Who Is Gon’s Real Mother in Hunter × Hunter?

Who is Gon's Real Mother in Hunter × Hunter?

Gon Freecss is the protagonist of Hunter × Hunter. This manga has achieved cult status over the years, but sadly it’s more due to the fact that it’s constantly on some sort of hiatus, than for the plot. The story is great, as well as the characters, and what had the potential to be a story close to the “Big Three” became a perpetually unfinished story whose ending might never see. Be that as it may, there are some concepts that have been left unanswered, and one of the biggest questions is the identity of Gon’s real mother in the series, and we are going to tell you everything we know about the topic.

The identity of Gon Freecss’ real mother is unknown; his father’s name is Ging Freecss. He was raised by Mito Freecss, who is actually his foster mother whom he calls aunt. As of now, the status and the identity of his biological mother is a mystery and there is nothing else we know about that character.

The rest of this article is going to be dedicated to Gon Freecss’ real and foster mother. We are going to tell you, individually, about his real mother and Mito Freecss, and then about all the known facts related to them. If you don’t know the story of Gon’s childhood, be aware that there are going to be spoilers in this article.

Who is Gon’s real mother?

At the age of twenty, Ging Freecss returns to Whale Island for the first time in eight years carrying his infant son, Gon. Asked about the child’s mother, Ging simply says that they are separated. As Ging tries to leave Gon in his grandmother’s care for a little while, Ging’s cousin Mito is furious with his parenthood and wins custody in court. Ging departs from Whale Island, never to return.

From an early age, due to his father’s absence and Mito’s refusal to talk about Ging, Gon had said that his parents had died in an accident when he was a baby. But at the age of nine, Gon is saved from an angry Fox Bear mother by a man named Kaito, a professional Hunter and longtime student of Gon’s father. After punching Gon in the face, Kaito tries to kill Fox Bear’s baby but Gon protects him.

Kaito seeks out Ging as a final test before his master deems him a true Hunter. Kaito’s admiration for Ging awakens in Gon the goal of meeting his father. In order to find and meet Ging, Gon trains from this point on to obtain a Hunter’s license. He thus wishes to know what caused Ging to choose his profession of Hunter rather than being a father.

Gon is first seen fishing from a tree on the island of the Pond Master Whale, a fish so huge that five adult fishermen gathered together cannot successfully catch it after a week of fishing. Gon makes a bet with his Aunt Mito Freecss that if he catches the fish, she would allow him to participate in the Hunter Exam.


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After gaining Mito’s consent to apply for the Hunter Exam, Gon bids farewell to Kon, the fox-bear raised by the boy after his first encounter with Kaito. Gon tells Kon that he will become a Hunter and will do things the forest animals won’t like. Since Kon is the king of the forest, he can’t talk to Gon. Kon walks away from Gon to go to a gathering of other animals. Gon returns home and talks to Mito.

She asks if Gon always knew his father’s profession, and also told him that his father left Gon when he was still a baby. Gon replies that being a Hunter must be a big job so family comes second and it’s time for him to meet his father. He is then seen preparing to board a ship heading for the Hunter Exam. Everyone in town comes to say goodbye and wish him well.

Aunt Mito comes and tells him that his father abandoned him and she made him abandon Gon through the courts. Gon says he knew because she never looks at him when she’s lying. He gets on the boat and shouts that he will be back as a great Hunter.

Who is Gon’s foster mother?

Mito Freecss is Gon’s aunt and adoptive mother. Mito is a fair-skinned young woman with hazel-orange eyes and shoulder-length red hair. She wears a red blouse with long sleeves covering a cream-colored dress. For accessories, she wears brown shoes and an Aegean, circular necklace. Mito is Gon’s mother figure, as she has taken care of him since he was a baby.

Gon himself states that when he tries to imagine his mother, the image of Mito pops into his head. At first, she was against Gon becoming a Hunter, just like her father. She is motherly and believes people shouldn’t take other people’s lives, such as when she slapped Killua when he tried to kill a Fox Bear. She is also a great cook.

When she was very young, she liked to hide in unfindable places on Whale Island. She did that often, the whole village was looking for her but only her cousin, Ging Freecs, was able to find her. Mito had custody of Gon when he was a baby. At first, she told Gon that his parents died in an accident when he was a baby but eventually reveals that his mother is unknown and his father, Ging Freecss, is a hunter who left Gon in her care.

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Originally, as we have said, Ging returned to his home on Whale Island asking his grandmother to take care of Gon for him. Specifically, Mito forced Gin to relinquish custody of his newborn son because she believed he was irresponsible. He never came back. Mito was against Gon becoming a Hunter from the start.

Eventually, she made a promise to sign the release if Gon managed to catch a giant fish known as the Master of the Pond. Gon succeeded, so she signed Gon’s application to take Hunter’s exam. However, she made this promise because she believed the task was impossible, even giving Gon his father’s fishing rod for the job.


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Despite the difficulty, Gon’s strength and patience allow him to succeed, and Mito signs the request. Mito appears again when Gon returns to Whale Island after his Nen training at the Celestial Tower. She gives him a keepsake left by Ging. Mito appears again at the end of the 13th President Hunter arc, receiving a postcard from Gon with a picture of him behind a flock of Kokushi Swans. She welcomes Gon with his grandmother when he returns to Whale Island.

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