Who Is Dagan Gera in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ & How to Beat Him?

dagan gera

One of the things that we know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is that it was set to introduce new characters that are going to be part of the Star Wars canon. As such, it contributes to the overall lore of Star Wars, which already has incredibly deep lore. In Jedi: Survivor, we were introduced to a new Jedi named Dagan Gera, who isn’t necessarily new in terms of his age but is actually new in terms of the lore. So, who is Dagan Gera?

Dagan Gera is a Force-sensitive individual that served as a Jedi Knight for the Jedi Order during the High Republic era. That means that he lived in an era hundreds of years before the events of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Dagan was frozen in stasis for hundreds of years when he was placed in a bacta tank.

The fact that a Jedi from the High Republic era was alive during the Empire’s era seems to be quite surprising. Of course, we can’t forget how many different stories were happening all over the galaxy during that era, and it only seems fitting that Cal Kestis encountered a powerful Jedi like Dagan Gera. Now, let’s see what we know about Dagan Gera.

Dagan Gera’s Background Explained

The story of Cal Kestis continues during the events of Star Wars Jed: Survivor, which takes place five years after the conclusion of Jedi: Fallen Order. That means it has been ten years since the Empire rose to power and after Darth Sidious was able to eradicate the Jedi Order. Of course, Cal is one of the few Jedi survivors left in the galaxy and survived the encounters with the Inquistiorius and Darth Vader back in the first game.


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Cal’s journey continues in Jedi: Survivor, where he has to take on a mission entirely different from the one he undertook in the first game. The goal is to continue to keep himself away from the peering eyes of the Empire and to stay a step ahead of his Imperial pursuers. But we saw in Jedi: Survivor that Cal’s newest adventure allowed him to cross paths with another Jedi. And this is not the same kind of Jedi we met just before the fall of the Jedi Order.

The person we are talking about is a Jedi named Dagan Gera. But what makes Dagan Gera unique is that, unlike some of the other Jedi and Force-sensitive people that Cal met in the past events, he is not from this era. Instead, Dagan comes from an entirely different era that pre-dates the events of the entire Star Wars movie trilogy and lore.


Dagan Gera comes from the High Republic era, an era in which the Star Wars movies and television shows haven’t touched much as of this writing. However, Survivor introduces a character that lived during the time of the High Republic centuries before the game’s events. And for the purpose of context, probably the only Jedi alive during the time of the Empire that was able to see the events of the High Republic era was Yoda because his lifespan is just insane.

Of course, Dagan was a Jedi during the time of the High Republic, as he served as a knight. The High Republic era was said to be the best years of both the Republic and the Jedi Order, and that means that Dagan was well-trained in the Jedi arts and is likely to be incredibly skilled, especially when compared to Cal Kestis, who was never able to complete his formal Jedi training.

However, Dagan was placed in a bacta tank by his close friend, Jedi Master Santari Khri. That led him to get frozen in stasis for centuries before the duo of Cal Kestis, and BD-1 found him when they crash-landed on the planet of Koboh after their mission in Coruscant. Upon waking up, Dagan learned from Cal what happened to the Jedi Order and how the Republic transitioned into the Empire.

How to Beat Dagan Gera?

The fight with Dagan Gera is incredibly tough, even when compared to the fights with the other Jedi and Force users in the past. That’s because Dagan is an incredibly skilled Jedi Knight from a period in history when the Jedi Order was at its peak. And the fight shows just how powerful and skilled he is because he can easily attack most of your attacks and move faster than most other Jedi and Force users.


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As such, it might be best to use the Dual Wield stance against Dagan Gera, as this is one of the best ways for you to break his stamina while he is blocking most of your attacks. This stance allows you to find an opening in his defense to counter and go on the offensive when he stumbles.

dagan gera fight

It is important to note that you cannot parry Dagan’s red attacks, which means you must find a way to dodge them, or else you’ll be healing up quite often in the fight. Just keep dodging his powerful attacks until he returns to using his regular attacks, which you can parry. We also don’t recommend attacking him after dodging a red attack, which means you should counter his normal attacks. And, of course, since he is a Force user, he should be able to resist any Force powers you use on him, and that means that the only way for you to win is to prove that you’re more skilled in the use of the lightsaber.

Once he is close to defeat, a cutscene involving Dagan running away will be triggered. However, you take him out just before he escapes. That means that you won’t be able to convince this High Republic Jedi to come to your side in the hopes of defeating the Sith and the emperor sitting on the throne of the galaxy.

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