Who Is Dangai Ichigo & How Powerful He Is Compared to Other Forms?

Who Is Dangai Ichigo & How Powerful He Is Compared to Other Forms?

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Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach, and much is known, but as a more or less typical shonen protagonist, he has evolved in more ways than one over the course of the series. His powers, of course, are one aspect of his evolution as a character, and in light of that fact, we can confirm that Ichigo has had several different forms in the series, one of which is the (Post-)Dangai form. In this article, we will tell you what it is and how powerful it is compared to his other forms.

Dangai Ichigo, or Post-Dangai Ichigo, is the name given to a short-lived form of Ichigo Kurosaki that appeared near the end of the Fake Karakura Town Arc after Ichigo trained with his father in the Dangai while Aizen was on his way to create the Oken. It was a significantly more powerful version of Ichigo that enabled him to fight against Aizen like an equal, but its main goal was to enable Ichigo to use the Final Getsuga Tensho technique, which he ultimately used to defeat Aizen (i.e., weaken him enough for Urahara to seal him). It has since been surpassed.

This article is, thus, going to be more about Ichigo Kurosaki and his specific powers, as we are going to focus on one specific form, the Dangai Ichigo form, which appeared during the Fake Karakura Town Arc and which helped Ichigo fight the powerful Hogyoku-powered Sosuke Aizen. This article will give you details from the story and several arcs, so be careful how you approach it, as it will contain a lot of spoilers. Nevertheless, we want to explain everything to you, which is why this article will include both an explanation and a comparison, so – here we go!

Dangai Ichigo appeared for a short time, but it was a significant form of his

To explain Ichigo’s Dangai form, we have to give you a bit of context first. First of all, what is the Dangai in the first place?

Also known as the Precipice World, the Dangai is the dimension that is located between Soul Society and the real world, independent of space and time. Initially, the Dangai was both a prison and a way into the human world. The Kōryū and the Kōtotsu are symbols of what is left from its days as a prison.

They also serve to remove unauthorized persons. The Dangai is completely isolated and surrounded by numerous layers of time, making it a place with a much higher time density than other dimensions. The density is 2,000 times higher, which means that if 2,000 hours pass in Dangai, just one hour has passed outside.

The Kōtotsu exists to prevent others from taking advantage of this time difference. While the Dangai can be used to travel from Soul Society to the human world, Shinigami who have a Jigokuchō do not need it to travel. It’s only for those who don’t have Jigokuchō. Even if these people travel through the Senkaimon with a Shinigami who has a Jigokuchō, they must pass through the Dangai because there are not enough Jigokuchō.


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As you can see, the Dangai is not really a friendly place, but after Aizenn’s victory in Fake Karakura, the treacherous Captain destroyed the basics of the Dangai while he was on his way to Soul Society; this allowed Ichigo and Isshin, who went after Aizen, to use the situation to their advantage, as Isshin told Ichigo that he would teach him the Final Getsuga Tensho. So, while he was inside the Dangai, Ichigo went through a strenuous training session that gave him a significant power base and enabled him to use the highly risky Final Getsuga Tensho.

The power boost was enormous, so big, in fact, that Ichigo Kurosaki was able to fight against Aizen as an equal, and whatever modification (thanks to the Hogyoku) Aizen manifested, Ichigo Kurosaki was able to counter it, and he was able to fight with Aizen normally. He even gained the upper hand during the fight, which both surprised and amused Aizen.

At the time, Dangai Ichigo, or Post-Dangai Ichigo (the fans use both terms), was Ichigo’s strongest form, and the fact that he was, at the time, the only character who could actually fight with Aizen on equal terms shows just how powerful he was. He was quicker and stronger, his attacks were more dangerous, and his defenses grew so much that he could withstand all of Aizen’s attacks. In that aspect, Dangai Ichigo was a truly powerful form, and in the upcoming section, we will see just how powerful it was compared to Ichigo’s other forms.

Dangai Ichigo is one of Ichigo’s strongest forms, without a doubt

In an earlier article, we identified a total of 13 forms of Ichigo Kurosaki in the series, ranging from his regular human form to his so-called True Bankai form. Now, how does Dangai Ichigo compare to this?

As we have established above, Dangai Ichigo is a truly powerful form, which makes sense, seeing how it has enabled Ichigo to fight against Aizen, who had completely merged with the Hogyoku. That means that the Dangai form was, of course, stronger than Ichigo’s basic human form but also significantly stronger than his basic Shikai and Bankai forms as well.

His regular Hollowfication form gave him a significant boost, but it was nowhere near the Dangai form. As for his other Hollowfied forms, we can also confirm that Dangai Ichigo is stronger than all of them in that aspect, including his Full Hollow form, his Hollow Mask form, and even his incredibly powerful Vasto Lorde form, which was strong enough to defeat Ulquiorra, but which could not really fight on the same level with Aizen.

Ichigo’s Fullbring Bankai form was also powerful, but it wasn’t as powerful as his Dangai form, which is basically the final form on the list that is weaker than the Dangai form.

Of course, the Final Getsuga Tensho form is stronger than the Dangai form, which makes sense, seeing how the Dangai form was just a way to reach Final Getsuga Tensho, and in that aspect, we can actually confirm that the Final Getsuga Tensho form is much stronger, albeit it causes more problems as well. Ichigo’s merged Hollow Form, the so-called Horn of Salvation form, which appeared during the final battle against Yhwach, is also stronger than Ichigo’s Dangai form, although not too much stronger.


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Finally, Ichigo’s true powers are on a higher level than his Dangai powers, as both his True Shikai form and his True Bankai form, both of which appeared after his training with the Royal Guard and during his final clash against Yhwach, are significantly stronger than his Dangai form. So, in short, the Dangai Ichigo form is one of Ichigo’s stronger forms; it is not his strongest, but on a list of all of his forms, it is definitely placed high on the list and is, in that aspect, extremely important.

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