Bleach: Is Candice Catnipp Alive? What Happened to Her?

Bleach: Is Candice Catnipp Alive? What Happened to Her?

In total, only five female Sternritter have been presented in the Bleach series, but the five of them – collectively known as the Bambies – made an impact and are among the most popular Quincy in the series. Now, because of that, people want to know about their stories and their ultimate fates in the series, which is what inspired this article. In this article, we will focus on Candice Catnipp, the Sternritter “T” – “The Thunderbolt,” as you will find out what happened to her in the series.

Candice Catnipp is the Sternritter “T” – “The Thunderbolt.” She is the green-haired Sternritter with a temper, whose ability allows her to manipulate and use electricity and thunder as her main weapon. She was the most aggressive among the Bambies and was, in that aspect, most similar to Bambietta, although the two of them did not always agree. She fought Ichigo but was easily defeated, and she even lost an arm, which Giselle healed. Subsequently, she was defeated by Byakuya Kuchiki, and her fate was unknown until the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel, which revealed that Candice was knocked out and then later taken by Mayuri. Being his subordinate for a while, she was freed by her friends and is now alive and well.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Candice Catnipp’s fate in the Bleach series, especially in light of what happened to her after her confrontation with Ichigo and her story after being captured by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Candice Catnipp was very similar to Bambietta Basterbine, but even she did not tolerate Bambietta’s tantrums

Unfortunately, Candice Catnipp suffered the same fate as many of her Sternritter counterparts – male or female – as her backstory is virtually unknown because Kubo had to rush the final saga. This is why we don’t have anything to say about her history, as we do not know how she became a Sternritter, when it happened, and why she was given “The Thunderbolt” as her power. But, if it was a reference to her personality, Yhwach did make a proper decision there.

Candice Catnipp was first, like the other female Sternritter, during the meeting where Ishida was presented as Yhwach’s new successor. Later, when Candice and the other Bambies went to see Bambietta, who had just killed a subordinate of theirs, Candice said the latter should definitely do something about that habit, as she is killing handsome guys. She later asked Bambietta what was troubling her, to which Bambietta explained that it was the future of Wandenreich.

As the Sternritter attacked the Seireitei again, Candice is seen with her Quincy: Vollständig. When Giselle noticed that Candice was using Quincy: Vollständig, she remarked that she would probably not use it as it would drain too much of her energy. Candice reacts angrily again, explaining that she didn’t mean to use her Quincy: Vollständig and that her wings just appeared like that.

Candice, Meninas, Giselle, and Liltotto then notice that Bambietta activated her Quincy: Vollständig, to which Giselle comments that if someone like Bambietta used this technique, the fight would be decided in a matter of seconds.


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After Bambietta lost to Sajin Komamura, Candice and the other three female Sternritter reached her and watched as Giselle “saved” her. Candice and the other Sternritter reappear after Kenpachi Zaraki defeats Gremmy Thoumeaux. Suddenly, Candice, Meninas McAllon, Liltotto Lamperd, and Giselle Gewelle appear on the battlefield and attack the low-level Shinigami present. Candice comments that it is very convenient to attack the Shinigami since they are all in one place after she killed a large(r) group of 11th Division Shinigami.

Shortly thereafter, she is attacked from behind by Kenpachi, but thanks to her abilities, she can dodge and knock the Shinigami to the ground together with Meninas, making him unable to move. Soon after, Ichigo arrives and engages the female Sternritter.

Not being impressed by the fact that he was declared a Special War Potential, Candice attacks him directly with one of her lightning bolts. Ichigo is able to block Candice’s attack by grabbing her arm and throwing her into a building.

Her friends do the same as a group but are also surpassed by Ichigo. Shortly thereafter, Candice rises from the ruins of the building Ichigo threw her against, enraged that the impact soiled her hair with dust. Candice swears revenge on Ichigo for ruining her looks with his actions and wants to destroy him at any cost.

She pulls a Heilig Pfeil and attacks him, as her friends do the same, but this also fails. After the attacks of the four female Quincy remain unsuccessful, Candice gets more and more angry at Ichigo and also at her companions, who used her body as a coushion when Ichigo threw them in the same direction.

She activates her Quincy: Vollständig and declares that she intends to kill Ichigo. The other Sternritter are surprised at her overzealous actions. Candice attacks Ichigo with blades made from the wings of her power. Her attacks are once again useless, as Ichigo uses his new technique, Getsuga Jujisho, to repel her attack; she also loses her left arm in the process, but Giselle soon restores it.

Candice wants to finish Ichigo off, but they are interrupted by Bazz-B and three other Sternritter, so the eight of them agree – reluctantly – to work together to defeat Ichigo.


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Ichigo is joined by his allies, and Candice Catnipp ends up facing Byakuya Kuchiki, who has absolutely no trouble dealing with her, after which she is sent down to the ground, defeated. The original manga revealed nothing about her ultimate fate, but the Can’t Fear Your Own World sequel light novel helped as we discovered what exactly happened to Candice.

Along with Meninas, Candice was, after the battles, found in the Seireitei, unconscious, and taken by Mayuri to his Division. There, Mayuri turned them into his subordinates and subjects for his experiments, using them to study their powers and their behavior, as was seen in the series.

At the same time, Giselle and Liltotto, alongside zombie Bambietta (all three of them survived as well), worked on a way to save them, and they were ultimately successful later on in the light novel, as Mayuri freed them. With this, we can confirm that Candice survived and that all the female Sternritter are actually alive and well in the series as of the time of writing. Of course, with Quincy not being such a major threat anymore, their role has become less important than it was when all of them debuted in the series.

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