Who Is Daz in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Daz in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

We all know that Attack on Titan is known for its diverse cast of various characters that have appeared throughout the series, both in the manga and in the anime. Of course, we all know about Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Hange, and many other principal characters, but there are a substantial amount of relevant, but lesser-known characters in the series. One of them is Daz and here is everything you need to know about him.

Daz was a member of the 104th Training Corps, who would later end up joining the Yeagerists faction, along with most of his fellow recruits. He is insecure and fearful, very flashy and expressive, an example of which is when he indirectly incited others to abandon others in the Trost District recovery operation due to his panic attack.

This article is going to focus solely on Daz and his story. You’re going to find out all the relevant biographical information about him, as well as get answers to some related questions. Daz is an interesting, but relatively unknown character, so it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Daz in Attack on Titan explained

Daz was a member of the 104th Training Corps. He would later join the Yeagerists. He was brave enough to join the Training Corps. After watching his comrades being devoured by the Titans, he was psychologically broken and lost faith in victory. Daz was so desperate that he came to try to end his life but Marco stopped him.

He is one of the graduate survivors of the 104th Training Corps. We can therefore assume that he was quite strong and that he knows how to handle three-dimensional material. Not much is known of Daz’s history, other than the fact that he was brave enough to join the army, an act of courage he lost after facing Titans for the first time in Trost District.

He was part of the 104th Training Corps. He was present during the fight between Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart and was undecided to guess which would be the winner. He took part in mountain training, during which he was in an accident that seriously injured him, barely allowing him to breathe. Christa said she wanted to save her, Ymir, and Daz.

Daz Anime

For this, they had to reach a cabin at the bottom of the mountain. Ymir decided to take charge of Daz and ordered Christa to go ahead. They met at the cabin later. Historia saw from a window that Marco Bott and Sasha Blouse were at the bedside of a stunned, but alive Daz, warming himself in a thick blanket, now safe. Ymir would have transported him through the steep cliff by changing into a Titan.

During the Trost District Recapture Arc and the First Showdown, Daz saw at least one companion being eaten in front of him. Terrorized by such horrors, from that moment he absolutely refused to return to face the Titans and risk such an end. He wanted to kill himself several times for this, which Marco Bott prevented him from doing.

Later, when Captain Kitz Weilman told him that he deserved to be killed, Daz drew his blade, replying that he would rather die like this than be devoured by a Titan.

Hearing that a way had been found to block the wall, he believed in a ruse by the authorities to obediently send them back to battle. Thus he was one of the deserters before the operation to reconquer the district of Trost, but like them, he turned around and returned near the door to face the titans after the words of Commander Pixis.

Having finally joined the Survey Corps following the Battle of Shiganshina, Daz participated in the next battle, the Battle of Liberio. He made it out alive and rejoined the battalion’s airship. He celebrated the victory there with the others until Gaby Braun managed to climb onto the airship with a rifle. She fired on Sasha Braus fatally wounding her. Once Gabi was disarmed, Daz along with most of his comrades in arms went to get revenge by beating her up.

Iz Daz dead in Attack on Titan?

After the Titan army left and the Yeagerists took the port, Daz and Samuel Link-Jackson found themselves monitoring a detonator linked to explosives placed on the Clan Azumabito’s plane. At first, he agreed to defuse it in the face of Connie Springer and Armin Arlelt convinced of their innocence but decided to reactivate it when he heard the explosions and the cries of Floch Forster.


Who Is Samuel in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

He almost got arrested by Armin but Samuel protected him by shooting three bullets at Armin. Despite his condition, Armin tried to prevent him from arming his bomb. He ends up shot with Samuel by Connie, who did it in order to stop them and protect Armin.

Who killed Daz in Attack on Titan?

As we have explained in the previous paragraph, Daz was ultimately shot and killed by Connie, holding Samuel’s gun. This was a rather ironic and somewhat tragic end for both Daz and Samuel, especially since it was Connie who killed them.

Daz’s relationship with Samuel

Daz had a very specific and close relationship with Samuel. Samuel did seem to have a slightly condescending demeanor towards him, giving him orders most of the time, but this did not really influence their friendship.

The two young men understood each other quite well, sharing the same desire for a simple and quiet life after all his precarious years, including at the cost of the Rumbling. Both of them were essentially “cowards” who wanted a quiet and peaceful life, away from all the troubles of the war.

As irony would have it, Daz and Samuel would end their lives together, being shot and killed by Connie. Both of them fell as victims of the horrible war they had so desperately wanted to escape.