupted them, and after some back and forth, proceeded to attack Code and save Kawaki and Hokage. In the beginning, he evaded Boruto’s attacks easily, however, when he activated his Kama, Boruto actually put up a good fight. Code explained that being a vessel of Ōtsutsuki, in Boruto’s case Momoshiki, the power of Kāma, reflects its power from the battle experience of the one who marked the vessel. Code was impressed with Boruto’s power and his ability to control his Kama, which got better especially after Amado’s drugs.

How Strong Is Code in Boruto? Is He the Strongest Character?

Code decided to sacrifice Boruto for the God Tree and feed it to Ten-Tails. After more back and forth, Boruto suddenly passed out and woke up with Momoshiki’s spirit controlling his body. This time Borushiki gave Code trouble since he wanted to take away Code’s ability to guard Ten-Tails and essentially kill him, and since Code could not absorb jutsus like other vessels, Borushiki became a handful.

After some time, Boruto finally snapped out of it but was stabbed by Kawaki. Boruto was later resurrected with Momoshiki’s Kāma’s help.

So yes, technically Code fought both versions of Boruto – the normal one and Borushiki, who was possessed by Momoshiki’s spirit.


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Is Code Stronger Than Isshiki in Boruto?

Okay, this is actually a layered question. First, is Code stronger than Jigen? Yes, he absolutely is. As we said before, even though Jigen is a vessel of Isshiki and a leader of the Kara group, and extracts power for himself from a celestial being in his body, Jigen’s body was never compatible with Isshiki’s and that is why Jigen does not possess the full power of Isshiki.

On the other hand, Code also has limiters on him made by Amado to conceal his monstrous power but still powerful nevertheless. This means if limited Code and Jigen fought, Code would absolutely destroy him. Amado stressed it multiple times in the Boruto series. Jigen was never compatible with Isshiki, and Code being a vessel of Isshiki who actually is compatible, has received all powers the Ōtsutsuki clan possesses.

How Strong Is Code in Boruto? Is He the Strongest Character?

Now, does that mean that Code is stronger than Isshiki? Absolutely not. Again, Code did not fulfill his full potential even without limiters, and since Isshiki did consume chakra fruit much more than Code, Isshiki is just better and stronger than Code.

Because of that conclusion, Isshiki, until his death was the strongest being in Naruto/Boruto universe, and since he died, Code is now the strongest character in the series. On paper, Naruto without Kurama, Sasuke without his Rinnengan, Isshiki dying, and Boruto and Kawaki still being “green”, makes Code the most powerful character in the Boruto series.

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