Bleach: What Is Getsuga Jujisho? Ichigo’s New Technique Explained!

Bleach: What Is Getsuga Jujisho? Ichigo's New Technique Explained!

Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach, and from the very beginning, he has been known for his Zanpakuto, Zangetsu, and his signature move, Getsuga Tensho. For years, Ichigo has been a one-move guy, and Getsuga Tensho is something that has become his trademark. But, after gaining a dual Zanpakuto and training with the Royal Guard, Ichigo was able to use another move, Getsuga Jujisho, and in this article, we are going to explain it to you.

Getsuga Jujisho is a new technique that Ichigo activated with his true Shikai, i.e., using the dual version of Zangetsu. Getsuga Jujisho means Moon Fang Cross-Shaped Piercer and consists of two combined Getsuga Tensho. Ichigo creates a Getsuga Tensho with each of his blades, but he doesn’t launch them then. He combines them into a cross (also the kanji for the number 10 in Japanese, which is called “Ju”) and then releases that cross-shaped attack, which is powerful enough to block another attack and even cut off Candice’s arm. It has not been revealed how exactly he learned this, nor did he use it later in the manga, probably due to the rushed final saga.

The rest of this article will be dedicated to Ichigo and his techniques. We are going to tell you about Getsuga Jujisho, but also about his other related techniques that actually enabled Ichigo to use Getsuga Jujisho in the series. This was an important moment for the series because Ichigo was thought to be a one-technique character, so this significantly contributed to his development as a character in Bleach. Of course, the article will contain spoilers, so be careful how you approach it in that aspect.

Getsuga Jujisho is a new technique that Ichigo developed thanks to his new Zanpakuto

Okay, before we actually explain Getsuga Jujisho, we have to tell you about Ichigo’s Zanpakuto. As you all know, Ichigo started off with a single-bladed Zanpakuto, but things changed significantly during the Quincy Blood War. Let us explain what happened at the time.

When Ichigo finally escapes Opie’s “The Jail” and enters Soul Society, he viciously engages Yhwach in combat. Yhwach defeats him after only a brief struggle. Yhwach leaves the fight after failing to kill him, but Jugram Haschwalth breaks his Bankai sword and cuts it in half before Ichigo can stop Yhwach.

Ichigo is transported to the Soul King Palace by the Royal Guard, where Nimaiya will see his Zanpakuto reforged after Mayuri tells him that a broken Bankai cannot be mended. When they arrive at his palace, Nimaiya and his Zanpakuto girls greet them in an unorthodox manner until Mera chastises the Royal Guard guard member, after which he finally takes Ichigo (and Renji) to his real palace.


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Nimaiya abruptly shoves Ichigo and Renji into this little, abandoned cabin, seizing their Zanpakuto from them and shattering them. Inside is a deep, dark shaft. According to him, the Asauchi hiding in this basement are enraged at the two of them since they don’t care for their swords. After some time, Renji defeats the Asauchi, demonstrating his status as a true Shinigami to Nimaiya, but Ichigo cannot accomplish the same.

Nimaiya binds him up with Kidou and lets him fall through a portal back into the World of the Living after becoming disappointed in him. Once there, he encounters Ikumi Unagiya, who welcomes the irate Ichigo to her house and offers him solace. After a brief interval, the doorbell rings. Ikumi answers it but is shocked to see no one there. But Ichigo sees someone in front of the door – it is his father in his Shinigami robes.

When they get home, he engages Ichigo in a lengthy talk regarding his and Masaki’s past. Ichigo now understands his true nature and origins, and Mera reappears to take him back to Hooden. There, Nimaiya sends him back to the cellar to battle the Asauchi.

But, before the fight even begins, all Sword Spirits immediately bow to Ichigo, preventing him from departing. Ichigo takes hold of Asauchi’s hand and identifies it as his Zanpakuto spirit. He dons his mask as Hollow Ichigo and changes. Not long after that, Ichigo is taken by Nimaiya to the cave by the waterfall, where the Royal Guard forges all the Zanpakuto. He then reforges Ichigo’s blade, which has become a dual Zanpakuto.

Of course, such an outcome was symbolic, as Ichigo Kurosaki’s dual nature was finally embodied in his blades. That of the Quincy, as represented by “Old Man” Zangetsu, and that of a Hollow, as represented by Hollow Ichigo.

This made sense, but Ichigo’s training was far from over. He was then taken to Ichibei’s Riden, where he had to pass a seemingly easy test – he had to reach the shrine gates. But, he was exposed to such Spiritual Pressure that he almost died before ultimately reaching a Shinigami level. He was then sent back to the Seireitei to help his friends fight the Sternritter.


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In his fight against Candice Catnipp, the Sternritter “T,” Ichigo first used his more powerful version of Getsuga Tensho, but when Candice attacked with her full power, Ichigo used one blade to start one Getsuga Tensho and then his other to make a cross over the first – this technique was named Getsuga Jujisho, and it was so powerful that it not only rejected Candice’s powerful attack, it also cut off her left arm completely. Ichigo was aware of the destructive power of his new move, so he warned her to dodge, which she did not do.

Ultimately, this is all we have to say about the attack. Sadly, due to the plot being rushed, we never got the chance to see it again in the story, and this was a one-time thing so far, but maybe the anime will provide us with more information in the future. At the moment, this is all we know.

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