Who Is Enzo from Stranger Things Season 4? (& Why He Looks so Familiar)

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Stranger Things season 4 had one of the biggest revelations when it was made clear that Jim Hopper was still alive and that he was looking to find a way out of the mess he was in while in Russia. Of course, the middleman that served as the person that eventually helped in getting Hopper out of Russia was a man who called himself Enzo. But who is Enzo in Stranger Things season 4, and why does he look so familiar?

Enzo is actually named Dmitri Antonov, who is a security guard in the Russian prison where Hopper was thrown by his Russian captors. Hopper managed to bribe him into helping him escape from prison. He is a familiar face because he is the same actor who portrayed Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones.

Stranger Things keeps on introducing new characters that play big roles in the entire series, and the man that calls himself Enzo is merely one of them. While not a main character, he was an important part of Hopper’s character arc in season 4. In that regard, let’s take a good look at what we know about the man who calls himself Enzo.

Who Is Enzo From Stranger Things Season 4?

who is enzo from Stranger Things Season 4 why he looks so familiar

Back in Stranger Things season 3, it was already hinted that Hopper was able to survive his supposed end during the events of the season finale. In season 4, it was made clear that he was still alive and was captured by the Russians. His captors eventually threw him into a harsh Russian prison located in a remote area that’s far from civilization.

The good news for Hopper was that he was able to make a friend while he was in that Russian prison. This happened to be a man who calls himself Enzo, who eventually helps him out with his escape. But who is Enzo from Stranger Things season 4?

During the first episode of Stranger Things season 4, Joyce Byers received a Russian porcelain doll from an unknown sender. He consulted Murray Bauman about it as she was told to break it. Upon breaking it, Joyce saw a makeshift letter that hinted at the possibility of Hopper still alive somewhere in Russia. The same letter told her to call a number.


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Upon calling the number, Joyce reached a man who called himself Enzo, who told them that Hopper was still alive. Enzo was also the very same person who told Joyce how to get to Hopper, as he instructed her to bring over the money that the former Hawkins police chief set aside for Eleven and hand it over to his colleague named Yuri in Alaska.

Back in Russia, it was revealed that Enzo was a guard working in the same prison where Hopper was being kept. Somehow, Hopper was able to bribe Enzo into helping him to escape, and that was when they were able to form an unusual partnership.

This man who calls himself Enzo isn’t actually named Enzo. In fact, his real name is Dmitri Antonov. The only reason why he called himself Enzo was to hide his identity when Joyce contacted him regarding Hopper’s whereabouts. This Enzo name came from Hopper’s story regarding the restaurant where he and Joyce were supposed to dine for a date before he “died” at the end of season 3. Dmitri used the Enzo name to convince Joyce that Hopper was still alive, considering that she knew that they were supposed to eat at Enzo’s more than a year ago.

What Happens To Dmitri In Stranger Things Season 4?

As mentioned, this Enzo fellow is actually a guard named Dmitri, who helped Hopper escape from the prison in Russia. During their time together in that prison, Dmitri was secretly conversing with Hopper and telling him what to do to escape. However, he also beat Hopper up frequently to convince the other guards and the warden that they weren’t working together.

When Hopper was able to escape the prison the first time after Dmitri told him that he had one chance out of a hundred to escape, Dmitri looked happy about the fact that the American was able to escape because he could now get the money that was promised to him. However, when Dmitri contacted his friend Yuri over in Alaska, it became clear that he had been double-crossed.

Yuri realized that he could get more money by double-crossing Dmitri because the Russian government was willing to pay him for Hopper, Joyce, Murray, and Dmitri. As such, the former prison guard was apprehended and thrown into prison together with Hopper, who the Russians were able to capture once again.

While in prison, Dmitri, Hopper, and a few other prisoners were given a big banquet of delicious food. They found out that this was their last meal so that they could become plump and healthy enough to serve as a meal for the Demogorgon that the Russians were keeping in that prison. Hopper, later on, came up with a plan that allowed him to take hold of some alcohol and a lighter so that they could fight off the Demogorgon using fire, which is its weakness.


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Dmitri and Hopper also had a good moment with one another when they shared their lives as fathers. Hopper told the story of his first wife and daughter, who died young. Meanwhile, Dmitri told him about his story as a father who cared a lot for his son as he wanted to escape from prison so that he could come home to see his boy once again. This gave them the resolve to fight off the Demogorgon.

In the fight against the Demogorgon, all of the other prisoners were killed by the Upside Down beast as Hopper was barely fending it off with his makeshift flaming spear. The good news was that Joyce and Murray were able to infiltrate the Russian prison as they found a way to open the gate that led them out of the Demogorgon arena. This allowed Hopper and Joyce to have a tearful reunion as part 1 of season 4 ended without showing what ultimately happened to Dmitri and his newfound American friends.

Why Does Enzo/Dmitri Look So Familiar?

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Those who binged through season 4 of Stranger Things might have found Enzo/Dmitri quite familiar not only in terms of his appearance but also in terms of his voice and manner of talking. And that’s because he actually is quite familiar to those who have been keeping up with some of the biggest TV shows in history.

As big as Stranger Things is, Tom Wlaschiha, the actor who plays Enzo/Dmitri, has seen a bigger production in the form of Game of Thrones. That’s because he is the very same actor who portrayed Jaqen H’ghar, the assassin working for the Many-Faced God, and the very same person who trained Arya in the art of the Faceless Men.

Tom Wlaschiha is a German actor who rose to prominence in his role in Game of Thrones, but he has always been notable in Germany. He has also appeared in other international productions like Crossing Lines and Jack Ryan.

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